Os Gemeos Photographed by Geoff Hargadon

We’re counting down the last 12 days of 2012 with Street Art photos chosen by BSA readers. Each one was nominated because it has special meaning to a reader or is simply a photograph from 2012 that they think is great. Our sincere thanks to everyone who shared their favorite images.

Our eleventh entry comes from photographer Geoff Hargadon and it was taken in Boston, Ma. This mural was nominated by Daniel LaHoda from Los Angeles, CA as one of the best of the year and we’re glad Geoff, one of the most enthusiastically deadpan Street Art supporters we know, was there to capture this shot on a green summer day.

Os Gemeos (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

The Brazilian Twins painted this huge mural as part of their first solo show at the ICA Museum in Boston, organized by Pedro Alonzo.

Daniel LaHoda is the founder of LA Freewalls Project in Los Angeles, CA.

Visit Geoff Hargadon’s Flickr page to see more photos of his work here.


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