JAZ and a Founding Myth Realized in “Mito Fundacional”

Our founding myths, our myths of origin, contain the DNA of a cultures’ existence and from that story all developments that occur are measured. When we cloak our present day with the origin myth we imbue our actions with some sense of the sacred, since that revered story is an old one that has been repeated over generations, even centuries.


Franco Fasoli AKA Jaz. Campana, Argentina. April 2015. (photo © Jaz)

Here is a new mural commissioned by the town of Campana, where Argentinian Street Artist JAZ lived as a teenager, referencing one of this culture’s Mito Fundacional (myth of origin). In a circular composition that is an earmark of his symbolic softly surreal style, JAZ commemorates the 130th anniversary of the first foundation of Buenos Aires between Campana and Escobar, which was near the river.


Franco Fasoli AKA Jaz. Campana, Argentina. April 2015. (photo © Jaz)

The menacing movement of unbridled animals surrounds a federalist symbol in flames in this often repeated story about the friction that historically exists between the City of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country. Like many simplistic depictions, this one belies deeper complex implications that can only be appreciated by the people who have lived there and repeated this story to one another, so we won’t try.

In a ceremony two weeks ago this newly painted founding myth near the “Arco de Campana” was inaugurated by the Mayor Stella Maris Giroldi and JAZ and some assembled guests, so this Mito Fundancional will continue to be told for a while.


Franco Fasoli AKA Jaz. Campana, Argentina. April 2015. (photo © Jaz)



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