BSA Film Friday: 09.20.13



Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening: La Catedral Futumétrica with EC13 + El Niño De Las Pinturas + SpidertagMeggs and FareShare in Australia, and Five More Minutes with C215.

BSA Special Feature: La Catedral Futumétrica
with EC13 + El Niño De Las Pinturas + Spidertag

This week you get to take part in the exploration and re-creation that will inspire you to take another look around the very environment you are sitting in right now. Graffiti/Street Art/fine artists EC13, El Niño de las Pinturas and Spidertag bring you with them, with Spidertag as director Maldito Dwarfi behind the camera, into a sacred space. The Spanish relic of a building is now christened a cathedral, and they backpack into the space to lay out their art materials onto the mottled concrete floor, arranging and rearranging before choosing their locations in this holy place, a gallery for modern abstraction and do it yourself set design.

With nails, tiles, caulking, aerosol, thick yarn, and tape, the two set about occupying space, defining space, tracing and framing and revealing invisible lines and physical relationships – even evoking spirits and memories, if not memorials. Breezes and sunlight wander by, as do flies, nesting birds, and a couple of goat kids. When they are finished, you are invited in for a drink and a melody and meditation. Loosely enclosed by these walls made by hands that resolutely stand while windows and doors and roof go missing, the work of the artists may cause you to re-see and re-define every line you observe as you return to your world.


Australian Artist Meggs teams up with FareShare

Five More Minutes with C215

A portrait of the street portraitist by Estelle Beauvais.