Peer Review

BSA is honored to work alongside and witness uniquely talented artists, stellar directors, hard driving documentarians, mesmerizing miscreants, intellectually inquisitive curators, and savvy scholars who approach the history of graffiti, Street Art, and urban art with academic rigor. When we survey the evolving field of important thinkers and influencers, we’re proud to have received the support of many peers whose work we sincerely admire.

“There are a lot of blogs, magazines, social media accounts that cover Street Art and Graffiti. Some have come and gone. But none have given the care, the attention and devoted coverage like Brooklyn Street Art.
Not only do they cover a wide array of scenes and artists, but they have traveled the world, kept relationships, nurtured the growth of the movement in an organic, serious way that helps put into the context what we are seeing on city streets everywhere. They are the homebase for what is truly a global movement.”

Evan Pricco

Editor-In-Chief, Juxtapoz

“It is a bit of mischief that something with so provincial a title as Brooklyn Street Art
could in fact have such a broad scope and global mandate.”

Carlo McCormick

Art and Culture Critic, Curator, Lecturer, Author

“Jaime and Steve have been working tirelessly to promote and support artists, fans, galleries, collectors, and museums with BSA for a long time now.

The Graffiti movement and the Street Art world don’t always agree with each other but BSA treats everybody with respect and goes to the heart of the matter.”

Raoul and Davide Perre aka How Nosm

Artists, Graffiti Writers, Muralists

“BSA is not a street art blog. It is the most diverse and in-depth site covering the street, or “urban” art movement and all of its eclectic mutations. When it comes to the street art universe and its eco-systems, BSA founders Jaime and Steve are passionate supporters and commentators looking at street art, gallery art, and museum exhibitions with equal rigor and thoughtfulness.”

Shepard Fairey

Street Artist, Graphic Designer, Activist, Founder of OBEY

“The thing about BSA is that they cover the whole spectrum. Images of both emerging artists highly visible on the street to the work of some of the most established “street” artists with burgeoning museum careers. And I think this responsibility toward documentation, to showing what exists in the now, coalesces perfectly with their more highly curated interviews; their in-depth, insightful interviews with people.”

Rafael Schacter

Anthropologist, Curator, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Author “The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti”

“I did not get how street art had become a global culture for real, until stumbling upon BSA many years ago. I still do not understand how they manage such a network, but I definitely like the results.”

Christian Omodeo

Institut national du Patrimoine, Le Grand Jeu

“Every time I visit it, I learn something new, discover artists I hadn’t heard of, and get excited about what’s happening in the galleries, on the screen, and in the streets.”

Alison Young

University of Melbourne
Author of “Street Art World” (2016) and “Street Art, Public City” (2014)

“I’ve been a BSA fan since the beginning, and its content remains my most valuable resource for tracking the evolving global street art movement. Jaime and Steve’s work is an exceptionally comprehensive love letter to the genre, and I’m grateful they have somehow been able to keep it authentic, pure, and personal.”

Geoff Hargadon

Street Street Artist, Photographer, Collector, Cultural Observer

“A criteria-based content platform, 
BSA is two great peoples’ work, love and devotion.”

Pedro Soares Neves

Executive Director at

“Two very dedicated, knowledgeable, devoted people with enormous energy, tracking the art around the world. Outstanding and dogged tracking of the NY area and coverage of jams in cities all over the planet.”

Jim Prigoff

Photographer, Lecturer, Author of “Spray Can Art” with Henry Chalfant

“It is the unique and multifaceted approach to each article that makes the work of Jaime Rojo and Steve Harrington so important and a leading source of knowledge when it comes to the vast variety of movements and developments within and surrounding the urban contemporary scene.”

Yasha Young

Director, Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art (UN), Berlin

“A couple of great guys who have been working tirelessly to promote and support urban art worldwide through their website and other social media platforms.
If you want a fresh and original perspective of what’s happening with art on the streets of Brooklyn and beyond, follow them!”

Martha Cooper

Photographer, Ethnologist, Documentarian
Author “Subway Art” with Henry Chalfant 

“BSA reflects the spontaneity, the concern, and the exhilarating celebration of artistic beauty;
the stuff that ‘street’ dreams are made of.”

John Fekner

Environmental, Conceptual, and Activist Urban Artist

“Many of you, like I do, rely on their site and newsletter for the best and most entertaining information about street art around the world.
Brooklyn Street Art is not only one of the best informed sites about street art it is also one of the best about any kind of art.”

Jeffrey Deitch

Artist, Writer, Curator, Dealer, and Advisor
Director Deitch Projects, Art in the Streets at MOCA LA

“They are in love with art, watch artists with love, speak about them with love. They spread their love…welcoming the best Street Artists worldwide.”

Christian Guémy aka C215

French Street Artist, Graffiti Artist

“Brooklyn Street Art is my go-to resource for keeping current on art of the streets. With so much happening internationally, and with more festivals, exhibitions, and conferences devoted to the subject every year, it’s great to have their website, social media posts, and e-newsletters to stay up-to-date. With the combination of Jaime Rojo’s photographs and Steve Harrington’s lively writing, their work is unparalleled. They champion the artists first and foremost; and their respect and admiration for creative expression is apparent in all that they do.”

Sharon Matt Atkins

Director of Curatorial Affairs, Brooklyn Museum

“Their exclusive photographs and stories have elevated the status of graffiti, murals and public art, which is invaluable for a movement that’s been labeled as “underground” for decades. Jaime and Steven have a strong and passionate editorial voice, making them two of the most influential and knowledgeable journalists in the field.”

Jonathan Levine

Independent Curator, Gallerist, Jonathan Levine Projects

 “I particularly appreciate the integrity and quality of their writing and photography, a characteristic not often seen in today’s culture of throwaway media. They are true journalists of the highest quality, and their contributions will provide a vibrant record of this ephemeral art movement for generations to come. Street Art is lucky to have them.”

Selina Miles

Filmmaker, Director of the documentary “Martha” and Sofle’s “Limitless”

“Jaime and Steve put so much heart and soul into everything they do – and everything they do keeps the fire going for the wild visions of creatives around the world.”

Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon

Artist, Humanitarian, Founder “The Heliotrope Foundation”

“They are democratic in their documentation, reporting on the monumental work of the stars of the movement, while drawing our attention to the smaller scale urban interventions that are part of the very fabric of our cities.

BSA gives us presence in absentia — such is the strength of their work, we do not need to have been present ourselves in order to share in the aesthetic experience of their encounters with art on the streets.”

Susan Hansen

Scholar, Middlesex University, London. Art on The Streets, ICA London.

“They’re one of the few Street Art related sites and organisations unafraid to take a critical look at the culture they’re engaged in, as well as promoting the very best the culture has to offer, and when we say the very
best, we’re also referring to those smaller unattributed forms of unsanctioned expressions, tags, paste ups, stencils and interventions appearing on the streets the world over.”

Martyn Reed

Gallerist, Curator, Founder, Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway