French Artist COMBO Wants You To Smoke…POT

French Street Artist and media-savvy prankster COMBO is back with a new street art and social media campaign to affect what he calls “a bourgeoise hypocrisy that reminds us of alcohol prohibition”.

Enter Kermit the Frog smoking a J.


Someone who looks an awful lot like Kermit the Frog is shown here promoting smoking. COMBO (photo © COMBO)

The new images on the street are meant to “support legislative change on medical marijuana” says the artist, and he invited a number of Street Artists to lend their skills to the project, which so far has focused primarily on Los Angeles but probably won’t stop there.

Here’s Robotbama by Finnish Street Artist Sampsa telling passersby that marijuana legalization could yield taxpayers $1.2 billion, there are the four previous US presidents touting pot use by Egyptian Street Artist Ganzeer, and you won’t miss the billboard of Jack Nicholson blowing an ‘O’ in a cloud of some serious smoke.

Pummeling that fine line between advertising and Street Art that has existed since troupes like the Billboard Liberation Front began taking over commercial space in the 70s and that artists like Ron English continued with his slick satire of major brands decades later, the new gen COMBO now marries it to the hashtag, D.I.Y., and the selfie. Like the JR campaign with a twist, you are encouraged to take a cellphone pic of yourself with a joint and send it to him he can wheat-paste it up on the street.

Given the current trend toward acceptance of weed that is happening legislatively and in popular culture, this campaign will most likely light up.


French Artist Le Valet. (photo © COMBO)



COMBO (photo © COMBO)


COMBO (photo © COMBO)


Finnish Artist Sampsa. Detail. (photo © COMBO)


COMBO (photo © COMBO)


COMBO (photo © COMBO)


Egyptian Artist Ganzeer. (photo © COMBO)



COMBO (photo © COMBO)



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