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BAMart Presents: Public (Brooklyn, NY)

BAMart: Public

BAMart: Public

June 2012—May 2013

Selected Artists:

Glen Baldridge
Timothy Hull & Future Expansion Architecture
Ed Purver
featuring Adam Void & Gaia, Cassius Fouler & Faust, Leon Reid IV & Noah Sparkes, Ryan C. Doyle & Swoon, UFO 907 & William Thomas Porter

BAMart: Public’s inaugural year presents four proposals for temporary art projects or interventions that enliven BAM’s campus and the surrounding BAM Cultural District. Selected through a juried open call, the participants’ works will transform underutilized spaces that serve as ideal platforms for creative expression within the distric using a variety of media and generating new and exciting ideas about ways to introduce art and culture into urban public space.

Opening reception
Tue, Jun 19, 6—8pm
Peter Jay Sharp Building
30 Lafayatte Ave, Brooklyn


Leadership support for BAMart provided by Agnes Gund, Toby Devan Lewis, and Donald R. Mullen, Jr., with additional support provided by the Lily Auchincloss Foundation, Inc.

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Art In Odd Places 2011 Presents: “Rituals on 14 Street” (Manhattan, NY)

Art in Odd Places
brooklyn-street-art-art-in-odd-places-AiOP-2011-Marissa Mickelberg-Goat Walk

Marissa Mickelberg – Goat Walk (photo © Courtesy of the Artist)

Opening Reception: Friday, September 30, 6-9pm at Theaterlab, 137 W 14th Street.

Rituals on 14th Street

Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL features a wide variety of actions, participatory performances, theatrical presentations, public installations, and small and large-scale interventions all of which revolve around the concept of ritual.

A ritual is generally defined as a series of established actions that are carried out in private or public spaces, by individuals or by groups, for their spiritual, social, or political significance. Tapping into the everyday significance of these habits, the artists in AiOP 2011: RITUAL continuously integrate these practices in their work to explore a broad range of issues in contemporary life such as politics, culture, religious beliefs, notions of individuality and community, the endurance of the body and the fragility of life, the relationship with nature, among many others.

The collective character of the public setting offered by one of the busiest New York City arteries as the context for the festival has opened up the possibilities for the ritualistic interactions between artists, objects and people along 14th Street. The street’s daily environment will be transformed by secular and sacred activities and the relationship and reaction of the people attracted by the festival’s ephemeral events. A new sense of place and time, inherent to the concept of ritual, will confront passersby as they flow through the sidewalks, subway stations and storefronts during their everyday commutes or their spontaneous visits to the neighborhood.

The work will be performed and made available along the east-west corridor of 14th Street. The projects may be different each time as they are informed by the varying interpretations of the spectators and their nomadic qualities as they travel through the street. Artists creating pilgrimages will bring new importance to particular places, shrines will be created as sites of worship, and the public will witness miracles. Reenactments of past events based on the collections of oral history, the use of symbols, the exploration of traditions and myths, and the use of magic and astrology are key to some of the artists’ work. Another group of artists create impermanent situations that are reminiscent of childhood and familiar events; worldly rituals that refer to identity politics, queer culture, dominance and submission, are experienced as organic and transcendental happenings.

The use of the body is central to artists that touch upon life and death, real and spiritual borders, love affairs, human relationships and the connection to nature. Through music and dance, walks, palm reading and the use of masks, wigs, and spraying perfumes and scattering ashes, some artists evoke mundane obsessions, venerate popular icons and reject and criticize certain aspects of today’s social values.

From kissing trees to making wishes, from healing souls to dreaming in a park, from washing feet to praying to the sky, the artists transcend the borders of the everyday space. By ritualizing actions and highlighting the different realities that coexist, the projects of AiOP 2011: RITUAL manipulate impressions, satisfy emotions, create effects, and most importantly transform – not only the surroundings in which they position their work, but also the audiences they engage, and who will become fundamental to the ritual itself.

– Kalia Brooks & Trinidad Fombella, Guest Curators

For a full schedule of events, artists projects and venues please visit AiOP site below:

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The Market Place Gallery in Collaboration with Brooklyn Art Collective and M.a.n.y. Present: “Town And Country” (Manhattan, NY)

Town and Country

Curated by Jason Patrick Voegele of Republic Worldwide, Samson Contompasis of The Marketplace Gallery, Keith Schweitzer of M.A.N.Y. and Tyler Wriston of The B.A.C.
Hosted by 320 Studios at 320 West 37th Street, 14th Floor
June 28 – June 30, 2011
6 to Midnight with VIP After Party
Concept by Jason Patrick Voegele

Much of what we know and how we learn comes through the study of explicit or subtle comparisons and contrasts. Meaningful opportunities for these comparative studies invite us into a more explicit and intentional approach that can both broaden our understanding of contemporary American art and help us draw connections and distinctions between the studio practices and conceptual intentions of today’s American Artist.

Produced and developed by four of New York State’s premiere curatorial teams, Town & Country presents just such an opportunity.

Much like the rest of the western world, our press, politics, and creative arts thrive on the institutions we have erected to illuminate our differences. We are often reduced to the divisive labels of righteous and heretical, pious and secular, liberal and conservative, formal and conceptual, urban and rural. Dressed up in the costume of duality it appears that we are a bisected people from the fundamentals to our personal tastes. This exhibition challenges those preconceived notions and offers a unique window into the collaborative state of American art. As a people, our founding fathers had faith in the principals of open dialogue, freedom of expression and the multiplicity of our intellectual and creative capacity to bind various philosophies into one singular union. As an exhibition, Town & Country celebrates these great strengths and offers up a chance to draw attention to the ties that bind us as a great creative culture wherever we are from. Through this lens, Town & Country proposes a new vision of American art reinterpreted for a new generation.

On June 28th through June 30th at 320 West 37th Street in New York City, Republic Worldwide, The Marketplace Gallery, Keith Schweitzer (M.A.N.Y.), and The Brooklyn Art Collective invite you to join the discussion and stoke the fires of debate as we present Town & Country: the very best of contemporary American art. Artists include: Scott Michael Ackerman, Doug Auld, Paul Brainard, White Cocoa, Hannah Cole, Annika Conner, Helen Dennis, Eric Diehl, Ira Eduardovna, Tara de la Garza, Charles Koegel, Elizabeth Livingston, Frodo Mikkelsen, OLEK, Sirikul Pattachote, Patrick Porter, Leon Reid IV, Julia Samuels, Tom Sanford, Chris Stain, Veng, Emma Wasielke, and Fedele Spadafora.

Much appreciation to John Stavros from 320 Studios.

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Fun Friday 06.03.11


1a. John Burgerman crosses Wburg Bridge with Bananas on head
1. BOS 2011 – Bushwick Open Studios This Weekend
2. 3rdEye(Sol)ation
3. “Surrealism” and “Bushwick Art Park”
4.  “Stay Gold” at Curbs & Stoops Active Space
5.  “Fine-Ass Art” at Kings County Bar
6.  GILF! Pop Up
7.  New Ludo “Green Beery” (VIDEO)

We really are so damn lucky to be here in NYC. The cultural offerings are always varied, plentiful, inspiring and in many cases FREE. Of course the rent is too high and your bedroom can accomodate a bed or a dresser but not both, but when you hit the streets the cultural stimulation never stops.

For example, newly arrived Noo Yawker Jon Burgerman practiced his good posture and accentuated his down jacket this spring by traipsing through the streets and across the Williamsburg Bridge balancing bananas on his head.


You see! The cultural richness on the street is never ending! (© Jon’s Flickr)

From Jon’s most recent and exhausting email, “Sometimes the things you see (on the street) are rather lovely, like the blossom on the trees and people outside drinking coffee and graffiti so fresh the paint is still wet.”

BOS 2011 – Bushwick Open Studios This Weekend

Hats off to the BOS crew who have laid the foundations for the new artists and curators to grow upon.

BOS ’11 – Bushwick Open Studios is in it’s fifth year and many newly minted blogs and curators are discovering this once desolate industrial pit. It’s still a pit, but at least it’s not so desolate — it also helps that high rents elsewhere have created this steady river of people flowing out of the L train Morgan stop.

Speaking of which;

IMPORTANT TRAVEL ADVISORY: The L train will NOT be running between Manhattan and Brooklyn for the entire weekend. Take the JMZ trains instead and you’ll still get dropped right in the middle of it.

Below are our picks, and while our focus is primarily on Street Art artists and events, please hit the BOS site to take a look at the complete list of events and shows:


Friday June 03



Jason Mamarella’s curated a group show featuring Billi Kid, Peru Ana Ana Peru, ASVP, Mike Die, Jos-L, dint wooer krsna, Quel Beast, Septerhed, Choice Royce, Kosbe, QRST, Trixtr Rabbit, Bankrupt Slut, CCB, Wisher 914, ZamArt opens this Friday at 3rd Eye(sol)ation 7-10 pm.

For more information, location and hours about this show click on the link below:

Saturday June 04:

“Surrealism” and “Bushwick Art Park”

Factory Fresh Gallery is offering two events:  “Surrealism”and “Bushwick Art Park”


Pufferella (image © courtesy of the artist)

twenty artists from the neighborhood wrestle their unconscious.

An exhibition at Factory Fresh for Bushwick Open Studios curated by Jason Andrew and Ali Ha.

Jim Avignon, Kevin Curran, Ryan Michael Ford, Paul D’Agostino, Ben Godward, Tamara Gonzales, Andrew Hurst, Rebecca Litt, Francesco Longnecker, Norman Jabaut, J.P. Marin, Brooke Moyse, Garry Nichols, Patricia Satterlee, Pufferella, Skewville, John Sunderland, Sweet Toof, Marjorie Van Cura & Veng


A one day community event June 4th, 1-7pm
Located at the proposed Bushwick Art Park on Vandervoort Place

Factory Fresh is sponsoring a street event with art and murals to showcase their entry on this year’s Festival of Ideas that the New Museum produced and staged at the Bowery early in May.


Skewville (image © courtesy of the artist)

Sculptures by Bast, Leon Reid IV, Specter, Skewville, Ben Godward, Infinity, Garry Nichols and El Celso. New Bushwick Art Park mural by Veng.

To learn more info bout this show please go to the gallery site at:

“Stay Gold” at Curbs & Stoops Active Space

Opening party Saturday 7-10 pm at Curbs & Stoops Active Space


QRST “Clay County” (image © QRST)

The group exhi­bi­tion fea­tures Don Pablo Pedro, Nathan Pick­ett, QRST, Quel Beast and Vahge.

“Fine-Ass Art” at Kings County Bar

Kings County has hosted a number of street artists for shows at this dark haunt for about four years and tonight a few more get their shine on. You may also coax a a go-go girl or boy onto the bar to add to the visual candy on the walls. Man, that’s some fine-ass art.

brooklyn-street-art-el-sol-25-kings-county-bar-bushwick-open-studios-2011El Sol 25 (image © courtesy of the artist)

Fine-Ass Art will feature: Quel Beast, QRST, El Sol 25, Gilf!, Rimx, Alden, Alicia Papanek.

For more information about this show click on the link below:

GILF! Pop Up

One of the newer Street Artists Gilf! on the scene pops up out of the pavement to give you a personal look in this intimate setting.


GILF! (image © courtesy of the artist)

Gilf! Pop Up Gallery
107 Forrest Ave btw Flushing Ave and Central Ave (across from
English Kills Gallery)
Friday 7-9
Sat 12-9, opening reception from 7-9
Sun 12-7

New Ludo “Green Beery” (VIDEO)

The latest video from Parisian Street Artist Ludo:

Ludo will be part of the BSA curated show “Street Art Saved my Life: 39 New York Stories” this August in Los Angeles.

Ludo “Green Beery” by Laurie Grosset

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Factory Fresh Presents: Bushwick Art Park During BOS 2011 (Brooklyn, NY)

Factory Fresh

brooklyn-street-art-factory-fresh-gallery-bushwick-Art-Park- bushwick-open-studios-2011Specter at The Festival of Ideas for the Bushwick Art Park 2011


A one day community event June 4th, 1-7pm
Located at the proposed Bushwick Art Park on Vandervoort Place
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Council Member Diana Reyna at 2:30pm

The Bushwick Art Park hosted by Trust Art, Norte Maar and Factory Fresh, featuring works previously showcased at
Festival of Ideas in May 2011, expands into a Sculpture Garden at the proposed Bushwick Art Park site on
Vandevoort Place. We invite guests to enjoy the fresh air and local views surrounded by outdoor sculptures.

Sculptures by Bast, Leon Reid IV, Specter, Skewville,
Ben Godward, Infinity, Garry Nichols and El Celso.

Political Podium by Seth Aylmer.

New Bushwick Art Park mural by Veng.

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Fun Friday 05.06.11


SABER at Opera Gallery now and Print Release Saturday

Los Angeles based artist SABER is in New York City for his solo show at Opera Gallery “The American Graffiti Artist”. The gallery is open from 11 to 7pm.


Saber “Buffed” (Image courtesy © of the artist)

On Saturday from 3 -6 pm Opera is having a print release, seen here below.


Click on the link below to learn more about this show:

To see a video of the artist at work in his L.A. Studio click on the link below:

Leon Reid IV Closing Party at Pandemic Tonight

The folks at Pandemic Gallery really know how to throw a party that is at once welcoming, neighborly, and debauched. Tonight they invite you to the closing party for Leon Reid IV “Identity Theft” A Decade of Public Art.


Leon Reid IV “Identity Theft” (photo © Jaime Rojo)

ELIK at Brooklynite Saturday

After half decade, Elik returns with a big opening in BedStuy tomorrow at Brooklynite Gallery. Always a good show and a good time – special guest music maker the legendary DJ Kool Herc.


According to Rae and Hope at Brooklynite, “ELIK’s been hoarding scrap wood, furniture, metal signage and a hell of a lot of city trash with plans to turn this place into some sort of ‘shanty town’. He’s politely insisted we turn the space over to him and find something else to do until opening night.”

Musical Guest: DJ KOOL HERC
Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd., Brooklyn, New York 11233.
Phone 347-405-5976 •

Martha Cooper “Remix” Ends this Weekend

In Culver City, California Carmichael Gallery invites you this Saturday to view the landmark show Martha Cooper “Remix” before it closes. This is the last weekend this show will be on view and if you have not seen it you must go!

brooklyn-street-art-jaime-rojo-martha-cooper-blade-carmichael-gallery-3-web Martha Cooper “Blade” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Artist Blade Remixes Martha Cooper’s original photo (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Artist Blade Remixes Martha Cooper’s original photo (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Holdup Art Gallery Presents: “Hi-Graff”


“Hi-Graff” is an installation-based street art exhibition that explores the concept of Graffiti as a contemporary art movement. The exhibition, which opens on May 7th 7-11pm, showcases graffiti in its most original form –collaborative murals applied directly to walls.

To learn more about this show click here

Happy Mother’s Day in the Mission District, SF


Artists and humanitarians Jeffrey Waldman and Dave Harmatz came up with a nice little project for Mother’s Day in The Mission neighborhood of San Francisco.

brooklyn-street-art-mothers-Day-jeffrey-waldman-Dave Harmatz

Forever Stamp
“Mission Statement: To send some much deserved love to moms and to be a part of strengthening a relationship. More than that, it was to inspire and motivate people to go out and create works of their own. To showcase how simple and cheap a project can be while still delivering a tangible product amid a fantastic and universal message. Plus we had all these old envelopes to get rid of.”

Click here to continue reading about this project

Overunder,Veng of RWK and Ephemeron in Coney Island

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Skewville and Ali Ha Present The Bushwick Art Park A Prototype (Manhattan, NY)


brooklyn-street-art-skewville-factory-fresh-street-fest-new-museum“Bench” Image courtesy of Factory Fresh Gallery


The Festival of Ideas for the New City:
May 4 – 8

A major new collaborative initiative led by the New Museum to harness the power of the creative community in imagining the future city will feature an innovative StreetFest along the Bowery, where fresh new ideas for the city will be prototyped and on display.

Be sure to follow the Festival of Ideas blog, featuring guest posts by Trust Art.
Manhattan, New York – The Bushwick Art Park, a Trust Art project led by the artist collective and brotherhood known as Skewville, will be just outside the New Museum of Contemporary Art as part of StreetFest on Saturday, May 7. You can come ‘kick it’ at this street-inspired sculpture garden and philosophize on how to transform an under-used street in Bushwick into a community art park.
Don’t forget the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1pm, featuring representation from the office of Council Member Diana Reyna.
The prototype art park will be curated by Factory Fresh gallery director Ali Ha, and feature pieces by Skewville, Leon Reid IV, Specter, and Olek.

Be Sure to join us at the Bushwick Art Part,
located in front of the
New Museum
Saturday, May 7th, from 1-7pm

Bushwick, NY – An whole team has emerged intent on making the Bushwick Art Park a reality. From three “Pratt Bratt” graduate students who are helping with policy research, community surveys, and proposal-writing; to Ali Ha, gallery directory at Factory Fresh; amazing infographic experts; and the hundreds of people who have already signed our petition, the Bushwick Art Park has a lot of friends. Live in Bushwick? Take our quick survey.

brooklyn-street-art-skewville-factory-fresh-street-fest-new-museum-1Click on the link below to learn more details of Street Fest

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Pandemic Gallery Presents: Leon Reid IV: A Decade of Public Art (Brooklyn, NY)

Leon Reid IV

brooklyn-street-art-leon-reidIV-jaime-rojoLeon Reid IV (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Leon Reid IV:  A Decade Of Public Art

Photography, sculpture and drawings exhibiting the span of Leon Reid IV’s public artwork, 2000- present.

On Display:
Sat. April 16 – Sun. May 8, 2011

Opening Reception
Sat. April 16, 2011 7-11pm

‘A Decade Of Public Art’ is Leon Reid IV’s first New York City solo exhibition and features a new public sculpture viewable outside Pandemic Gallery. The show reveals a vast range of unpublished material associated with his well known public artworks. Sketches, maquettes and video footage flesh out works such as “True Yank” the controversial Abraham Lincoln intervention; “Free As A Bird,” a sculpture installed on a prison guard tower; and “The Kiss,” the cherished London installation for which he is most known.  Reid provides a glimpse into his plans for future public works, including his monumental “A Spider Lurks In Brooklyn” project, which recently received Fiscal Sponsorship from New York Foundation For The Arts (NYFA).

Listed as one of the “60 Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future” by Thames & Hudson, Leon Reid IV has been on the edge of public art for over 15 years. He grew up as a traditional graffiti writer (a.k.a VERBS) and quickly developed a knack for unconventional practices such as painting street signs and installing them during daylight disguised as a construction worker. His most famous work of this period is “Verbs St – Oh Yes I Did” a cleverly manipulated subway sign installed in Canal Street station, NYC. His experiments in graffiti lead him to move beyond the genre and pursue site-specific installations under the pen-name Darius Jones. The New York Times featured an article on “It’s All Right”, a subtle contortion of a One-Way sign and a Phone sign creating the illusion that the two are in love. Reid is one of the few artists responsible for introducing sculpture into the language of street-art, his techniques of installation combined with his humorous and romantic themes have made a sizable impact on urban artists of his generation.

Reid’s current work remains sculptural, highly contextualized and is often installed on existing architecture. In Norway, “The Great Recession” features a giant Kilroy-Was-Here styled sculpture hanging over the ledge of a local bank, apparently holding on to his last dollar.  In Brazil, “Bring The House Down” depicts a life-sized human figure made of chain, attempting to uproot the building pillar of a cultural institution. Reid’s latest works add striking visual elements to existing structures, the result of which he considers a true collaboration with the structure’s architect.

At present and through out his career, Leon Reid IV has designed his work to communicate directly with the public at large. He considers every site -be it domestic or international- an opportunity to create work that is meaningful and accessible to the community where it exists.

Leon Reid IV’s work has been exhibited worldwide and featured in publications/media such as: Time Magazine, The New York Times, PBS, BBC, Radio National Australia, Good Magazine, Creative Review, Recharge and The Wooster Collective among others. He co-authored a novel based on his experience in graffiti and street-art “The Adventures Of Darius and Downey” as told to Ed Zipco” Thames & Hudson 2008. Reid holds a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and an M.A. from Central Saint Martins School Of Art and Design in London. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

PANDEMIC gallery
37 Broadway btwn Kent and Wythe
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Gallery hours:
Tues.-Fri. 11-6pm
Sat. & Sun. 12-7pm
closed Monday
or by appointment

L train to Bedford ave, J train to Marcy ave, or Q59 bus to Broadway/Wythe

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Nuart Update: Logan Hicks Pics and Vid of Stavanger

Well, they are all back safely from Stavanger by the sea and in Brooklyn again, disappearing into their more anonymous lives here in the sea of humanity.

As you know, Logan Hicks is a very talented stencil master, among other things. One of those other things is a photographer.  We are so thankful to him for sharing this other talent with us during this trip abroad to the sister city (as well as the images from Chris Stain and Ian Cox). Logan has an eye for the parallel, the perpendicular, and the vanishing point – and it comes across in his compositions behind the lens.  Here are some of his pics of the show and the city.

First we’ll start off with the man himself as a blur…. rushing up and down the ladder in this time-lapse video he did of himself while he was painting a stencil of himself looking at himself. Selfish?  Nah, just a one-man machine who knows if you want something done right, you might better do it yourself!

It's a little know tidbit that there is
It is a little known tidbit that there is a monstrous hole in the ozone layer above Stavanger, so in fact, there is no sky. (photo Logan Hicks)

While there,
In between art gigs, the Skewville brothers donated time to a local charity by installing new beautiful white vinyl siding to cover the ugly exposed insulation boards on the back of this Norwegian bodega. (photo Logan Hicks)

David Cho and Swoon and cobblestones (photo Logan Hicks)

This gleaming steel and glass
This gleaming steel and glass building seemed like a perfect location for Leon Reid IV to put his piece entitled “The Great Recession” (photo Logan Hicks)

“Where’s the Beef?” – Back inside the gallery, the rift between artists escalated and a security wall had to be erected to keep artists from Baltimore away from the more refined art area. (photo Logan Hicks)

This is a projected video piece in the gallery of a software demonstration by Graffiti Research Labs of one of their projects. (photo Logan Hicks)

Installation by GRL (photo Logan Hicks)
Installation by GRL (photo Logan Hicks)

Judith Supine's massive piece rocked the gallery
Judith Supine did some Bikram yoga and created a massive portrait in the gallery (photo Logan Hicks)

Street Art journalist Ali Gitlow had a funny article with Judith at Tokion Magazine. PDF Here.

Chris Stain’s finished piece for the gallery pays tribute to the working people (photo Logan Hicks)

Chris outside getting ready to do a mural (photo Logan Hicks)

Swoon, Cho, and Supine (photo Logan Hicks)
Swoon, Cho, and Supine (photo Logan Hicks)

A visitor to the gallery gives you an idea how big Skewville’s piece is (photo Logan Hicks)

Where are the police?
Where are the police? The prostitutes? The dudes on the corner?  Is this some Twilight Zone trick?  Where’s Rod Serling? (photo Logan Hicks)

Logan Hicks Website

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Brooklyn’s in Da Huset: Nuart Update 09.07.09

Avoiding Mutiny at Skur2

It's peaceful setting and appearance belie the action inside (photo Logan Hicks)
Nuart Main Gallery: It’s peaceful setting and appearance belie the great struggles of humanity inside (photo Logan Hicks)

What is it with that Norwegian air that makes some people so fresh?  Or maybe that’s the beer…

One off-handed reference to Empires and before you know it, some closet soldiers start falling into character and spouting military metaphors and going off about seiges and skullduggery.

We aren’t completely positive what our in-the-field reporter is talking about but until they have a live blogging tent at Nuart this is what we can pass along your way, dear reader…. (The apparent rift between Baltimore and Non-Baltimore contingents has been independently verified however)

In the field, Chris Stain breathlessly relates the events as they unfolded;

“Yesterday BK converged in Stavanger at 1200 hours and planned a city-wide assault under the guise of NUART.   During the meeting Skewville and Chris Stain were informed by Swoon that Stockholm and Copenhagen were not in Germany. ”

Lessons in geography.

Lessons in geography.

“Swoon and accomplice Ben Wolf formed a plan to conquer the eastern wing of SKUR 2 by setting up an ambush in an adjacent alley.” (photo Chris Stain)

“Infantryman Logan Hicks wasted no time breaking into a full war cry with a new tactical approach on stenciling” (photo Chris Stain)

Leon Reid IV
“…while the diabolical Leon Reid got busy drafting his piece for installation to take out a bank in the city center.” (photo Chris Stain)

Infantryman Logan Hicks wasted no time breaking into a full war cry with a new tactical approach on stenciling
“David Choe was meet with resistance when attempting a mission in allied territory.” (Photo Logan Hicks)

Finally, it was brought to the attention of NUART commander-in-chief Martyn Reed that two of the BK artists were originally from Baltimore and subsequently were made to ride in the back of the bus and eat at separate lunch counters to keep from contaminating the rest of the troops.

End apartheid in Stavanger! I’m putting this on my Facebook profile and if you really cared you would too. (Now, Baltimore is in Sweden right?)

“But seriously folks this sh*t is gonna be a classic!” – Private Stain

Thanks to Chris for keeping us posted!

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NUART 09 UPdate: Leon Reid IV lecture on Personal Timeline from Graff to “Street Art” to “Public Art”

David Cho is featured Artist on cover of Nuart 09 Publication


The first images out of our Sister City Stavanger’s Nuart Festival are starting to come in, and they start off with Part I of Leon Reid IV‘s talk which has just been posted.  Artists and historians like to listen to Reid because he takes the time to give full context to his experience as a person and an artist, and he begins to expand the concept of art in the public sphere beyond simply legal and illegal, but how it’s existence is part of a public discourse that continues to evolve.

Stay tooned for behind the scenes fun and official talks with Chris Stain, Logan Hicks, and Brad Downey as part of the Nuart 09 Education Program currently under way.

The Nuart official publication is nearly wrapped and the cover features a piece by inimitable David Choe.

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