The Scarlett Gallery Presents: Shai Dahan “Vice & Virtue” (Stockholm, Sweden)

“Vice and Virtue”

The Scarlett Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Shai Dahan.

The former New Yorker, now residing in Sweden, will be presenting a body of new work in his first solo Stockholm show.

The artist is known for his iconic realistic rendition of the Swedish Dala Horses. Shai uses them as a metaphor for urban art to create a dialogue between the conformity and foundation of Royal history and the scorned graffiti culture that authoritative leaders have tried to prevent from advancement. VICE & VIRTUE is a symbolic alteration of Swedish Royal figures and sovereignty ripped apart by unbound graffiti impressions. In vivid forms of graffiti tags, Swedish Royal and monarch names dating back centuries, are placed in almost an architectural manner to decorate figures to poetically carry vandalism into art.

Shai’s work is captivating, thought provoking and yet emotionally positive. His gallery work is an expressive way of bringing this urban artistry into a more delicate environment while still maintaining its attractive elegance. Shai has been featured in magazines and books worldwide, and has taken part in multiple urban art projects around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Canada, Madrid and Sweden. He has exhibited internationally and has also painted murals across the U.S. and Europe

Currently, residing in Borås, Sweden with his wife and two dogs where he continues to paint and exhibit internationally.