Pawn Works Gallery Presents: Brent Houzenga “Remixed Remains” (Chicago, ILL)

Brent Houzenga

brooklyn-street-art-brent-Houzenga-pawn-wroks-gallery-face-yourself-webBrent Houzenga. “Face Yourself” (photo © courtesy of Pawn Works)

Five years ago, artist Brent Houzenga’s life was altered dramatically when he stumbled across a pair of antique photo albums from the 1890’s in the discarded trash of others. Since that discovery Houzenga has amassed an extensive body of work, attempting to bring these lost souls back to life through abstract painting and stencil work using vibrant colors and his own unique action painting techniques. Often displaying his subjects on re-purposed window frames suggests the antiquity of the subjects in his paintings as well as the rural and rustic background of this self-described  ‘Prairie Pirate’. Working on the reverse side of the glass, painting backwards and tirelessly scraping away existing layers of paint to create new marks, Houzenga pays homage to those he renders. Many subjects remain unscathed peaking out of chaotic abstraction while others are altered entirely.

With his new show “Remixed Remains” Houzenga experiments with scrawling over the rendered photos leaving insignia and other messages for the viewer to ponder, all part of an installation transforming the space into a post punk Victorian funhouse. Remixed Remains will serve as a celebration of the painting and exhibiting over the last five years. For the artist, what once was classic is now revamped like a stolen bass line or punk cover with a little more class; splattered all over.

Brent Houzenga ‘Remixed Remains’

Opening Reception will be on Saturday September 3, 2011 from 7-10pm

Show runs until October 2.

Pawn Works | 1050 N. Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60622