Oliver Rios: Give A Damn. Vote

With the US election looming large this fall, artists are mobilizing in different ways to help raise awareness about the importance of voting.

One civic-minded group of artists and creatives have launched “Give A Damn. Vote”

Oliver Rios. Sketch. (photo courtesy of the artist)

This is precisely the collaboration of minds that we need to be effective with our goals. Graffiti artist and designer Oliver Rios recently joined the “Give A Damn. Vote” initiative – and he shares with us his new design.

Oliver Rios (photo courtesy of the artist)

“I’m motivated to create the designs I do because the 2020 election is too important to not be involved,” Mr. Rios tells us. “Give A Damn Vote is not the answer to all our worries. But hopefully, it becomes a small part of the many, many efforts that will be necessary for the political outcome we so desperately need. I want I wanted to look at my kid and say ‘I tried’ and failed – versus having tried nothing at all.”

Find out more on the Instagram page for Give a Damn. Vote.

To learn more about Give A Damn. Vote Click HERE