Brooklyn Street Art

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“RUN” Plunders Subtle Summer Bourgeoisie Hypocrisies at the Beach

You’ve packed your sandwiches, rolled out your tropically themed beach towel on the sand, applied sun block liberally, sipped your margarita from your thermos, and are finally laying down to daze at the seagulls circling in the blue sky. RUN. Detail. Hackney, London. July 2018. (photo © RUN) Suddenly someone spots with their binoculars the […]

“The Lady Don’t Protest Enough” in Shoreditch, by Otto Schade

The sight of this stylized skull may not have evoked the same reminiscence by Prince Hamlet as Yorick’s did but Street Artist Otto Schade brings it to London streets once again. Otto OSCH Schade. “The Lady Don’t Protest Enough”. London. July 2018. (photo © Otto Schade) The context is wholly appropriate for a city that […]

Theresa May Graces the Street Art Scene in London

“No you May not!” Maureen Barlin, creative commons license Or so you might imagine Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May saying if you asked to illegally wheat-paste a political parody of her person on a London street. But that is exactly what is happening often these days, says Matt Brown, who calls himself “probably the most […]

BSA HOT LIST: Books For Your Gift Giving 2017

Documenting the Street Art scene has always been important to BSA and we know it is important to many of our readers as well. This year BSA brought you a number of reviews of Street Art related books that we have run across during the year. It’s not an exhaustive list but now that it […]

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