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More Mansion Rooms from “This Side of Paradise”

Posted on April 10, 2012

A week and a half before the exhibition “This Side of Paradise” opened at the Andrew Freedman House, BSA readers got the first glimpse of the completed rooms of the mansion that were taken over by artists like Daze, Crash, How & Nosm, and Adam Parker Smith (“Poorhouse for the Rich” Revitalized By The Arts). The grand unveiling of the completed installations at last weeks opening was attended by throngs of people who simply poured in through the gates of the grand estate, darling, and listened to speeches, enjoyed libations, took photos, and waded through the crowded hallways to poke their heads in the individual mini-suites and their various interpretive installations.

Cheryl Pope (photo © Jaime Rojo)

In case you missed the opening and still need some encouragement to see this free show over the next 7 weeks or so, we bring you views of some more of the rooms that have opened since the first visit. Each artist was well-schooled in the curious history of this place and it’s former residents so what emerges is part tongue-in-cheek reenactment, part fragmented memory, and part lyrical reverie. Thanks to Mid-Bronx Council for hosting us and here’s is what caught our eye to share with you.

Cheryl Pope (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sylvia Plachy (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sofia Maldonado (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sofia Maldonado (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Justen Ladda (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Federico Uribe (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Federico Uribe (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Gian Maria Tostatti (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Gian Maria Tosatti (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Princess Alexander, Kristen McFarland, Jimmy Smith (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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