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Dot Dot Dot & David De La Mano: Solstice in Bodø, Norway

Posted on July 23, 2016

Because you just can’t get enough warfare, return with us now to the land of the Vikings…

DOTDOTDOT just collaborated with David de la Mano for an ellipses full of battling silhouetted Norsemen way up north, where the sun does not even go down this time of year. “The sun and the moon effect us there in every way in our daily life,” says DOTDOTDOT, so they call this one “Solstice”


DOT DOT DOT . David De La Mano for UpNorth Festival. Bodø, Norway. July 2016. (photo © UpNorth Festival)

UpNorth festival in the town of BODO says “The goal for the festival is to present high quality art for the public – in environments you wouldn´t normally expect to find this type of artistic expression.” That’s true, this city of 50,000  just above the Arctic Circle is not the first place we think of for piecing and bombing and putting up a stencil.

50,000? I think that’s how many people were at the bar last night. Seemed like it anyway.


DOT DOT DOT . David De La Mano for UpNorth Festival. Bodø, Norway. July 2016. (photo © Sigur Anders)


DOT DOT DOT . David De La Mano for UpNorth Festival. Bodø, Norway. July 2016. (photo © @ardcon)


DOT DOT DOT . David De La Mano for UpNorth Festival. Bodø, Norway. July 2016. (photo © @ardcon)


DOT DOT DOT . David De La Mano for UpNorth Festival. Bodø, Norway. July 2016. (photo © @ardcon)


IG: @upnorthfestival


BSA Film Friday: 07.22.16

Posted on July 22, 2016




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Oh Joy! KUT Collective
2. EMPRESS BY YZ at New Exhibition in Beijing on Street Art
3. 3D Selfie Exhibition by Brain-Mash


BSA Special Feature: Oh Joy! KUT Collective

Oh those cat tails, waiving around in the country breeze. The mechanism of plant pollination has fascinated most of us since we were children chasing dandelions as they spread their seeds across the via fluffy light messenger. It’s the same way that genetically modified crops travel to nearby farmers fields and transform our food supply into Frankenfood eventually, thanks to big agribusiness.

But this sharply made video distills the joy of the flying cattail plant and brings it to the city in a big way. For you who always strive for finding magic in the simplest of forms and you who knows how to observe the magic that is constantly around us.




EMPRESS BY YZ at New Exhibition in Beijing on Street Art

Street Artist/ fine artist YZ was invited at the STREET ART: A global view at the CAFA Museum in Beijing – and here she is in action creating her piece for it.


Art From The Streets
The History of Street Art – from New York to Beijing)

The “Art From The Streets” show runs from July 1 to August 24 at the 3B exhibition hall in the Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts. It is jointly organized by the Department of Mural Painting Department of CAFA and the CAFA Art Museum, in cooperation with the Magda Danysz Gallery.

Street artists from Brazil, China, France, Italy, Portugal, Senegal, the US, and the UK   will be on hand to show us their works. The opening ceremony will feature a live painting performance. This exhibition is an important archive exhibition of street art, where the audience can gain a better understanding of the history and development of street art.

Academic Advisor: Fan Di’an
Academic Director: Su Xinping
Curators: Tang Hui, Magda Danysz

Time of opening ceremony:   3:00pm,July 1st , 2016
Duration: July 1st, 2016~ August 24th, 2016
Place: 3B exhibition Hall, CAFA Art Museum
Opening time of museum: 9:30~17:30, Tuesday~Saturday (ticket sales till 17:00)
Address: No.8, South Street of Huajiadi, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Exhibition curated by Magda Danysz.

3D Exhibition Part 2 by Brain Mash

It’s all depending on your perspective of course, and Siberia based Brain-Mash creates brain-melting illusory paintings in these videos of preparation for a 3-D “Selfie Exhibition”.  A team of artists and designers with background in graffiti, Brain-Mash also does commercial work together. This 3-D work requires a rare set of skills, and frankly it would be cool to see more of this kind of stuff on the street that is not selling stuff. Obviously when done right, it is amazingly engaging.



3D Exhibition Part 3 by Brain Mash


Icy & Sot “Let Her Be Free” Book Launch|Art Exhibition (Manhattan, NYC)

Posted on July 21, 2016

“We first met Icy and Sot the summer they arrived in New York. Their name was already preceding them on the Internet because even while still in Iran, they had developed a network of friends and collectors who had helped them to show their art in Europe. Images of their work had already caught our eye. We were lucky to be the first to interview them here.

That is how the friendship began–as immigrants to New York ourselves, we had a good feeling about them because they exhibited the right signs for success here. We’ve seen what sort of steely core you need to have internally to survive in this city and what alchemy of dreams, determination, and luck one will need to succeed as artists. We’ve watched many hopefuls come and go, feeling chewed up or put off by the love/ hate relationship most people have with this city. From the beginning, Icy and Sot appeared to have what it would take to persevere. Later we learned that they didn’t really have any other option.” – Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo in “Let Her Be Free”

BSA is proud to tell you of this new book, the first monograph of Iranian Street Art brothers ICY & SOT, which we dedicated many hours of design, editing, interviewing, and writing to, in addition to contributing photographs by Jaime Rojo. Along with the brothers and book designer Cassandra Brinen, we spent many hours in New York meetings in apartments and cafes sorting through images and stories to find the narrative and the flow of the pages and chapters (even laying all the pages across a living room floor), all the time wondering if we could finish it in time and to the quality level and taste level everyone was looking for.

We’re pretty happy with how it turned out and we hope to meet a lot of New Yorkers this Saturday for the books official debut! Luckily, there will be plenty of brand new stencil pieces for you to see in a pop-up exhibition as well.

Published by Lebowski Publishing under the guidance and vision of owner Oscar Van Gelderen and with a forward by Jess X. Chen, “Let Her Be Free” tells the story of the first 10 years of ICY & SOT working on the street, first in their hometown Tabriz, then Tehran, then moving to Brooklyn, New York to start and continue their odyssey. You don’t find artists who are as driven and focused and willing to work like this very often, nor those who have personal and political convictions and who are using their work to express them.

We were lucky to have enough photos that charted their early years and could tell their story, and of course it helps that they are good documentors as well – a lesson for all artists! As they continue to grow professionally and personally, we look forward to them challenging us and developing their craft even further.

We’re all looking forward to meeting you this weekend – the guys will be there signing books – and if you cannot make it we hope you’ll have time to look at the book the next time you are in a bookstore or library.

Our special thanks to editor Roel van Diepen for his kind and patient expertise.


Icy & Sot “Let Her Be Free” Lebowski Publishers. Amsterdam 2016

We visited Icy & Sot at their Brooklyn studio while they were busy at work getting ready for the exhibition that accompanies the book launch and asked them a few questions and took photos of some the pieces that will be on view and and available to purchase. The show will be a retrospective in miniature – as most of the pieces on view were created as a compilation of their greatest hits throughout their very short career.


Icy & Sot. Sasan Sasan at their studio in Brooklyn. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Icy & Sot (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Icy & Sot (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Icy & Sot (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Icy & Sot invite you to attend the launch of “Let Her Be Free” and the opening of the art show this Saturday, July 23rd. Click HERE for full details.

Icy & Sot “Let Her Be Free” Lebowski Publishers. Amsterdam 2016


“Rise” from James Bullough In Kiev for “Art United Us”

Posted on July 20, 2016

The fractured photorealism of James Bullough continues to rise on walls around the world, a precise sampling and re-laying of images that will be familiar to the viewer but rivetingly rearranged. Here in Kiev to participate in the ArtUnitedUs project, the Washington DC native who now lives in Berlin says he wanted to indirectly address the geo-political conflicts here and elsewhere on the globe that is leaving a great many people feeling stressed and discouraged.


James Bullough for ArtUnitedUs in Kiev, Ukraine. (photo detail © James Bullough)

The artist has been building a body of work that recasts the form as a digital image that can be sliced, slidden, replaced, relayered – which for most classically trained painters is anti-intuitive, as the corporeal is something to be contemplated, idealized holistically. The effect is jarring and leads the viewer to reexamine the image, perhaps trying to re-align the pieces – but we learn here that they are not always derived from one image only.


James Bullough for ArtUnitedUs in Kiev, Ukraine. (photo © @dronarium)

BSA: When you create this multiples effect, how do you describe it, and what does it represent to you – energy? spirit? altered perspectives?
James Bullough: I began fracturing and fragmenting my figures a while back in an effort to abstract what I saw as fairly straight forward portraiture.  This shifting brought a new sense of movement and energy to the work and the multiplying of elements (i.e.. hands, feet, faces, exc.) created a bit of a mind f*** which I really liked.

What may look like a simple random cutting and fracturing of a single photo is actually the result of hours and hours of work finding just the right image, or in most cases an amalgamation of multiple different images, and experimenting with countless different versions of fractures and abstractions until something really clicks.


James Bullough for ArtUnitedUs in Kiev, Ukraine. (photo © @dronarium)

BSA: Can you tell us about the process for this piece and how you would like it to convey a possibly optimistic message?
James Bullough: The specific image I chose to use for this painting comes from a series of photos and paintings I’ve created this year called “Breaking Point”.  With this series I asked my models to consider dramatic moments in life when things change instantly, good or bad, and you are not the same after.

With this direction and the choice of dancers and my models, I was able to capture amazingly dramatic positions and angles. Of the hundreds of photos that I have from this series, this image was the clear choice for the feeling of hope and transcendence that I was looking for. With the addition of the red brushstrokes swirling around her symbolizing chaos and confusion, and the fragmented figure breaking free, I offer a bit of strength and optimism to anyone seeking it.


James Bullough for ArtUnitedUs in Kiev, Ukraine. (photo © @dronarium)


James Bullough for ArtUnitedUs in Kiev, Ukraine. (photo © @dronarium)

Our Sincere thank you to co-founders/curators of Art United Us; Geo Leros, Iryna Kanishcheva, Waone Interesni Kazki


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