Blog Spotting: Old Walls in Milan Italy

Here’s a new site we found that speaks of peoples’ long-time personal relationship with graffiti and walls, modern urban archaeology, and even the ephemeral nature the art you see on the street today. Alberto Boido was just a kid in Milan in the early nineties when he started taking photos of walls because he liked the graffiti he saw. Two decades later, he’s back to the same walls and shooting them again. The process became a project, and he’s just launched OldWalls to “pay tribute to all the people who gifted colors to Milan.”

Old Walls (photo © Alberto Boido)

Says Boido, “When I was 12 years old I started to ride my bike around Milan looking for the walls on which new amazing graffiti had started to appear. I was used to taking photos and then I spent my free time drawing sketches and trying to reproduce something with the same style and colors.

“Year after year Milan has lost the places I have loved so much – replaced by glass buildings, abandoned areas or grey walls. I had to do something: the same I had done years ago. I take my bike, which is new and bigger, a camera (now digital and more expensive) and because of my passion for graffiti I go to the same place and take pictures from the same point of view, the same angle.

I’m hoping to give everyone the chance to discover the colors and shapes hidden for years or to help remember some forgotten places.”

Old Walls (photo © Alberto Boido)

Old Walls (photo © Alberto Boido)

To see more of Alberto Boido’s project click here.