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The Art of Teebs : Musician and Street Artist (VIDEO)

Teebs learns a new language and cuts himself loose

California based Fine and Street Art artist and musician Teebs is currently in Chicago working on the last details for his solo show at Pawn Works Gallery. On this video he opens up and talks about being more in touch with his own feelings and having his brain spilled over onto the floor. He is experiencing a creative rebirth and inspiration comes to him from the simple things in life.

Teebs. Still from the video shot by Theo Jemison

Teebs. Still from the video shot by Theo Jemison

Teebs. Still from the video shot by Theo Jemison



Teebs’ solo show “Lady Luck” at Pawn Works Gallery opens this Friday. Click here for more information.

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Pawn Works Gallery Presents: Teebs “Lady Luck” (Chicago, ILL)


Teebs. Photo Courtesy of the Gallery
‘Lady Luck’
L.A. based artist Teebs is more than just another painter in Southern California’s flourishing contemporary art scene, he’s also an accomplished music producer for L.A. based label Brainfeeder. With his largest and most extensive body of work in over 2 years, ‘Lady Luck’ is the result of the artists thoughts spilled over the last few years, built around the excitement and experiences of the release of his first record whilst traveling all over the world.

The juxtaposition of gentleness in the images and the technicolor aesthetic lends itself to the subtle execution that Teebs uses to immediately define a mood within his work. Much like his music, the tone in his artwork is one of intoxicating amusement. It’s whimsical, gentle and joyful on the surface but upon examination unveils some of the more intricate and abrasive elements. ‘Lady Luck’ will feature many large-scale works on wood, hand-painted installation elements and a handful of original artwork created on blank record sleeves. Through this body of work Teebs has found himself, once again, speaking and working within a language he truly understands.

Join us for the Opening Reception of Teebs ‘Lady Luck’ on Friday Nov. 11, 2011 7-10pm. Followed by an after party featuring the music of Brainfeeder’s Teebs and friends at Beauty Bar Chicago on 11.11.11

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ROA in Los Angeles and Chicago

When Street Artist ROA hits your town with his aerosoled animal world, large swatches of walls, even blocks, become alive and are instant gathering places for new and old fans alike.  The one man monochrome machine from Belgium depicts a curious mix of overlooked animals, sometimes in states of death and decay by way of commenting on human’s impact on the natural world.

brooklyn-street-art-roa-jaime-rojo-los-angeles-chicago-09-11-web-2ROA in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Whether in rural Mexico or urban New York, his work is reliably riveting and a favorite for neighbors and Internet surfers alike.  After catching the eye of LA MOCA this spring, his last minute addition to the “Art in the Streets” exhibit brought the collection up to the minute and cemented his place in the graff and Street Art continuum. BSA captured these images of ROA’s work this year on the streets of Los Angeles and Chicago this summer and we’re looking forward to his next stop at “Living Walls: Albany”.


ROA in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)

ROA’s work in Chicago was done in collaboration with Pawn Works Gallery. Thank you to Nick and Brocke for their hospitality.

ROA’s work in Los Angeles was produced with Daniel Lahoda for LA Freewalls Project in The Arts District of downtown LA. Thank you to Daniel for his passion and his time with BSA. We wish Daniel a speedy recovery from a recent accident.

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Brent Houzenga Remixes Remains In Chicago

The Victorian era has been gently affecting the instrumentation and arrangement of art bands and the fashions of shabby chic sections of Bohemia since the steam punks started wearing dog-eared top hats and ruffles in the late 1990s and the ripples of this romance continues to gather into vaporous clouds in these early 10’s.

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-5

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

Street Artist Brent Houzenga fell under a deep sepia spell when he stumbled across a box of vintage 1890s photographs in the trash and for the last couple of years he’s been scheming on how to bring these anonymous individuals back to life on the street. Billing himself as “The Hybrid Pioneer” a.k.a “The Original Prairie Pirate”, the spritely Houzenga hails from Des Moines, Iowa, and is transfixed by these faces and fashions, re-imagining these earlier travelers in a context they never saw, and in the process he creates a bridge between centuries.

Photographer and BSA contributor Brock Brake trailed Brent recently and shares these images with BSA readers.

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-3

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-4

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-6

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-7

Pieces hung in a tight salon configuration on the street. Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-8

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-9

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-11

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-1

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-2

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

brooklyn-street-art-Brent Houzenga-brock-brake-chicago-09-11-web-10

Brent Houzenga (photo © Brock Brake)

“Remixed Remains”, a current solo show at Pawn Works Gallery in Chicago by Brent Houzenga, features new works from this box of old photographs.

“We are really hyped on this guys work though he has not been very exposed within the street art world – as he is in Des Moines and sort of an outsider artist,” says Nick Marzullo of Pawn Works Gallery. Houzenga, however, could not be too much of an outsider, as he has some work in the collection of The Museum of Fine Art in Des Moines and Indianapolis, notes Marzullo, but his “installation is finally finished and the space is like nothing we’ve seen before.”

For details on “Remized Remains” click on the link below:

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Pawn Works Gallery Presents: Brent Houzenga “Remixed Remains” (Chicago, ILL)

Brent Houzenga

brooklyn-street-art-brent-Houzenga-pawn-wroks-gallery-face-yourself-webBrent Houzenga. “Face Yourself” (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works)

Five years ago, artist Brent Houzenga’s life was altered dramatically when he stumbled across a pair of antique photo albums from the 1890’s in the discarded trash of others. Since that discovery Houzenga has amassed an extensive body of work, attempting to bring these lost souls back to life through abstract painting and stencil work using vibrant colors and his own unique action painting techniques. Often displaying his subjects on re-purposed window frames suggests the antiquity of the subjects in his paintings as well as the rural and rustic background of this self-described  ‘Prairie Pirate’. Working on the reverse side of the glass, painting backwards and tirelessly scraping away existing layers of paint to create new marks, Houzenga pays homage to those he renders. Many subjects remain unscathed peaking out of chaotic abstraction while others are altered entirely.

With his new show “Remixed Remains” Houzenga experiments with scrawling over the rendered photos leaving insignia and other messages for the viewer to ponder, all part of an installation transforming the space into a post punk Victorian funhouse. Remixed Remains will serve as a celebration of the painting and exhibiting over the last five years. For the artist, what once was classic is now revamped like a stolen bass line or punk cover with a little more class; splattered all over.

Brent Houzenga ‘Remixed Remains’

Opening Reception will be on Saturday September 3, 2011 from 7-10pm

Show runs until October 2.

Pawn Works | 1050 N. Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

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LUDO in NY, Chicago, and LA with More of “Nature’s Revenge”

Parisian Street Artist LUDO brought “Nature’s Revenge” to the US this month and his eye-popping surreal wheat-pasted creations are now on walls in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. By combining weaponry with insects and plants into hybrids, LUDO is using this ongoing series to draw attention to how we are messing with nature in ways we never have in an unquestioning way and at our own peril. From biotech to nanotech to robotics to remote controlled drones, the face of war is sold with branding and a sizzling “wow” factor, accompanied by vague assurances that these developments are necessary to protect us good guys from the bad ones. From the perspective of this ongoing “Nature’s Revenge” series, our romance with all things shiny and futuristic is quickly morphing out of our control and it’s likely to come back and bite us, or worse.


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Using a reliably greyscale, white, and acid green palette, LUDO’s high-tech hybrids are alternately frightening and amusing, and even super cool. While a Freddy Kruger facemask is obviously symbolic, it’s pairing with a mechanical daisy is unnerving.  The wheat paste of a tarantular top-loaded missile delivery device is laughable until you see the video of unstoppable multi-limbed all terrain “big dog” robots being developed to do the same thing.  Even the bunch of grape skulls seems sort of blunt until you think of what we’re now learning about irradiation, pesticides, and genetically modified foods. Taken as a whole LUDO’s work is one of the more message-driven on the street today and is another example of the new narrative-driven story telling we continue to witness in Street Art. Luckily, it’s also visually compelling.


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO applies his custom-mixed acidic green goo in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)

brooklyn-street-art-LUDO-jaime-rojo-Chicago-08-11-web -11

LUDO in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO’s snail tank on a rooftop in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO on an abandoned building in Chicago (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Brooklyn, NY (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A LUDO discovered in Brooklyn with a bit of his other “Co-Branding” campaign, which pairs disturbing imagery with a friendly logo to assuage discomfort. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Brooklyn, NY (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Downtown, Los Angeles with LA Freewalls project (photo © Jaime Rojo)


LUDO in Venice Beach, Los Angeles (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A LUDO piece currently on view in a gallery setting: The group show “Street Art Saved my Life: 39 New York Stories”on view at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, is curated by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo and produced with ThinkSpace (photo © Jaime Rojo)


In LA Ludo installed work with Daniel Lahoda for LA FreeWalls, C.A.V.E. Gallery, and with curation by BSA. Special thanks to Daniel for his total support, hospitality, and vision.In Chicago special thanks to Nick and Seth from Pawn Works Gallery and to Brock for making this happen and for providing the wheels and the good company.

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Fun Friday 07.29.11


Been doing any summer reading?

As mercenary Baynor holds the knife to the poor man’s throat, his boss starts to twitch nervously at the sound of many footsteps coming up the alley. “Maybe we shouldn’t kill in broad daylight. Maybe it’s better to do it like regular – in the boardroom…” ~ B.P. Dick, from “Confessions of a Corporate Hitman”



Lister gets ready for the show! (photo © Angelique Groh)

Anthony Lister has plastered the City of Angeles with images of beloved comic Heroes as being LOST and asking for HELP.  This project is in collaboration with Junk Food ART HOUSE.  Looking forward to fun Lister walls in the coming dayz.


For more information about this show click on the link below:

SANER at Mid-City Arts (LA)

Also in Los Angeles tonight, Mexico City Street Artist SANER presents a solo show, Sequestro Express”, addressing  how organized crime stages flash kidnappings south of the border.


Image Courtesy of Mid-City Arts


First Los Angeles Exhibition

Curated By Viejas Del Mercado

Mexico City Artist “SANER” brings the Outdoor Public Art Experience into a Private Gallery setting.
All Artwork pieces will be given out Free to the Public.

For more information about this show click in the link below:

Skewville “Not My Type” at Pawn Works Saturday (CHICAGO) – EXCLUSIVE IMAGES

Brooklyn Street Artist Skewville packed up the pickup truck with art, art, and art and headed out to the Mid West in search of fame and fortune. Let’s see if it works this time. The good folks at Pawn Works Gallery in Chicago are hosting the nearly legendary Sons of Brooklyn for a solo show tomorrow, called “Not My Type”.

In addition to the cool stuff Mr. Deville has been putting up since he got there (below), we hear there is some fun in store for you at the show opening, so don’t miss it.


Below are some exclusive images of Skewville gifts to the City of Wind:


Skewville “Not My Type” (image © courtesy of the gallery)


Wonder what the hell he is up to? Skewville “Not My Type” (image © courtesy of the gallery)


Skewville “Not My Type” (image © courtesy of the gallery)

For more information about this show click on the link below:

“Vigilante Vigilante” – Movie Coming in August

If the movie is 1/2 as good as the trailer when it opens next month we’ll be looking at a hair-raising summer roller coaster of a thrill ride into fall. Not for persons with heart ailments, with child, or the simple minded.

BOMB CHASER (via Bablegum)

Jef Aerosol – CHUT! (Video)

A Massive art work from Jef AEROSOL in Paris @ Place Stravinsky; 350 square meters of wall, 4 days, 200 spray cans, 6 artists, and 1 love.

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Pawn Works Gallery Presents: Skewville Solo Show “Not My Type” (Chicago, ILL)



• For those without Google: Since 1999, Skewville is most known for its fake wooden sneakers tossed over power lines worldwide.

• For those with Google: You might have noticed that Skewville has spent even more time trying not to be known for just one thing.
Skewville is always on a mission to change things up, whether through painting, printmaking or installations, their bulky block type has always been a staple in their evolving aesthetic. Since we now know they don’t like being known for just one thing, Skewville would like to take the opportunity to dismiss this font as their own while still showcasing it as a crucial part of the overall Skewville style.

For them, the constant influence of their urban surroundings play a huge part in their artwork. Signage and type clutter the NYC skyline to the point where it all blends in as visual slang. The elements of store signs, out-door advertising and graffiti has little impact by themselves, its the abundance of those combinations that makes the entire picture. With this always in mind Skewville presents…. “Not My Type” featuring  all new work painted on old  New York metal signs.  Signage has always been a key reference point in their art but this is the first time they literally incorporate these influences in their work.

Its Summer, never a better a time to be in Chicago, follow Skewville or join in from wherever you are to celebrate the opening of ‘Not My Type’ and catch a glimpse of some of the planned outdoor works from Skewville.

We will be hosting an event on Saturday July 30 from 6-10pm for Skewville: Not My Type at Pawn Works; Artist will be in attendance.

Pawn Works
1050 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622

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Clown Soldier: New Images from His Show “The Human Cannonball”

Clown Soldier’s “The Human Cannonball” Show in Chicago opened this Friday at The Pawn Works Gallery. Here’s a dazzling circus of images that illustrate the collage based art that Clown Soldier holds closest.


Clown Soldier (image © courtesy of the artist)

When the huge Clown Soldier wheat-paste first appeared on the street a about a year and a half ago (see Images of the Week 01.17.10),  few people understood that it was the result of a long process of selecting elements, combining, and re-combining to reach a sense of balance – Most of us just took it at clown-face value. Here are some images from the new show and a few behind the scenes pics for context.


Clown Soldier (image © courtesy of the artist)

Brooklyn Street Art: So what do you do, how do you make these, what is the process?
Clown Soldier:
I start with collage. I cut up thousands and thousands of pieces of imagery until something works. What’s great about collage is you come with things that you wouldn’t come up with if you were drawing.  So you cut up all these fragments, you know – it’s inspired by (William) Burroughs and it goes back to Picasso right? Anyway that process, you cut up these things and you put them together and not in a million years I would put these things together or come up with… so when I find this gem, this absurd thing.

Read more from his first public interview and studio visit here:

A New Clown Comes to Town : Clown Soldier in Studio

Clown Soldier is participating this August in the BSA presented “Street Art Saved My Life” 39 New York Stories” show in Los Angeles.


Clown Soldier (image © courtesy of the artist)


Clown Soldier (image © courtesy of the artist)


Clown Soldier “Billy Craven Monarchy” (image © courtesy of the artist)


Clown Soldier (image © courtesy of the artist)


Clown Soldier “In God We Trust” (image © courtesy of the artist)


Clown Soldier (image © courtesy of the artist)

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Fun Friday 06.24.11


AD HOC ART – Welling Court Community Street Art Celebration Saturday (Queens)

AdHoc Arts returns to Queens this year to Welling Court where Street Artists and the locals mix it up with music, local and homemade food and artists painting live. Bring your camera and bring a plate of cookies too. Sharing is caring.


Sam and Veng’s last year wall (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The project transforms several city blocks into a 24/7 street-level gallery, bringing art from around the world directly to the heart of this community. Renowned artists with deep roots in the street movement have created site-specific works for this project and many will showcase various creative sundries for your perusal. This new array of visual experiences provides fresh contexts for how people working, visiting, and living in this diverse cultural gem of Queens think about and interact with their environment.

Artists include: Alice Mizrachi, Alison Buxton, Beau Stanton, Bunnie Reiss, Caleb Neelon, Chris Mendoza, Chris Stain, Celso, Cern, Cey Adams, Chor Boogie, CR, Cycle, Dan Witz, Darkclouds, Don Leicht, Ellis Gallagher, Ezra Li Eismont, Free5, Garrison Buxton, Greg Lamarche, Jesse Jones, JMR, Joe Iurato, John Ahearn, John Fekner, Jordan Seiler, Katie Yamasaki, Lady Pink, Leon Reid, Matt Siren, Michael De Feo, Michael Fumero, MIMEO, Mr. Kiji, Neko, Nuria, OverUnder, Pablo Power, R. Nicholas Kuszyk, ROA, Ron English, Royce Bannon, Sinned, Sofia Maldonado, TooFly, Tristan Eaton, Veng RWK, Zam.

WHERE: 11-98 Welling Court {@ 30th Ave & 12th Street}, Astoria, Queens 11102
WHEN: Saturday, June 25th, 2011 from noon until 9pm.

Click on the link below for more information regarding this event:

Faile Pop Up Show and New Print (Venice, LA)

Right across the street where they’ll be debuting a new piece with BSA in August for “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories”, the Brooklyn Street Art Collective Faile is presenting this pop up print show this weekend in Venice, Los Angeles. Tonight at the opening they’ll release a new print too.

“The show will feature a variety of works on paper over the last 12 years. A broad range of new and old prints and original works on paper. There are a variety of new pieces and a few surprises made for the show, including a new collection of works entitled Vintage Book Covers highlighting classic pieces from over the years” – Faile


Worth Something Gold
Edition of 50
Acrylic and Hand Pressed Gold Foil on Coventry Rag 335 gsm
35.75in. x 29in. (90 x 73cm)
Signed, Stamped & Numbered
Faile 2011


Opening Reception: June 24, 2011 (7 – 10pm)
Exhibition Runs: June 24 – July 24, 2011

1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice Beach, CA 90291

Click below for more information regarding this show:

Brooklyn’s Own Clown Soldier Flies Solo (Chicago)

One of the new clowns out there today is having a solo show of his fine art and some new interpretations of his Street Art funboys as well. With wit and a method to his absurdity, these new works give insight to the solid study he’s actually been doing for years.

Chicago at Pawn Works Gallery,  Clown Soldier  is “The Human Cannonball”


Pawn Works
1050 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Click on the link below for more information about this show:

If you are in LA in August you can also see Clown Soldier at BSA’s show “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories”.

Specter presents “Things Change” (Paris)

His new show in Paris at the Since-Upian Gallery is accompanied by some new work on the street – much of it inspired by Brooklyn streets.  See brand new photos tomorrow on BSA.


Specter’s brand new work for this show. Image © Specter exclusive for BSA

211 rue Saint-Maur 75010 Paris
T: 00 33 (0) 1 53 19 70 03 / T: 00 33 (0) 1 53 19 75 29
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 14h to 19h

Click on the link below for more information about this show:

If you are in LA in August you can also see Specter at BSA’s show “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories”.

Miss Bugs “Parlour” in Bed Stuy

Brooklynite Gallery welcomes the start of the summer with “Parlour” a sexy show Saturday Night. Also DJ Mayonaise Hands will be there with a camera and mike for insightful interviews and scintillating observations. Dress your rockinist cause you know the Bedstuy peeps are always in top form at this gem.


Miss Bugs. Detail of the new print “Eyes Glanced” (photo courtesy of the gallery)

June 25 – JULY 16
Opening Night: Saturday, June 25, 7-10pm
MUSICAL GUEST: Hank Shocklee [Bomb Squad]


Brooklyn, NY 11233

Click on the link below for more information about this show:

If you are in LA in August you can also see Miss Bugs at BSA’s show “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories”.

Jon Burgerman Doodles on a Car in Brooklyn (VIDEO)

Last weekend for the CresFest and NorthSide Open Studios artist Jon Burgerman was invited by Brooklyn Street Art to paint on a car. We forgot to tell him to get dressed first. Little details like that escape him.

Video by µ-Ziq Theme by µ-Ziq.

K-Guy Print Release “Primate Pontificate”

London based artist K-Guy will be releasing a print on July 1st of his “Primate Pontificate” commentary on the state of affairs of the Catholic Church and their perceived hypocrisy on some relevant topics. He introduced this piece on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI most recent visit to England last year and we found some of these same primates on the streets of NYC in the fall. Funny to see them get released as prints.

brooklyn-street-art-k-guy-jaime-rojo-11-10-3-web K-Guy (photo © Jaime Rojo)

brooklyn-street-art-k-guy-pontificate“Primate Pontificate’ comes in 4 different colorways – Deep Red, Royal Blue, Black and Regal Purple.

For more details go to

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Images of the Week 06.19.11


A certain surreality is slipping through the sunbaked streets as we cross the summer threshold.  The mashup aesthetic of course has been going since the early days of Bast (or before), but now that visual moorings are loosed, all manner of recombinant strains of references and their assigned meanings are also aflight. Not all of these are examples of this movement, but many appear influenced by it. As usual, Street Art is as much a reflection of the society as it is a participant in its directional moves.

Our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Banksy, Clown Soldier, CV, Cyrcle, Delicious Brains, Gaia, Hellbent, Hugh Leeman, ILL, Imminent Disaster, Jolie Soutine, KAWS, Mosstika, QRST and ROA with photographs by Jaime Rojo, Carlos Gonzales, and Birdman.


Mosstika has a new installation in the park in Dumbo, recalling the da-daist Brooklyn performance artist Gene Pool and his grass suits.  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Mosstika. We have heard that the name of the piece is “Yeti” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Imminent Disaster appears again on the street with this medallion of paper cutout and illustration. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


It looks like Clown Soldier now guards the only Banksy in Chicago. An unknown artist stenciled the image of the woman laying down on the “steps”, themselves a shadow of previous construction.  (photo © Clown Soldier)


Delicious Brains “Last Supper” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


JR’s global project “Inside Out” on the gates of the Green Hill Food Co-Op, where a huge neighborhood community reception was held Friday night to celebrate the new installations here. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A casualty of lust on the streets. An unknown artist wheat-pasted the portrait of Brooklyn/Queens congressman Anthony Weiner, an outspoken powerhouse who advocated for populist causes during his 20 years of public service and who resigned his post this week amidst a Sexting scandal. Now the only question for Weiner is what’s up?  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


CV. World hunger never went away. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Cyrcle “Overthrone!” in Los Angeles (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Cyrcle “Overthrone!” In Los Angeles (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)


Gaia (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hellbent (photo © Jaime Rojo)


ROA in Los Angeles as part of LA Freewalls project (photo © Birdman)


To the left there is a new “Splasher” in town. To the right the “sorry” wheat paste is a faux street art installation for a movie shoot about love and youth. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hugh Leeman “Indian Joe” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Hugh Leeman at his studio (photo © courtesy of the artist)


Hugh Leeman. “Sam” (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Jolie Soutine (photo © Jaime Rojo)


This new QRST piece in Manhattan is an inscribed funeral dirge mourning the “disneyfication” of a once vibrant and envelop-pushing arts culture that made way for new artists in the city, with the visage of the current mayor worn as a mask by a plump and relaxed rat.  We can only assume it is a reference to Manhattan, because a creative Babylon is going full force in some parts of Brooklyn as we speak.  (photo © Jaime Rojo)


QRST (photo © Jaime Rojo)


A sticker intervention by an unknown artist (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Kaws reacts to the cost of bottle service in the Meat Market while sitting below the lush, landscaped, and recently extended Highline. (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Kaws (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Untitled. The sky on fire as the sun sets on Manhattan Friday night. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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