BSA Film Friday: 08.23.19

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Conor Harrington in Manhattan
2. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada “Reflection” Spring 2019
3. Caratoes at Superchief Gallery in Miami
4. DALeast in Seattle

BSA Special Feature: Focus on Zane Meyer & Chop ’em Down Films

Chop ’em Down Films, a film production company based in LA and spearheaded by filmmaker Zane Meyer, has been capturing the scene incredibly as of late. Wherever we go, there he is – jetting from continent to continent to capture and document with video what’s happening in today’s world of street art and graffiti.

The killer detail for us? His soundtrack music choices. Unusual interludes from unsung heroes, sometimes funky and soulful, other times wistful, tilting on the precipice of morning, or mourning. Excerpted as they are from larger works that are somehow familiar, they might not stand on their own in their entirety in your playlist, but they pour layers of meaning and significance on action flying at you from the whirring eye in the sky.

Zane keeps these videos at one minute to meet Instagram limitations (and short attention spans) but he knows how to work within that time constraint to communicate the news and a great deal more; and capture the muscle, the sleek movement, the unwieldy testosterone, the simple song of the heart, the exquisite detail that assures you of mastery, and craft. You don’t know if you heard it or saw it or if it was simply implied; the rich palette of the towns, the stark expanse of the sky, the singing of the birds, the impatience of the cars, the clack and roar of the trains and the sweet action on the streets, plump with possibility, the locals beckoning. With his ability to alchemize, the art is always in context.

Here are four for your enjoyment. Offered without comment, may it please the court.

Conor Harrington in Manhattan

Conor Harrington in Manhattan. Organized by The L.I.S.A. Project NYC and shot by Zane Meyer from Chop ’em Down Films.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada “Reflection” Spring 2019

Caratoes at Superchief Gallery in Miami

DALeast in Seattle