Paris Dispatch 2 : C215 and the Guys on the Street

We return today to the streets of Paris for Dispatch 2 with Norwegian photographer Tor Staale Moen, who tells us that the streets are alive with stencils and aerosol paintings as much as ever. Our first Paris report a couple of days ago focused on the presentation of the female form and energy by street artist in this city. Today, it’s time for the guys.

Here we begin with one of the country’s most well-known stencil masters, C215. His portraits of unknown street dwellers, as well as important historical figures, have graced walls, mailboxes… even national postal stamps. Here C215 honors the memory of a French son of a Polish immigrant to France during the second world war, Samuel Émile Adoner (known as Milo Adoner). Deported with 7 members of his family by convoy in 1942 from the Drancy camp to Auschwitz, he was the only one to survive the Holocaust- along with an older sister who was not deported. With the help of activists and historians and artists like C215, the street can be a platform for the open exchange of ideas – and histories.

C215 (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Jef Aerosol (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Zabou (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Carrasco (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Saucelab (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Jace Ticot (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
We are crediting this work to an unidentified artist. The work itself is signed but we can’t decode the signature. (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Falco (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
13bis (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Kurt Cobain rocking in the phone booth. D7606 (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
NO (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
A vintage Invader (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Invader (photo © Tor Staale Moen)
Invader (photo © Tor Staale Moen)