New Nomadé for MMXI in Los Angeles

Los Angeles wasn’t built in a day, and either were these pieces by the LA Street Art collective known as Nomadé, who finished work this weekend with “Tertia”, a large scale Roman Warrior looking over his shoulder on a pristine white wall in downtown Los Angeles. brooklyn-street-art-Nomade-tertia-web

“Tertia”  (photo © Nomadé)

Only a couple of years ago Nomadé forged this common character who marches through the detritus of a sometimes crumbling modern Rome, XI torrid years into el siglo XXI. Now in preparation for their upcoming “Sniffin Glue” show at New Puppy they completed wall number IV for the  LA Freewalls project on the corner of 7th and Mateo downtown.

brooklyn-street-art-nomade-la-free-walls-webNomadé for LA Freewalls Project  (photo © Nomadé)


Pepper stops to pose triumphantly with “Tertia”, by Nomadé  (photo © Nomadé)