Harrington and Rojo leverage their knowledge and relationships with premiere, mid career, and emerging artists to bring them to galleries, museums, festivals, city walls and pop-up spaces.

5 Recent Highlights:

Curators for “Offline” the 3rdArtmossphere Biennale in Moscow, Russia (2018)

Sabina Chagina, Co-founder Artmossphere, Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, co-founders of, Peter Ernst Coolen, curator of the Amsterdam Street Art Museum, Cedar Lewisohn, curator of the Street Art project in Tate Modern, Ethel Seno, researcher of street art and curator, Anna Dimitrova, curator of Adda Gallery, Paris and MTN Gallery, Barcelona, and Nikolay Palazhchenko, founder of the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow.

On the curatorial board of Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art (UN) in Berlin, and curators, Inaugural Exhibition with 165 international Street Artists and graffiti artists spanning many countries and five decades.

photo © Nika Kramer

Curators at “Magic City”, a Street Art exhibition in Dresden, Germany (2016), Munich, Germany (2017) and Stockholm, Sweden (2018)

Photo: BSA Editor in Chief Steven P. Harrington, Magic City Curator Ethel Seno, Chief Curator Carlo McCormick, BSA co-founder and Editor of Photography Jaime Rojo. (Photo © Frank Embacher)

Curators for “SWOON X Heliotrope X BSA: A Benefit for Heliotrope Foundation”, Manhattan, New York (2017)

Including Swoon, Case Maclaim, Faith XLVII, Icy And Sot, Li-Hill, Miss Van, & Tavar Zawacki

Curators, PM/7 “Persons of Interest” exhibit and installations with 12 of Brooklyn’s finest street artists – a quintessential cultural exchange conjuring history, culture, social activism and Street Art fans from Berlin and Brooklyn. Urban Nation (UN), Berlin (2015)