BSA Film Friday: 04.15.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. Carlos Cruz-Diez & Spectra by Selina Miles
2. Djalouz – Petites Chroniques Urbaine
3. Between The Lines With RISK
4. Nychos x Traktor Wien


BSA Special Feature: Carlos Cruz-Diaz & Spectra by Selina Miles

Optical art, public experimentation, scientific research, kinetic engineering have all contributed to the half century of study by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. He’s “been doing street art longer than most people have been alive,” says the narrator.


Now 92, based in Panama, he continues to work in-studio with geometric abstraction putting to the test color and its measuring its effects on us and our built environment. A current generation of street artists are invited in studio to work with their hands, to conceptualize visually and oversee production of their work in material and form. The initial contemplation evolves into a way of thinking and a way of imagining the work and the artists place in relation to public space that transcends image making and creates a different dialogue. Screen-Brooklyn-Street-Art-C-Carlos-cruz-diaz-selina-miles-740Shot-2016-04-15-at-9.21.23-AM

Hearing Mr. Diez compare this moment of convergence in technology, communications, and creativity to the 1960s is undoubtedly an inspiring spark to the generation that will continue forward. Now that the artists have grasped the material world, they delve into the virtual. Like many artists and creators who are working with the newest tools of virtual reality, this collection of street artists are still experimenting – all the time realizing how appreciation is rooted in the perceptual abilities rather than the materiality. One of the speakers talks about being at the starting line, but in many ways it is clear that race already has already begun.


Djalouz – Petites Chroniques Urbaine

Parisian graphic designer turned graffiti artist Djalouz has a unique volumetric approach to his wildstyle shards that envelope the city’s remaining phonebooths. He explains how he fell in love with a medium of expression that he is committed to while he’s sketching out a Winnie the Pooh character. Stay a little longer and see the wildness of his expressive 3D forms that crawl across every surface, including the ground.


Between The Lines With RISK

Risk talks about his evolution from a kid in New Orleans sketching in his notebook at school to getting up with a crew in LA, painting all over public space and property to gain a higher profile and retain the thrill of hit-and-run, and some highlights of his professional career. In route from illegal to legal he developed a reverence for color, form, and technical experimentation and aspirations for museum quality work and large scale public sculpture. Just don’t tag his stuff please.


Nychos x Traktor Wien

A quick trailer chock full of power chords for a mural in the office space of an ad agency by Nychos.