Dan Witz at Nuart: Gets Googly With the Kids


If you are not familiar with Street Artist Dan Witz’s work, it won’t exactly scream for your attention. Rather it will position itself as a chameleon in the metropolis; a rusted weather beaten fixture of the urban landscape, a piece of municipal signage, a barely porous dirt-caked mesh metal air vent.  9 times you’ll overlook it, or maybe 99. But the day you notice it you’ll be caught, trapped by its guile, puzzled and possibly unnerved. What’s in there? More to the point, who?

This week at Nuart Dan had the opportunity to put up his darkly tricky all-in-one pieces at strategic locations in Stavanger where they will be overlooked, then discovered.


Dan Witz “King Baby: Tou Scene.” (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz “King Baby: Tou Scene.” (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)

brooklyn-street-art-dan-witz-nuart-2011-1-webDan Witz “King Baby 5” (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)

And new for this Norwegian Street Art festival this year, a workshop for kids took place on Saturday, with Mr. Witz at the head of the class, passing out eyeballs and encouraging reimagining of the urban environment as personified. The simple addition of optical orbs entertained the youthful contingent and helped Dan spread his vision of public space as a playground of ideas.


Dan Witz  (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz  (photo courtesy © Dan Witz)


Dan Witz  (photo coourtesy © Dan Witz)