Brooklyn’s in Da Huset: Nuart Update 09.07.09

Avoiding Mutiny at Skur2

It's peaceful setting and appearance belie the action inside (photo Logan Hicks)
Nuart Main Gallery: It’s peaceful setting and appearance belie the great struggles of humanity inside (photo Logan Hicks)

What is it with that Norwegian air that makes some people so fresh?  Or maybe that’s the beer…

One off-handed reference to Empires and before you know it, some closet soldiers start falling into character and spouting military metaphors and going off about seiges and skullduggery.

We aren’t completely positive what our in-the-field reporter is talking about but until they have a live blogging tent at Nuart this is what we can pass along your way, dear reader…. (The apparent rift between Baltimore and Non-Baltimore contingents has been independently verified however)

In the field, Chris Stain breathlessly relates the events as they unfolded;

“Yesterday BK converged in Stavanger at 1200 hours and planned a city-wide assault under the guise of NUART.   During the meeting Skewville and Chris Stain were informed by Swoon that Stockholm and Copenhagen were not in Germany. ”

Lessons in geography.

Lessons in geography.

“Swoon and accomplice Ben Wolf formed a plan to conquer the eastern wing of SKUR 2 by setting up an ambush in an adjacent alley.” (photo Chris Stain)

“Infantryman Logan Hicks wasted no time breaking into a full war cry with a new tactical approach on stenciling” (photo Chris Stain)

Leon Reid IV
“…while the diabolical Leon Reid got busy drafting his piece for installation to take out a bank in the city center.” (photo Chris Stain)

Infantryman Logan Hicks wasted no time breaking into a full war cry with a new tactical approach on stenciling
“David Choe was meet with resistance when attempting a mission in allied territory.” (Photo Logan Hicks)

Finally, it was brought to the attention of NUART commander-in-chief Martyn Reed that two of the BK artists were originally from Baltimore and subsequently were made to ride in the back of the bus and eat at separate lunch counters to keep from contaminating the rest of the troops.

End apartheid in Stavanger! I’m putting this on my Facebook profile and if you really cared you would too. (Now, Baltimore is in Sweden right?)

“But seriously folks this sh*t is gonna be a classic!” – Private Stain

Thanks to Chris for keeping us posted!