Brooklyn Street Art

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A Chicago Humorist Named “Dont Fret” Cracks Up The Street

Oh, so you’re a comedian now hah? A real funny boy hah? Art on the streets is not always neatly folded into archetypes. Street Artists and graffiti writers are not all anti-social miscreants intent on running afoul of the law, although that is a satisfying and simple characterization some critics default to.   Don’t Fret [...]

The Power of Color via Street Art, Graffiti, and Murals

No doubt it is the grey days of late winter that is making us think about this as we brace for the next snowstorm, but today we’re considering the impact that Street Art color has on architecture that never asked for it. We’re not the first to think of hues, shades, tones, and palettes when [...]

Of Slumlords and Satan : Specter in Baltimore and Chicago

Is there anything lower than a slumlord? Slumlords: Those building owners who basically abandon their properties to fall into disrepair, endangering individuals and threatening communities with physical and economic harm? Okay, maybe some reality TV stars are lower than slumlords, but that’s a different sort of poverty. Specter. Detail. WallHunters: The Slumlord Project. Baltimore. July [...]

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