Dorothy Circus Gallery Presents: Miss Van “Wild At Heart” (Rome, Italy)

Miss Van

“This whole world’s wild at heart and weird on top” (David Lynch)
Masked muses cling to one another like accomplices, embodying the wild nature of love as sweet tears openly flow down their faces; their swollen, blood-filled lips throbbing like hearts as they whisper their secret bliss. In the warm realms of the mind, suspended in memory, more intimate and personal than ever, Miss Van returns to the essence of the genetic code of seduction: a combination of feminine delicacy and animal instincts, amalgamated in a potion that both poisons and rejuvenates its devotees, sip by sip. Their faces concealed, these disturbing Venuses are both victims and predators, living their lives according to their instincts and feelings. Feeding off her own truth, able to release it only from behind her mask, Miss Van’s muse, just like an innocent Messalina, falls into a tangle of narrow bodices and strings, in a game of self -seduction which simultaneously reveals her as both queen and prisoner of her own role. In its own contemporary way, the art of Miss Van traces the taste of a metaphorical dance with female nudes reminiscent those painted by the likes of Klimt, Frida Kahlo and Lempicka. Moods and modern costumes are given a place of honour as soft bodies entwine and the fierce, burning character of a wild animal alter ego rears its head. Always fleeing from the dictates of Street Art despite being its appointed luminary, Miss Van continues to bring us her unique and unbridled vision, shaping the iconography of the modern femme fatale. In her own inimitable style, she is once again both the romantic tamer and sassy ballerina of the surreal circus that is the art of our times.

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FAME Festival Is Cinematically Human in Grottaglie, Italy

The Fame Festival doesn’t take itself too seriously, but you should. Now in its fifth year, the festival is run by one fella and his friends, offering interesting walls and an opportunity to work with local artisans in the “aesthetically depressed” areas of this beautiful town named Grottaglie. A dozen or so international artists descended here again this year as summer turned to fall to eat amazing food, paint huge walls, and to create pottery works and limited edition prints with their host, Angelo Milano, in his print shop called Studiocromie.

Erica Il Cane (photo © Henrik Haven)

Free from corporate sponsors or too many meddlesome civic interests, which can muddy the creative waters and contort presentation, FAME has reliably produced singularly striking work on the Streets: the kind of free-form ingenuity that could only result from a being in a positive environment. Artists who return from the experience report that Studiocromie and their peeps know how to make you feel right at home, complete with the dysfunctional human frailties we’re all prone to. Again this year some of the pieces that have come out of FAME have been remarkable for one reason or another – it also helps when the talent pool is so strong.

Erica Il Cane. Detail. (photo © Henrik Haven)

The lineup this year officially included;

ERICA IL CANE – Italy, INTERESNI KAZKI – Ukraine, BORIS HOPPEK – Germany, CONOR HARRINGTON – Ireland, 108 – Italy, LUCY MCLAUCHLAN – UK,  MONEYLESS – Italy, NUG – Sweden, Giorgio di Palma – Italy, AKAY – Sweden, CYOP E KAF – Italy, VHILS – Portugal, PAPER RESISTANCE – Italy,  JR– France, BRAD DOWNEY – US, and MOMO – US

Photographer and BSA contributor Henrik Haven was on hand the to cover FAME and he shares these exclusive images with BSA readers of works in progress by Erica Il Cane and completed walls by Vhils, Interesni Kazki and Conor Harrington. The videos are produced by FAME and they give an additional cinematic appreciation and humor to the entire experience.

Stay hungry, FAME.

Erica Il Cane. Detail. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Angelo remarks on the FAME website what his take on the festival has been as he sets up the video below, “It’s been an intense couple of weeks here at FAME, three artists at the same time and it was a hell of a mess. This is what happened with KING Erica il Cane. Here’s my advice to all artists around, both new and old, watch him doing what he does, and how he does it. You won’t get as good as he is, you won’t end up painting such a huge wall in just two days, but at least you can take notes: have fun and don’t think about the whole art world bullshit.”

Erica il Cane “Gipsy Disagio” @ Fame 2012

Erica Il Cane (photo © Henrik Haven)

Erica Il Cane (photo © Henrik Haven)

Erica Il Cane (photo © Henrik Haven)

Vhils (photo © Henrik Haven)

Is Vhils ticklish? Climb into the back of a crowded car and find out.

Conor Harrington (photo © Henrik Haven)

Conor Harrington (photo © Henrik Haven)

Conor Harrington. Detail (photo © Henrik Haven)

You ever notice that Conor eats a lot? Dang!

Interesni Kazki (photo © Henrik Haven)

 Interesni Kazki. Detail. (photo © Henrik Haven)

The harrowing and hilarious video helps explain why Interesni Kazki needed 12 days to complete the piece. Angelo describes it as “an extreme amount of bad luck”.

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On The Road With Nanook, Ever, Sten & Lex Through Italy and France

What did you do this summer? We’re starting off the week with a colorful and detailed travelog  from Rosanna Bach, who really gives BSA readers a sense of the experience for Street Artists who go to distant places to create their art on walls for fun and festivals. Thanks to Rosanna as photographer and contributor, here you have an opportunity to spend some time in Italy traveling with Ever, Nanook, Sten & Lex as they go from Rome to Foligno, Italy. She documents their participation for the second edition of Attack Festival and captures the artists working under the scorching sun and in intimate, quiet settings. In this BSA exclusive Rosanna also put in words her summer experiences as she leaves Foligno for Paris where she documented EVER as he participated in Le Mur.

Roma to Foligno. We de-board the train and are about to exit the station when Ever waves me back. Sten is scuttling back and forth in the train like a trapped hamster. We thought he was stuck in there looking for an open door so we wave him over to the open door but he does not get out. He is struck with confusion as different orders fly from different directions. Meanwhile, the passengers are hanging over the windows to see what all the fuss is about.

Mission accomplished; Laptop is retrieved.

Barely begun, this trip already seems promising.

Ever. Roma to Foligno. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Foligno, Italy. This was once called the “Centre of the World” because the Pope had supposedly kept his treasury here in the 15th century. It is certainly a beautiful place, although considerably more modest than its name implies. This is where we would spend the next five days and would be introduced to the “Hurdi Gurdi”. It is also a place where it seems that the solution to every problem was, “Lets go have a coffee”.

Sten & Lex, Nanook, and Ever had been painting together at the Open Walls Festival in Baltimore just a few months back. Three very different artists, from three corners of the world, were here meeting again in the “Centre of the World” for the second ever “Attack Festival”.  Upon arrival we learn that we have arrived early. Two months early!

In September Foligno’s Attack Festival will be graced by the likes of; 108, Andrea Abbatangelo, Achille, Airone,  Bol 23,  Danilo Bucchi, Stefano Canto,  Mario Consiglio, Diamond TTS, Alberto Di Fabio, Ericailcane, Hitnes, Hogre,  JB Rock, Kindergarten,Lucamaleonte, Martina Merlini&Tellas, Roman Minin, Moneyless, Ozmo, Alice Pasquini, Cristiano Petrucci, David Pompili, David Eron Salvadei, Ale Senso, Sten&Lex.

Main Square, Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Nanook, Ever and Sten & Lex check out their new walls. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Sten & Lex. The two Italians have been working together for more then 10 years and are considered kind of the “Mama and Papa of stencil” in Italy where their current style consists of “stencil posters”; large scale wheat pasted portraits that they hand-cut intricate patterns onto. They usually use portraits of strangers, however this piece was of a friend’s brother who had taken his own life.  They will return in September for round two.

Sten & Lex, Foligno, Italy. (photo © Federica Tega)

Sten & Lex, Foligno, Italy. (photo © Federica Tega)

Nanook.  Fairly new to the street art scene (painting large scale for a year or so), he has left his studio that he used to share with “Gaia” back in Baltimore for new adventures in the old-world. He has been recording on paper his plan as he goes (from Berlin to Budapest and now Italy) “I feel so privileged to even be able to paint in this town, with all this history and the beautiful buildings”, he writes.

A calm and humble figure, he is constantly knocking out new sketches, whether using black ink or espresso in his black notebook, leaving no time for siestas. His hunger to learn is energizing; “I would just love to work and learn from an old master like they have here in Italy”.

As his style evolves playing by with realism, abstract lines and shapes, it will be very interesting to see how this young artist grows. In this piece he incorporated the shape of Umbria, the region in which Foligno lies. Now he is a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires. Lets see what happens…

Nanook “Siesta Time”. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Nanook. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Argentine artist Ever creates the most political work out of the three.

It must be a challenge to try and explain yourself in a foreign language that; you are not actually a devoted worshipper of Mao Tse Tung but that you are in fact talking about human contradiction, how in times of crisis people always seem to be convinced that the opposite is the solution. For example, as a result of the current decline of the capitalist system, many are swaying towards the left side of the political spectrum. “We are looking outward into one room. But why don’t we go to another room to find new solutions?” asks Ever.

Ever. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Ever. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Paint bucket. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Nanook, Ever. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

As passers stopped to comment, Nanook looks frazzled and Ever lets them ramble on for minutes without a clue what they are talking about. “Si si bene bene grazie, bon journi!” he’d reply to them and they’d be on their way.

The language barrier doesn’t seem to faze this one character though. He is here to stay with his beloved Hurdi Gurdi. “We make artistic exchange!” he cries.

The Hurdi Gurdi. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Nanook, Ever. Foligno, Italy. (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Once the 3 x 5 meter mural was finished I was expecting some sort of a scream of joy or something like that, but Ever just said: “I am always dissatisfied with a wall when I finish it. I never like it at first.”

We go from a scorching roadside in Foligno to “Le Mur” beside a trendy café in Montmartre, Paris. One of the few legal walls in Paris – it is a billboard-style space that a new artist is invited to paint every two weeks. “It is really hard to paint here in Paris, especially big walls,” Ever explains.

Paris. The place where Ever has spent the last 2 months, and where he lived for a while back in 2010. Paris was the turning point for him; he began to inject politics into his art. “Paris is a political place for me”.

Ever. Le Mur. Paris (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Ever. “Free Tibet” Detail. Le Mur. Paris (photo © Rosanna Bach)

After just one night the wall was tagged and “Free Tibet” stickers had been stuck on the soldiers’ suits. “No, no this is good, this is France, it’s a good thing when the people react. We leave them on. This is like a conversation with the people.”

Ever. “Free Tibet”. Le Mur. Paris (photo © Rosanna Bach)

A lady who must have been about 80 years old appeared on day one, and whipped out a huge DSLR camera from her purse. She returned there everyday since. She even brought photographs she had taken of the process and took the time to hand write the date and place on each photograph.

Ever. “Free Tibet” Le Mur. Paris (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Ever. “Free Tibet” Le Mur. Paris (photo © Rosanna Bach)

Why are you guys doing this?!” An agitated pedestrian asked me hastily. Once I explained that concept to him he replied, reassured; “Oh I see, it’s meant to be provocative.”

Ever. “Free Tibet”. Le Mur. Paris (photo © Rosanna Bach)

From what I understand, after listening to countless conversations about street art, these artists are really looking for long term investors for their work, not just fast money. They’re resisting becoming a passing phase only to be dropped like a hot potato after this street art wave dies down. Fame seems to be irrelevant – but if it is a by-product then so be it. “I don’t like business, I just want to paint”, Ever says.


Many thanks to Rosanna Bach for her diligence, passion and her talents.


Please note: All content including images and text are ©, unless otherwise noted. We like sharing BSA content for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the photographer(s) and BSA, include a link to the original article URL and do not remove the photographer’s name from the .jpg file. Otherwise, please refrain from re-posting. Thanks!


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JB Rock Creates a Quiet Storm in Arcidosso, Italy.

Italian Street Artist JB Rock created a giant wave last week on a 32 feet high by 65 feet tall wall in the small and quiet Tuscan town of Arcidosso, Italy. Participating in Alterazioni 2012, the town’s Art and Music festival, the artist used 15 different stencils of clenched fists and other hand gestures, repeating them more than 200 times to create his “Quiet Storm”. He says that part of his inspiration comes from the Japanese printmaking aesthetic, and this one in particular is in the style of the 19th Ccentury Master-Printer Hokusai.

JB Rock (photo © Alessandro Baldoni)

JB Rock (photo © Alice Ghinolfi)


The Great Wave off Kanagawa“, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)


Learn more about JB Rock HERE.



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Museo Urban Di Roma Presents: Jim Avignon Live (Rome, Italy)

Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon
for M.U.Ro. Urban Museum of Rome
Wall Painting & Neoangin live!
+ “Aperi-dinner” with the artist
the event will finish at 2.00 a.m.
  Curated by MondoPOP /
Sunday July 8th 2012 from 7 p.m.
@ Grandma Bistrot,
via dei Corneli 25/27,
Rome (Metro A – Porta Furba)
Jim Avignon, born in 1967 in Berlin, is one of the main characters of the new-pop movement. A lauded and much-respected cult figure in the Techno subculture in Berlin. Currently he lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Berlin. He started painting when he was 21 years old, exhibiting in techno clubs. His ideas on art were very clear: “I‘d rather sell a thousand images for one dollar, than one image for a thousand dollars.” He demonstrated his commitment to this philosophy when he exhibited his work in Frankfurt in 1995: the public was allowed to take any of the 800 originals on display home for free. This exhibition was aptly named “Get Rich With Art”. At a 1992 exhibition in Kassel, he created one painting each day only to destroy it in the evening. A documentary was made about the exhibition, called “Destroy Art Galleries”. Jim Avignon has proven himself a prolific, provocative and highly original artist. Two of his books are: “Popbones” (1996) and “Busy” (with DAG, 1998). For the Buddy Bear Berlin Show in 2001, he designed a bear that stood in a prominent location on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin for more than a year.
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Urban Painting Gallery Presents: Dal East “Fever of the Worn Land” (Milan, Italy)

Dal East

Fever of the worn land by DAL EAST
3 May 2012 / 6-9 Pm
Spazio Isarte, Corso Garibaldi 2 – Milan (Italy)
5 – 23 May 2012 / 6-9 Pm
Urban Painting Gallery, Piazza Manzoni 8 – Carugate (Italy)
URBAN PAINTING GALLERY is pleased to present “fever of the worn land“, recent works by artist DAL EAST, in what will be his first ever solo exhibition.DAL EAST was born in Beijing, China in 1984 and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.
He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began doing street art at 2004 under the alias DAL. He is inspired by the way the material world revolves, how the spiritual world unfolds, life’s emotions and the infinite space around us. He uses different mediums, methods, disciplines and spaces to create his works.Fever of the worn Land.

The city, inhabited by ghosts, has disappeared, abandoned buildings are melting down, returning to the earth.
Fever is coming from a worn land, crossed by animals that seem to have forgetfullness of the human being.

This is the work of DAL East, Chinese street artist, born in 1984.
One of the most promising artists of the new international scene. Painter, photographer, sculptor and video maker, the work of DAL is representative of a new season in street art.
He is taking from contemporary art a multidisciplinary approach and a critical vision and combining it with the spirit of urban art that plays with architectural elements and perspectives.

With ink, brush and spray, DAL starts an incredible journey into the possibilities of art, giving shape and substance firstly to feelings, around which bodies are brought to life.
In his works we can find a gesture that seems a deliberately continuous path. The technique of the sketch becomes the matrix through which DAL has developed a new visual alphabet. The choice is clear, to describe the breath of life, the physical energy hidden in the relationships between elements, being it dark omen or intimate glow.

It may seem an attempt to focus on change and DAL’s work contains a reflection on the balance of power through the composition, representing the empty space, leaving emotions uncovered.


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Dorothy Circus Gallery Presents: Mr. Klevra “Animal Landing” (Rome, Italy)

Mr. Klevra


Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11:30 am – 7:30 pm
Via dei Pettinari, 76 00186 Roma • ph: +39 06 68805928+39 338 9499432
Dal 18 febbraio al 7 Aprile 2012
From February 18th till April 7th 2012

Il capodoglio, il cane, l’orso, l’ara e altri animali “lunari” sono rappresentati in 7 tavole e una scultura che Mr. Klevra presenta in questa mostra. L’artista “veste” gli animali come veri astronauti, li correda di cose che li rappresenta. Il bestiario approda sulla luna dove tutto è cupo e buio, e gli animali con i loro colori, suoni e comportamenti renderanno questo pianeta pieno di vita, cosa che l’uomo ancora non è riuscito a fare. Non è un‘arca di Noè, ma singoli e solitari animali che partono per conoscere, dare vita, dove non vita non c’è, lontano da un mondo che odiano. E’ una partenza forse senza ritorno (come la povera Laika). Animali dentro tute spaziali di ogni epoca, come fossero veri e propri pionieri spaziali. Si tratta della preparazione non per un viaggio spaziale, ma per un viaggio in un mondo molto più remoto, quell’aldilà che tanto ha affascinato e tuttora affascina l’ansia di mistero dell’uomo moderno. Ma c è anche un altro aspetto: come appare agli animali il mondo da lontano? Ammirare la Terra dal di fuori è uno spettacolo affascinante, esserne gli abitanti un po meno. E che dire della sensazione completamente nuova di chi si trova improvvisamente a galleggiare senza peso? È un’emozione diversa da tutto quanto si può provare sulla Terra, che lascia un’impronta indelebile nella memoria: un’esperienza che sembra allargare la sfera dei sensi, introducendo una nuova dimensione, una diversa percezione del proprio corpo. Anche quando si torna ‘con i piedi per terra’ alla fine di una missione, nella mente rimane incancellabile il ricordo esatto di quella sensazione e qualche volta, durante il sonno, si sogna di volare senza peso, come quando si è in orbita.
Gli animali vengono scelti per le proprie caratteristiche, o meglio, per quello che all’uomo rappresentano: il cane e la sua fedeltà, il gatto per la sua elegante riservatezza, l’orso per il suo isolamento, la balena per la sua capacità di autonomia, l’ara che con i suoi colori rallegra il mondo, il cerbiatto per la sua eleganza nei movimenti, il primate che segna le nostre origini, il boa smeraldino che non uccide ma che sa solo mimetizzarsi. Che la missione della space crew sia quella di partire e non tornare più in dietro?

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Fun Friday 01.20.12

Fun Friday 01.20.12

Our top Stories for you on this Fun Friday:

  1. “These Boots Are Made for Walking” Nancy Sinatra (VIDEO)
  2. Pure Evil Goes Pop! Saturday at Corey Helford (LA)
  3. Ludo in Rome Saturday
  4. Ryan Seslow and Borbay
  5. Cheap Art at the Affordable Art Fair This Weekend in LA
  6. FAILE ON FILM: From Ride5 Films (VIDEO)
  7. RETNA with Primary Flight in Miami (VIDEO)
  8. Herakut for NUART 2011 (VIDEO)
  9. En Masse at “Art San Diego” 2011 by Fred Caron (VIDEO)


First we’d like to ask that all the Ladies get up from the desk and do some strutting around the office in high heel boots. That should liven up an otherwise grey winter day right? Come on boots, start walkin’ !


Pure Evil Goes Pop! Saturday at Corey Helford (LA)

Inspired by the relative ease of reproducing masterworks by so-called “copy villages” in China, as well as the reductivist assessment the market does to an artist’s body of work, Street Artist Pure Evil is knocking out versions of Jackie and Liz with black eyes dripping to the floor, just for fun.

Says the artist, “Edward Albee’s film ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ starring Taylor and Burton brilliantly illustrates a nightmare couple who use alcohol to fuel anguish and emotional pain towards each other. I was amazed at the film and so I did a painting of ‘Richard Burtons Nightmare’ / Liz Taylor’ and a print in 2 POP colourways and 2 months later, Liz died…”

Pure Evil Goes Pop! Opening on Saturday at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles.
8522 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232

For further information regarding this show click here

Ludo in Rome Saturday

Parisian Street Artist LUDO travels to Rome for his solo show “Natures Revenge” opening on Saturday at the Wunderkammern Gallery.

The local paper tells about Ludo’s impending opening (© the artist)

Ludo in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here

Ryan Seslow and Borbay

Local Brooklyn artist and Street Art enthusiast Ryan Seslow is having a show “Street Legal – Gratiffyti: Seslow & Borbay on Canvas” opening this Sunday at Iona College Arts Center in New Rochelle, NY.

For further information regarding this show click here

Cheap Art at the Affordable Art Fair This Weekend in LA



Almost 300 emerging and established artist show work this weekend in LA at the Affordable Art Fair. With prices from $100 to up to $10K. Be on the look out for C.A.V.E. Gallery at booth C-8 and for Thinkspace Gallery on booth B-9.

For further information, complete list of exhibitors, schedules and directions go to the Affordable Art Fair site here

FAILE ON FILM: From Ride5 Films (VIDEO)

Dang!  Did you see this video interview with the Faile twins yesterday on BSA? Brand New Faile Video – The 1986 Challenger Crash and It’s Impact

RETNA with Primary Flight in Miami (VIDEO)

Primary Flight teams up with RETNA in Miami to paint on Brimstone by Colin M Day.

Herakut for NUART 2011 (VIDEO)

A fine film of the adorable duo in action at Nuart this year as they stretch their imaginations for an installation that is nothing short of, and more than, set design.

En Masse at “Art San Diego” 2011 by Fred Caron (VIDEO)




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Wunderkammern Gallery Presents “Nature’s Revenge” LUDO Solo Show (Rome, Italy)’


Wunderkammern presents the young urban artist Ludo for his first solo show in Italy,: nature, both magnificent and menacing, challenges humankind from the walls of the city.

On show in Rome from 21st January at Wunderkammern, where he is making his first appearance
in Italy, the young French artist Ludo is one of the most innovative and promising on the urban art
scene. He has left his mark in major cities throughout the world (Paris, London, Zurich, Oslo, New
York, Los Angeles and Chicago), with surreal and bewildering works that are perfectly integrated
with the context in which he places them.

Ludo’s creatures emerge from reassuring greyscale images blended with acid green that is poured
onto paper, sending out a message of humility for contemporary society. Elegant and vindictive,
the artist’s creations belong in fact to the series Nature’s Revenge and Bugs: plants and insects
drawn with botanic precision, which have evolved into mechanical, chemical and technological
hybrids as a way of defending themselves against people’s aggression.

With his latest series, entitled Co-Branding, major brands like Chanel, Dior, Calvin Klein, H&M and
Benetton are transformed into aggressive and inappropriate images that nonetheless seem
perfectly in line with the aesthetic canons of contemporary publicity, thus contrasting consumers’
inurement to bombardment by multinational brands promoting luxury and much more.

On the occasion of his exhibition at Wunderkammern, Ludo will present a series of works on paper
and canvas from the series Nature’s Revenge and Co-Branding, as well as sculptures created
specifically for the gallery. Images of a proud and haunting nature, where the aesthetic canons of
advertising are filtered by the artist’s ironic and mocking eye.

via Gabrio Serbelloni 124, Roma
Tel: +390645435662
ingresso gratuito

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#6 Wish: BSA Reader Marco ; 12 Wishes for 2012

#6 Wish: BSA Reader Marco ; 12 Wishes for 2012

For twelve days we’re presenting twelve wishes for 2012 as told by an alternating roster of artists and BSA readers, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are part of the street art scene around the world today. Individually, each adds their personal expression of hope for tomorrow.

Today’s wish comes from a BSA reader named Marco, our 3rd Place Winner in the 2011 BSA Holiday Giveaway. Along with an original photograph of Matera, a city in his home country of Italy, Marco sends this wish;

“My wish for 2012 is that people will stop fighting and arguing for negligible topics and instead will start to focus and solve more important problems that afflicts the whole world, even more nowadays that we are passing through a worldwide economic crisis. It may sound like rhetoric but people are dying every day while others more fortunate spend their time getting mad and fighting for stupid things. I wish everyone will stop for a second to think about this and realise how sad and meaningless the world will be if we don’t care more about others.”

“We are not living. We are just killing time”.

© Marco

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Isaac Cordal in Milan: Follow the Leaders

Street Artist and Fine Artist Isaac Cordal’s new installation in Milan for Venduto 3 meditates upon the theme of the failure of our leaders to do what they are supposed to do: Lead.  If the people in the streets this year from Cairo to Rome to Athens to Paris to LA to New York are indication, leadership is in crisis around the globe.


Isaac Cordal (photo © Isaac Cordal)

Among the paradigms that are shifting, first world cultures are also watching some evaporate. With his droll knack for set design, Cordal continues to place his business man sculptures in the man-made environment to create scenes that tweak perception.  In these new images, the myth of the paternal employer continues to crumble and Cordal’s miniature loyal “organization man” plods forward unthinkingly with shoulders slumped even as he descends into the rubble.


Isaac Cordal (photo © Isaac Cordal)

“Follow the leaders, is a reflection about how our leaders take us to a dead-end. This is a group of businessmen following the economy like automatas.

A mass of men stuck in the rubble of a civilization whose foundations are shaking” Isaac Cordal.

To continue reading and to see the full set of photos of the installation go to:

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Mondo Pop Gallery Presents: “Street Parade” (Rome, Italy)

Mondo Pop

Summer special group show dal 7 al 31 Luglio


giovedì 7 luglio H 19.00

con aperitivo e DJset


Street Parade

La Street Art accessibile che entra in galleria

Dal 7 al 31 luglio 2011  MondoPOP International Gallery passa in rassegna alcuni dei migliori lavori di Street Art degli ultimi anni, a prezzi riveduti. Mentre la street art cresce a quotazioni inaccessibili MondoPOP presenta una mostra in cui le migliori firme italiane si possono comprare oltre che ammirare!

Una nuova tappa dello Urban Superstar Project, evento curatoriale e  mediatico consolidato nella realtà artistica nazionale iniziato al Museo MADRE di Napoli nel 2009, riconfermaro nel 2010 e ora itinerante.

Un viaggio nell’universo duro e puro dell’arte urbana per ritrovare le origini di una forma espressiva che rivendica origini semplici nonostante il trend mainstream.

Artisti italiani e internazionali che danno un contributo tangibile alla definizione di New Art, con opere in mostra a prezzi accessibili.

L’opportunità di comprare opere originali per tutti i fan della corrente.

Nuovi lavori di promettenti street artist per mantenere un filo conduttore con la strada.

La migliore chance dell’estate per toccare la Street Art con mano.

Come di rito a MondoPOP si festeggerà l’opening della mostra sabato 7 luglio dalle 19 con musica e aperitvo, dj set.


Allegra Corbo, Bigfoot, Becca, Buff Monster,  Diavù , Boris Hoppek, Camilla Falsini, Diamond, El Gato Chimney, Fupete, Giò Pistone, Ian Stevenson, Jeremy Fish,

Mr Klevra, Mr Wany, Nicola Alessandrini, Odö, Scarful, Sone, Sten&Lex, 100Taur, 999, #

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