Brooklyn Street Art

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Faring Purth and “Grace” in Forest Park (Chicago)

“A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty.” ~Rudyard Kipling We mention this Kipling quote in this description of Street Artist Faring Purth because a.) she often seems like she’s plucked out of a traveling adventure from a Kipling tale, b.) her instincts for creating new pieces are frequently on-point and a […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.24.16

Happy blizzard weekend New York! Who knew it would be so much fun to run free literally in the streets thanks to a travel ban on all non-emergency cars. It’s a bit of genius really, because if you DO get hit by a car, its probably an ambulance. Here’s our weekly interview with the street, […]

BSA’s Piece on “Submerged Motherlands” Acclaimed for Year

BSA with Swoon at Brooklyn Museum Sited by Huff Post Editors as Proud Moment of 2014 We’re very pleased and thankful to be included in this short list chosen by the editors of Huffington Post Arts & Culture as a story they are most proud of publishing last year. In her introduction to the list, […]

New Stinkfish in The Pilsen in Chicago

The dudes from Pawnworks are back in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago with the “Art in Public Places” project and Stinkfish is here for his first time in the US. Nick Marzullo tells us this is only the second outdoor piece in the US. “He is also going to be showing an entire new body […]

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