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Hot Shots and Video From 1st FIAP in Holbox, Mexico

It must be sooooooooooo hard to paint a mural in paradise. Hollbox Island is the home of the first international public art festival in Mexico and appears to be a good location to test this theory. Canada’s Labrona was one of the first street artists to participate this February and he characterizes the experience as [...]

Images Of The Week: 02.02.14

Welcome to New York! Apparently there is some sort of sporting event happening today here. Or is in New Jersey? So hard to tell. Something to do with tobogganing or something. Winter Olympics maybe? Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Chor Boogie, Chromo, Dain, Deived, El Sol 25, Jesse James, Katsu, Luut, [...]

Spaik Goes Seaside in Quintana Roo

Mexican Street Artist Spaik continues to combine his love of urban art with the historic mural art of his country, mixing folk elements and cultural symbols to tell stories both real and imagined. Here he is combining the indigenous maritime life with references to the traditions of the region, as shown through a fluorescent prism [...]

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