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Chihuahua, a Mexican Desert City with a Few “Street Art” Blooms

“Chihuahua is like one big ranch,” says a local reporter who guides you around this desert city known for beef, cheese, sotol, cowboy boots… and a growing middle class – thanks to the hundred plus multinational maquiladoras operating here with a focus on aerospace, medical equipment, and automobile manufacturing. The “ranch” metaphor is meant to […]

BSA Film Friday: 09.18.15

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Petro Wodkins makes Putin Sing and Explode: Sound Of Power 2. PangeaSeed’s Sea Walls. Murals For Oceans 2015: Cozumel, Mexico. BSA Special Feature: Petro Wodkins makes Putin Sing and Explode: Sound Of Power Showman, provocateur, […]

ROA TOWERS : New Shots from UK, Belgium, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Italy and the US

We’re back with a slew of new ROA pieces as he continues to share the absolute best images with BSA readers while traveling around the globe. The Belgian street artist, who we refer to as an Urban Naturalist, continues his astounding world tour at a pace that few Street Artists can sustain. Right now he […]

“Pintemos Mexico” with Specter, OverUnder, Shente and Libre in Ensanada

Irish Catholics like Specter always get romantic when they see the Virgin Mary being worked into a mural. The Brooklyn based Street Artist just got back from the heavily catholic country of Mexico (Ensenada) where the virgin Guadalupe is the local version that people revere and he says he was inspired by the “Tree of […]

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