Our Moment of Need: Herakut in Rome

Herakut is in Rome for their current exhibition with Galeria Varsi, “Santa Miseria”. A quote they use on the gallery wall is also repeated here on the exterior wall of a building for this new mural in Tor Pignattare . The duo like to collect personal stories and re-tell the moment they were relayed to them.

In this case a powerful sentiment, an observation that the human response to the suffering of another is often immediate and even overwhelming – but not always, and not sustained. We reflect on this observation drawn from another and appreciate that Herakut brings it to the fore.


Herakut. Rome, Italy. September 2015. (photo © BlindEye Factory)

“Each individual is portrayed with the exact gaze and breath of the instant in which they narrate their experiences to the artists. This powerful moment of interaction gives viewers the chance to feel the strength of those who in life have learned to move on, to overcome their difficulties and to start living again,” says the show description.

The texts on the mural wall read;

“In our moment of need we rely on the family of humans. I wished we could remember these family bonds in our moments strength”

“Nei nostri momenti di bisogno ci affidiamo alle persone come famiglia, sarebbe bello se potessimo ricordarci di questi legami anche nei momenti di forza”.



Herakut. Rome, Italy. September 2015. (photo © BlindEye Factory)


Herakut. Rome, Italy. September 2015. (photo © BlindEye Factory)


Herakut. Rome, Italy. September 2015. (photo © BlindEye Factory)


Herakut. Rome, Italy. September 2015. (photo © BlindEye Factory)

This mural is part of the STREET HEART PROJECT, curated by Marta Gargiulo, Massimo Scrocca and Marco Gallotta.

Thank you to Blind Eye Factory for sharing these exclusive images with BSA readers.


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