Pawn Works Gallery Presents: Skewville Solo Show “Not My Type” (Chicago, ILL)



• For those without Google: Since 1999, Skewville is most known for its fake wooden sneakers tossed over power lines worldwide.

• For those with Google: You might have noticed that Skewville has spent even more time trying not to be known for just one thing.
Skewville is always on a mission to change things up, whether through painting, printmaking or installations, their bulky block type has always been a staple in their evolving aesthetic. Since we now know they don’t like being known for just one thing, Skewville would like to take the opportunity to dismiss this font as their own while still showcasing it as a crucial part of the overall Skewville style.

For them, the constant influence of their urban surroundings play a huge part in their artwork. Signage and type clutter the NYC skyline to the point where it all blends in as visual slang. The elements of store signs, out-door advertising and graffiti has little impact by themselves, its the abundance of those combinations that makes the entire picture. With this always in mind Skewville presents…. “Not My Type” featuring  all new work painted on old  New York metal signs.  Signage has always been a key reference point in their art but this is the first time they literally incorporate these influences in their work.

Its Summer, never a better a time to be in Chicago, follow Skewville or join in from wherever you are to celebrate the opening of ‘Not My Type’ and catch a glimpse of some of the planned outdoor works from Skewville.

We will be hosting an event on Saturday July 30 from 6-10pm for Skewville: Not My Type at Pawn Works; Artist will be in attendance.

Pawn Works
1050 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622