#6 Wish: BSA Reader Marco ; 12 Wishes for 2012

For twelve days we’re presenting twelve wishes for 2012 as told by an alternating roster of artists and BSA readers, in no particular order. Together, they are a tiny snapshot of the people who are part of the street art scene around the world today. Individually, each adds their personal expression of hope for tomorrow.

Today’s wish comes from a BSA reader named Marco, our 3rd Place Winner in the 2011 BSA Holiday Giveaway. Along with an original photograph of Matera, a city in his home country of Italy, Marco sends this wish;

“My wish for 2012 is that people will stop fighting and arguing for negligible topics and instead will start to focus and solve more important problems that afflicts the whole world, even more nowadays that we are passing through a worldwide economic crisis. It may sound like rhetoric but people are dying every day while others more fortunate spend their time getting mad and fighting for stupid things. I wish everyone will stop for a second to think about this and realise how sad and meaningless the world will be if we don’t care more about others.”

“We are not living. We are just killing time”.

© Marco