NUART 2012 Countdown Begins

How Nosm (photo © Ian Cox)

 This spring we were invited to attend and speak at this years Nuart festival and although we can’t be there personally we’ve still have some great talents on the Stavanger front who will be providing you with stunning and scintillating BSA exclusive action over the next few weeks. So two days before the official opening, here are a few shots of Street Artists in preparation for this non-commercial festival/symposium/party/debauched art camp that has taken place in Norway for the last decade or so.

How Nosm (photo © Ian Cox)

All the artists arrived a week ago and they have been getting busy on their designated outdoors walls and indoors tunnels. Martyn Reed invites participants inside this complex of buildings that once housed a brewery with interconnecting tunnels – a fitting atmosphere for the hooligans who are accustomed to exploring the urban environment. The official date for the public to see the completed walls is this Saturday with the opening night of Tout Scene.

This year’s talent lineup again represents a wide swath of mostly European and American Street Artists including Aakash Nihalani (US), Dolk (NO), Eine (UK), Ron English (US), Saber (US), How Nosm (US), Mobstr (UK), Niels Show Meulman (NL), Jordan Seiler (US), The Wa (FR), Sickboy (UK).

With our sincere thanks to the talented photographer and occasional BSA contributor Ian Cox who is also in NUART snapping away as the artists work on their installations. Our thanks also to partners Martyn, Marte and Victoria for helping us bring Nuart to BSA.

How Nosm (photo © Ian Cox)

How Nosm (photo © Ian Cox)

Jordan Seiler (photo © Ian Cox)

Jordan Seiler (photo © Ian Cox)

A small army of volunteers help make NUART a success every year. (photo © Ian Cox)

One of the tunnels (photo © Ian Cox)

Click here for a the full schedule and information on Tout Scene


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Nuart Presents: Nuart Plus International Street Art Summit (Stavanger, Norway)

Nuart Plus


Nuart Plus, one of Europe’s first international Street Art summits kicks off this year!
Thurs Sept 27- Sat 29th Sept sees a host of industry professionals, creatives, authors and critics descend on Stavanger to discuss, dismantle and fight their way through issues surrounding Street Art, advertising, urban development and related issues.

Three days of keynote talks and presentations, panel debates with visiting artists, film premieres, street art tours and more. See full program attached.

Guests and Keynote speakers include
Carlo McCormick (US) – Tristan Manco (UK) / Ron English (US) / Saber (US) / Jordan Seiler (US) / Jon Burgerman (UK) / The Wa (FR) / RJ Rushmore (US) / Evan Pricco (US) / Kristi Guldberg (NO) / Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen (NO) / Marion Højris Jensen (DK) / John Xc (UK)

Nuart is proud to announce the latest addition to what’s fast becoming one of the most talked about events on the international street art calendar.

This three-day international Street Art Summit inaugurates the new PLUS series, a component of the festival that aims to bring together the public, artists and creative professionals in an environment of exploration, innovation and discovery.

Open to the public, Nuart PLUS is a professional gathering that explores the ever-strengthening links between creativity and our urban environment. Featuring a mix of keynotes, panels and presentations, the Nuart PLUS summit is a 3-day conference aimed at elaborating a cohesive view of the current trends within groundbreaking artistic mediums and proposing visions for the future.


DAY 1 – Mental space
Day 1 will investigate the relationship between street art, the urban environment and advertising. For decades street artists have not only co-opted the visual strategies of advertising but also the physical billboards that advertisers use. Day 1 explores the corporate visual elements that surround us, how do they affect the way we engage and behave in society and what are street artists contributing to this arena?

DAY 2 – Physical space
Our second day is perhaps the most comprehensive, with a keynote address from renowned cultural critic Carlo McCormick as well as presentations, panel debates and discussions from a broad range of guests. Physical Space will tackle the complex relationship between Street Art, Urban Planning and our physical environment. Street Art and Graffiti now plays a prominent role in the cultural landscape and consciousness of a city. Can it and should it be assimilated. In other words, how can street art play a role in producing the city and society we wish to live in?

DAY 3 – Virtual space
Virtual Space will explore Street Art’s life on the web by exploring the growing relationship between the street, the artist and the Internet. With rapid photo and film uploading sites, dedicated street art forums, social media sites, blogs, mobile apps and other sharing platforms, Street Art and its life on the Internet is now a multi-authored environment. Can we see specific changes in art practices and expressions due to this?

Full day program with keynotes, panels etc.:



Thursday Sept 27. Kl 1700. Sf Kino
POPAGANDA. “The Art & Crimes of Ron English”.
With a live introduction and post film Q&A with Ron English, moderated by Juxtapoz Editor in Chief, Evan Pricco (US)

The modern day Robin Hood of Madison Avenue, subversive artist Ron English is on a mission to liberate all billboards. He paints, perverts, infiltrates, reinvents and satirizes modern culture on hundreds of pirated billboards. Popaganda chronicles the evolution of an artist who offers an alternative universe where nothing is sacred, everything is subverted and there’s always room for a little good-natured fun.

Saturday Sept 29. Kl 1700. Sf Kino
Introduction to the film from author and Banksy confidente Tristan Manco (UK)

This is the inside story of Street Art – a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide. Exit Through the Gift Shop follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur film-maker as he attempts to capture many of the world’s most infamous vandals on camera, only to have a British stencil artist named Banksy turn the camcorder back on its owner with wildly unexpected results.

One of the most provocative films about art ever made, Exit Through the Gift Shop is a fascinating study of low-level criminality, comradeship and incompetence. By turns shocking, hilarious and absurd, this is an enthralling modern-day fairytale… with bolt cutters.



Join us for what’s probably one of the most unusual Street Art tours ever presented. Following on from the days discussions regarding who controls our mental/visual public space, Art V’s Advertising and the power plays in our utrban environment, Jordan Seiler (US), founder of the groundbreaking PublicAdcampaign and Rj Rushmore (US), founder of the highly respected Street Art site Vandalog will be your guides.

Our second and final tour of the week will explore the work produced over the years in and around the city center and will take in several of the pieces created for this years event. Street Art and Graffiti now plays a prominent role in the cultural landscape and consciousness of a city. How can street art play a role in producing the city and society we wish to live in?

Hosted by world renowned Street Art expert and author Tristan Manco (UK), the tour will depart shortly after the final Nuart Plus talk of the day.

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Dan Witz is Such a Baby : New VIDEO

It’s the sulking ill-behaved fussiness, the middle of the night eruption of screaming, the “world revolves around me” attitude.  You’ve seen this before, usually poking their head out of a passing stroller, ear piercing tantrum in full effect, throwing any available object, hoping to rip a hole in the sky. This is the King Baby.

Stills of Dan Witz and his installations in Stavanger, Norway, courtesy of Nuart and Spiffy Films.

Unveiled in this brand new video scored by the artist on piano, this “King Baby” is peeking out at you from behind the metal grating as you saunter through the narrow streets of Stavanger.  Street Artist Dan Witz did a number of installations at Nuart 2011 and is here to tell you about the origins of this full-immersion exploration of someone he likens to certain artists. You know any King Babies?

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Fun Friday 12.16.11


1. Play a New Holiday Video Game from Chris Uphues – “Holiday Jingle Rocket”
2. “Rezolution”, a group show at Hive Gallery Tonight (Phoenix, AZ)
3. “Paranormal Hallucinations” at Pandemic (Brooklyn, Yo!) (Saturday)
4. David Choe and DVS1 for Nuart 11 (VIDEO)
5. “Images of the Year 2011” From Brooklyn Street Art (Video)
6. VINZ FEEL FREE. Don’t be afraid. Feel Free (VIDEO)

Play a New Holiday Video Game from Chris Uphues – “Holiday Jingle Rocket”

Street Artist Chris Uphues uses his signature characters to create this very entertaining game for you to play with while chugging eggnog and rum today as you drink and drive at your keyboard. Try to keep your sled flying over the houses without being hit by giant blobs of snow! It’s a winter blast!

Make sure to click on the link below to play the game:

“Rezolution”, a group show at Hive Gallery Tonight (Phoenix, AZ)

Chip Thomas AKA Jetsonorama and a number of other artists open today in a group show that is getting a lot of pre-buzz here and on Twitter and FB. It should be a great scene tonight at The Hive.

Chip Thomas and Breeze. (photo © Chip Thomas)

For further information regarding this show click here

“Paranormal Hallucinations” at Pandemic (Brooklyn, Yo!) (Saturday)

Pandemic Gallery has a new show “Paranormal Hallucinations” opening Saturday. including, among others, Deuce 7, Swampy and Egyptian Jason.

Swampy. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

A very fun group show to end out the season before everybody goes into the holiday haze, featuring some unsung gems in the Street Art and graffiti scene, as well as others, including CHARLIE MARKS  R.I.P, LLEW  payote, Deuce Seven, Egyptian jason, Matt CRABE, Josh and Amy Shandick, Mikey Big Breakfast, Conrad Carlson, G II, Ryan C. Doyle, Mikey I.T., Tamara Santibanez, Othello Gervacio, Mike. P, and Swampy (above).

For further information regarding this show click here

David Choe and DVS1 for Nuart 11 (VIDEO)

David Choe and DVS1 (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Mookie Mooks)


“Images of the Year 2011” From Brooklyn Street Art (Video)

It’s been an excellent year for Street Art all over the world and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a lot of great stuff from big names to the anonymous. Eye popping, brain-teasing, challenging, entertaining, aspirational and inspirational – it’s all happening at once.  We’ve been walking the streets, meeting the artists, going to shows, curating shows, speaking to audiences, providing walls, and asking questions. It ebbs and flows but never stays the same. With the rise of the Occupy movement this autumn, we’re already seeing an uptick in the number of people taking their messages to the street with a renewed intensity.

VINZ FEEL FREE. Don’t be afraid. Feel Free (VIDEO)

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New Street Art from Nuart 2011 in Norway

Nuart 2011, the annual Street Art festival in Stavanger Norway, just wrapped with a small tight roster of international artists putting new murals and installations around this waterfront city of 120,000. An inventive late “Summer Camp” that has brought worldwide attention and fame to the city in the last decade, Nuart continues to creatively stretch and challenge it’s participants while putting them on the street, in the gallery, and in front of the classroom.

brooklyn-street-art-lucy-mclauchlan-mookie-mooks-nuart-11-webLucy McLauchlan (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Mookie Mooks)

It could be the electronic music festival, the wicked history of goth and black metal spawned here, or the nearly thousand year old cathedral downtown, but something smart skews the outlaw impulses of artists toward exploration here. Perhaps it’s just the contrast of this sharp manicured capital of culture playing host to an art movement associated with urban decay that feeds the uncanny tension in some of the work. Whatever it is, each year there is something of high caliber that helps keep Nuart fresh and relevant.

For Nuart 2011 eleven artists from seven countries worked to create installations, including an indoor exhibition in a complex of buildings that formerly housed a brewery. Participating artists were Dan Witz (US), David Choe & DVS1 (US), Vhils (PO), Herbert Baglione (BR), Dolk (NO), Lucy McCluchlan (UK), Herakut (DE), Tellas (IT), Escif (ES), HYURO (ES), and Phlegm (UK)


Lucy McLauchlan (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Escif (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)

brooklyn-street-art-Escif-Hyuro-NuArt11-John Rodger-web

Escif, Hyuro (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © John Rodger)


Hyuro (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)

brooklyn-street-art-David Choe-DVS1-CFSalicath-nuart11-1-web

David Choe, DVS1 (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)

brooklyn-street-art-David Choe-DVS1-CFSalicath-nuart11-web-2

David Choe, DVS1 (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


David Choe, DVS1 (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


David Choe, DVS1 (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © John Rodger)


Phlegm (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Dan Witz (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-Dan witz-NuArt11-john-Rodger-web

Dan Witz conducted the first ever Workshop for Children at Nuart with great success! (photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © John Rodger)


Herakut (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Akut)


Herakut (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Hera of Herakut (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Mookie Mooks)

brooklyn-street-art-herakut-nuart11-John Rodger-web

Herakut (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © John Rodger)


Dolk (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Vhils (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Vhils (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)

brooklyn-street-art-tellas-NuArt11- John Rodger-web

Tellas (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © John Rodger)


Tellas (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Tellas (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Tellas (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)


Herbert Baglione (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © CFSalicath)

brooklyn-street-art-herbert-baglione-Mookie Mooks-nuart11-web

Herbert Baglione (Photo Courtesy of Nuart11 © Mookie Mooks)

With special thanks to the talented photographers: CFSalicath, John Rodger, Mookie Mooks and Akut.

To learn more about Nuart visit their site at:

This article also appears on The Huffington Post

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Nuart Presents: An Invitation to the launch of “Eloquent Vandals” (Stanvanger, Norway)

Eloquent Vandals
brooklyn-street-art-eloquent-vandals-jaime-rojo-steven-p-harrington-Carlo McCormick-Tristan-Manco-Martyn Reed-Marte Jølbo





Eloquent Vandals: A History of Nuart Norway [Hardcover]

Marte Jølbo (Editor), Martyn Reed (Editor)
Eloquent Vandals tells the story of how the Nuart festival has grown from a small underground festival to an Internationally acclaimed street art event. Without the usual restraints of corporate sponsorship or sales to consider, Nuart consistently brings out the best from some of the worlds leading Street Artists. This book offers an opportunity to look back over previous years and shows why Nuart is regarded as an important figure in the 21st century’s most dynamic and vital art movement. The book also tells the story of a movement that instead of fulfilling the criteria for modern art, created new arenas for art in the streets and on the Internet. The relationship between Street Art and the net is one of the things Steven Harrington and Jaime Rojo write about in ”Freed from the Wall, Street Art Travels the World”. This is one of three essays that have been written for the occasion by some of the most important and influential people in the field. Together with texts by Carlo McCormick, Tristan Manco, Martyn Reed, Logan Hicks and The Dotmasters we hope that this book can offer new reflections and perspectives on an art form that has been underestimated and under theorized for over a decade.
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Dan Witz at Nuart: Gets Googly With the Kids


If you are not familiar with Street Artist Dan Witz’s work, it won’t exactly scream for your attention. Rather it will position itself as a chameleon in the metropolis; a rusted weather beaten fixture of the urban landscape, a piece of municipal signage, a barely porous dirt-caked mesh metal air vent.  9 times you’ll overlook it, or maybe 99. But the day you notice it you’ll be caught, trapped by its guile, puzzled and possibly unnerved. What’s in there? More to the point, who?

This week at Nuart Dan had the opportunity to put up his darkly tricky all-in-one pieces at strategic locations in Stavanger where they will be overlooked, then discovered.


Dan Witz “King Baby: Tou Scene.” (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz “King Baby: Tou Scene.” (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)

brooklyn-street-art-dan-witz-nuart-2011-1-webDan Witz “King Baby 5” (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)

And new for this Norwegian Street Art festival this year, a workshop for kids took place on Saturday, with Mr. Witz at the head of the class, passing out eyeballs and encouraging reimagining of the urban environment as personified. The simple addition of optical orbs entertained the youthful contingent and helped Dan spread his vision of public space as a playground of ideas.


Dan Witz  (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz  (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz  (photo coourtesy © Dan Witz)

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A New Tou Scene : Inside Installations at Nuart 2011


Herakut, Phelgm, Tellas, Escif, Hyuro, David Choe and The Mysterious DVS1

The Tou Scene is an important art center housed in a former brewery in Stavanger that dates back to the 1850s. The complex is now a setting for a number of site-specific installations by Street Artists involved in this years Nuart festival, where vignettes and full-blown scenes are conjured and lit to take visitors elsewhere for a moment. Indoor venues like this are great for many of these artists to have the luxury of time for exploration and the further development of their concepts. With a sense of intent, the support system in place at this festival is enabling a dimension of work that cannot be realized  during the turbulence and urgency that is the nature of most Street Art.  Here are some new spatial tableaus at the Tou Scene by Herakut, Phelgm, Tellas, Escif, Hyuro, David Choe and The Mysterious DVS1.

Thank you to photographer John Rodger who captured these beautiful images exclusively for BSA readers.

brooklyn-street-art-herakut-NuArt11-Tou-Opening 1Oct-John Rodger-6-webHerakut very nearly designed a set for a stage drama (photo © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-david-choe-the-mysterious-dvs1-NuArt11-Tou-Opening 1Oct-John Rodger-9-web

David Choe and The Mysterious DVS1 installation in their tunnel is illuminated with ultra violet light. (photo © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-david-choe-the-mysterious-dvs1-NuArt11-Tou-Opening 1Oct-John Rodger-3-web

David Choe and The Mysterious DVS1. Detail. (photo © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-escif-hyuro-NuArt11-Tou-Opening 1Oct-John Rodger-7-web

Escif and Hyuro collaborated on this installation with words by the late French theorist, writer, filmaker and Letterist Guy Debord, 1931-1994. (photo © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-escif-hyuro-NuArt11-Tou-Opening 1Oct-John Rodger-8-web

Escif and Hyuro. Detail. (photo © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-tellas-NuArt11-Tou-Opening 1Oct-John Rodger-5-web

Tellas (photo © John Rodger)

brooklyn-street-art-PHLEGM-NuArt11-Tou-Opening-1Oct-John Rodger-4-web

Phlegm (photo © John Rodger)

With special thanks to Ada Zielinska.

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NUART 2011 Update ; Lucy McLauchlan, DVS-1, Phlegm at Work


Hello October ! It’s the first official day and Nuart 2011 is in progress. The streets of Stavanger have been sunny, with people out checking out the action by Street Artists from Europe and the US on walls all over the city in summer-like conditions.  There is an indoor contingent happening too, as well as the debut of “Vigilante Vigilante” (trailer at end) and a panel discussion with downtown New York’s own Carlo McCormick and Street Artists Herbert Baglioni and Escif.

Here are a few exclusive pics from Mooki to give you a peek at the scene.


Lucy McLauchlan at Obrestad FYR for NUART (photo © Mooki)


West Coast Mystery Man DVS-1 at work. (photo © Mooki)


Phlegm goes cherry picking. (photo © Mooki)

Check out the trailer for “Vigilante Vigilante”, which had it’s European premiere at Nuart  last night and which is showing tonight and tomorrow at 16oo hrs. It’s a supercharged wending path and story profiling personalities, behaviors, and agendas of intersecting players on the street. In the process it exposes grey areas and overlapping interests, all of which can be simultaneously uncomfortable and riveting.

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Fun Friday 09.30.11


1. Fountain LA This Weekend
2. NUART 2011 – Stavanger, Norway
3. “Bring to Light” in Greenpoint Brooklyn for the 2nd Year – Saturday Night!
3. “Rituals” on 14th Street, Art in Odd Places
4. Pantheon Projects at THE NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR AT MoMA PS1
5. Art Platform Los Angeles
6. RETNA at Art Platform (LA)
7. Brian Adam Douglas at Art Platform (LA)

Fountain LA This Weekend

New York’s own specially warped outsiders are in LA this weekend, and BSA is happy to sport support for whatever madness they can stir up, including the Murder Lounge, which Dave Ill says will be in full effect.  (Murder- .slang. To defeat decisively). When you are milling around the big LA shows this weekend make sure you stop by Fountain and say hello to Señor Kesting and check out the Street Art contingent doing their thing on the Left Coast ya’ll.


(Image Shark Toof © Jaime Rojo)

brooklyn-street-art-fountain-art-fair-los-angelesFountain Art Fair includes a Street Art outdoor exhibition with: GILF!, Eddie Colla, Tiki Jay One, Shark Toof, Chor Boogie, Hugh Leeman, Billi Kid  & CIG, Ian Ross, and Cryptik getting up in the courtyard.

For more information regarding location, time and schedule of events please click on the link below:

NUART 2011 – Stavanger, NorwayBrooklyn-Street-Art-WEB-copyright-Dan-Witz-king-baby-noreay-sign-horiz-far-flat-copy

Dan Witz “King Baby” (photo courtesy of NUART © Dan Witz)

brooklyn-street-art-nuart-2011NUART 2011 has arrived and the streets and buildings of Stavanger are a heating up with all the artists getting up and doing what they know what to do best: Paint. Brooklyn’s own Dan Witz already hit the streets with his “King Baby” street installations on faux city street signage. Tonight (Friday) their is a panel debate with artists, Carlo McCormick and Juxtapoz Magazine that we wouldn’t miss.


For a complete listing of events and schedules please visit the NUART site:

“Bring to Light” in Greenpoint Brooklyn for the 2nd Year – Saturday Night!

“All manner of projectors blasted on the walls with myriad images, forms, and shapes, some breathtakingly beautiful. Other artists created sculptures and installations that worked as light vessels and amorphous creatures while collaborative dancers entertained groupings of appreciative observers.” from BSA’s review on Huffington Post


Bring to Light Nuit Blanche New York 2010 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

OCTOBER 1ST, 2011, Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York. 6:00 pm to Midnight.

Bring to Light is a free nighttime public festival of art in New York City that takes place simultaneously with “nuit blanche” events in cities around the world. Inviting emerging and established artists to make site-specific installations of light, sound, performance and projection art, the event creates an immersive spectacle for thousands of visitors to re-imagine public space and civic life. Bring to Light will transform streets, parks and the industrial waterfront of Greenpoint, Brooklyn set against dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline.

Nuit Blanche (French for “white night” or “all-nighter”) is a global network of locally-organized nighttime contemporary art events. Originating in Paris in 2001, the nuit blanche concept now involves millions of people in cities around the world.

One performance we will NOT miss will be Chris Jordan and Josh Goldberg, who have serious chops in public projection work, presenting CHRONO GIANTS.


Still from the work in progress for this year’s NY Nuit Blanche from artists Chris Jordan and Josh Golberg. (photo © Chris Jordan)

Also included will be Chris’s timelapse of Hurricane Irene – Projected inside a Giant CLOUD:

For further information, schedule, directions and full details visit Bring to Light site:

“Rituals” on 14th Street, Art in Odd Places

Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL features a wide variety of actions, participatory performances, theatrical presentations, public installations, and small and large-scale interventions all of which revolve around the concept of ritual.


Alejandro Guzman “El Guaraguao in the Barrio”, 2011 (photo courtesy © Alejandro Guzman)


Art in Odd Places (AiOP) presents visual and performance art in public spaces with an annual festival each October along 14th Street in Manhattan, NYC from Avenue C to the Hudson River.

Opening Reception for Art In Odd Places Festival 2011

Friday, September 30, 6-9pm

137 West 14th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues

New York, NY

For a complete listing of artists and a full schedule of events and locations visit Art In Odd Places site:



This art book fair always rewards you – just walking around the floorplan of MoMA PS1 is a trip and the books are tripped out. This year we are in a new one – The Pantheon Catalog from Joyce Manalo and Daniel Feral;

“The street has always been the thumping beat that pumps the pulsing lifeblood through creative New York. Yes, there is a lot of action behind the walls in the offices and galleries and studios and stages and clubs and boardrooms, but everyone knows it is the kinetic electricity of life on the street that inspires New Yorkers to dig deeper and dream bigger and play hard.”

~ from the essay Street Art New York, The 2000s, Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo of Brooklyn Street Art.

If that is not enough to make you absolutely plow down crowds to get there, consider the real talents who are going to be there to SIGN YOUR COPY:

***Catalog Signing on Sunday, October 2nd, 3-3:45 PM featuring***

Charlie Ahearn, Chris Pape aka Freedom, KET1 RIS and Toofly


Joyce will be waiting for you!


Join Pantheon Projects at The NY Art Book Fair
September 30-October 2, 2011, 11AM-7PM, at PS1/MoMA, Free Admission
Hours: Friday–Sunday, 11AM-7PM

September 30–October 2, 2011

22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue
Long Island City, NY (map)

Art Platform Los Angeles

brooklyn-street-art-art-platform-los-angeles From their press release; Art Platform – Los Angeles will demonstrate the rich and vibrant cultural landscape of Southern California and underscore Los Angeles’ influential position within the contemporary art world. MMPI is one of the largest show producers in the world, including a growing portfolio of premium art shows. We have assured the continued development and enhancement of the Art Show division by bringing together some of the top minds in art fairs under one partnership”

For more information, location and a complete list of exhibitors please visit Art Platform at:

RETNA at Art Platform (LA)

If you can’t wait to see the Retna spread as shot by David LaChapelle in October’s Vanity Fair you can check out these new pieces at Art Platform and see BSA’s photos from his New York show this spring.


Retna in NYC (photo © Jaime Rojo)

New Image Art Gallery will be exhibiting at Art Platfrom Los Angeles Featuring new large-scale paintings on canvas and paper by RETNA Visit them at booth #108

Brian Adam Douglas at Art Platform (LA)


EdlinLogo2009-webAndrew Edlin Gallery will exhibit Brooklyn Fine and Street Artist Brian Adam Douglas along with Henry Darger, Thornton Dial and Jeremy Everett. Visit them at booth 814.

Brian Adam Douglas
The Center Cannot Hold, 2011
cut paper on birch panel with UVA varnish
6 foot diamater
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NUART 2011 Presents: TOU SCENE & Stavanger City Streets (Stavanger, Norway)

NUART 2011



OPENING OCT 1, 19.00


12 Artists from 9 countries tackle over ½ kilometre of wall space at one of the worlds leading contemporary urban art exhibitions. In addition, we present our most extensive support program yet.

Join us for an up close and personal series of artist presentations, panel debates with leading professionals, artist workshops and lectures.

Nuart in association with SF Kino are also proud to have secured two exclusive must see European Premiere’s of the years greatest street art documentaries. Lights, Camera Pichação and Vigilante, Vigilante:


Lights, Camera Pichação (100mins BR)

A ground breaking documentary about the often misunderstood street culture of Rio de Janeiro’s “PICHAÇÃO. told in their own words. It asks of us an important question, what came first, the clean white wall… or artistic expression? Who got in the way of who ?

brooklyn-street-art-nuart-2011-Luz Câmera Pichação

Sf Kino Fri 23.09 and Sat 24.09, 16:00 Tickets 60kr

Vigilante, Vigilante (86mins US)

A new breed of crime-fighter now stalks the urban landscape. Two filmmakers go undercover to expose anti-graffiti vigilantes who stop at nothing to rid their neighbourhoods and cities of street art, stickers, tags, and posters.

Sf Kino: Fri 30.09. Sat 1.10 and Sun 02.10, 16:00 Tickets 60kr


Escif & Hyuro: Workshop at Kunstskolen i Rogaland, Sat Oct 1st 12:00-15:00*

Dan Witz: Workshop for kids with at Tou Scene, Sat Oct 1st 12:00-15:00**

Artist talks: Tellas (ES), Thur 22.09, 18:00 Herbert Baglione (BR), Fri 23.09, 18:00 KiR

Street Art lecture: Carlo McCormick (US) – Thur 29.09, 18:00 Tou Scene

Panel Debate with Artists, Carlo McCormick and Juxtapoz (US) Fri 30.09, 18:00 Martinique

*The workshop has 10 free places. To attend send your name and phone number to

**This is a sticker workshop for kids. The workshop will be in English.

For more information visit our website or contact

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Street Art and Capitalism: Nuart and Norwegian Economists

“When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money.” ~Oscar Wilde


Ben Eine in front of a huge new wall in Norway with Nuart and NHH (photo © Nuart)


Nuart is working on an interesting project featuring some of the worlds leading street artists on the walls of NHH from July through September, including an international seminar on street art and capitalism on September 6 with Tristan Manco, Evan Roth (G.R.L) and some of the countries leading economists.  Set to be launched by the King of Norway, it is the official art project for NHH’s 75th Anniversary.


How do you spell “food”, “rent”, “medical care”, “education”, “infrastructure”, “sanitation”, “housing”, and other crucial questions through the scope of capitalism? A collage of work by Ben Eine (image © courtesy of Nuart)

What happens when economics and Street Art intersect? Insert answer here ___________________.

What happens if you mash an elite academic institution like the Norwegian School of Economics with an art scene that has anti-authoritative counter-cultural art roots?

Norway’s giant Street Art festival NUART is helping to host the official art event for the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)  in the City of Bergen the NHH with an ambitious schedule of events to celebrating such a momentous jubilee. Stay tuned to see which Street Artists will be getting up on the storied walls of the the NHH this summer.

The Project is called:

(_____________) Capitalism ?


Ben Aine installing his “Controversial” mural on the walls of NHH (image © courtesy of Nuart)

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