How & Nosm “Back Talk” Conversation



To introduce readers to some of the Street Artists in the upcoming show “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories”, BSA asked a number of the artists to take part in “Back Talk” with one of our most trusted and underground and sweet sources for modern art, Juxtapoz.

Today we hear from How & Nosm.

One reason you make art: “When we started out as Graffiti writers in 1988 it kept us busy and productive instead of just getting into trouble and being street kids. Then eventually we did it for the fame and to become one of the best in our little city in Düsseldorf, Germany. Over the years this has changed and now it is an everyday thing that is part of our lives. We make art because it gives us an inner calmness and relaxes us when we paint and see the outcome of each created piece of art, yet another reason might be the urge to have to do it. At the same time it is the habit after so many years that gives us the constant drive to evolve our art work.”


How & Nosm (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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