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WALL\THERAPY 2013 Daily Checkup and Scan of Founder Ian Wilson

WALL\THERAPY began in earnest this weekend with a Friday kickoff party that welcomed arriving artists and the local community together and then jumped directly into the making of art with many murals going up on walls around town in Rochester simultaneously Saturday and Sunday. The dual pronged focus of WALL\THERAPY is a mural festival that draws Street Artists and graffiti artists from around the world to work alongside local artists and to raise awareness of people’s access to medical technology.

Daze. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Street Art and medicine; You may wonder how the two are related, and the answer is that these are two of Ian Wilson’s greatest passions. A Brooklyn born graff writer who went on to pursue a career in teleradiology, Ian works long doctors hours at his regular gig in a local hospital and puts this WALL\THERAPY event together with partners, volunteers, and community members. Finally, he is working to bring imaging and diagnostic equipment to communities around the world who don’t have this basic tool to treat disease.

Daze. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Since BSA supports people who actually give back, we are very happy to be the Media Partner for WALL\THERAPY and are proud of the artists who are lending their talents to this initiative in this northwestern town of New York State.

This year the roster has expanded to include an eclectic mix of a few serious old skool NYC graffiti names spanning 4 decades, a healthy handful of international and nationally known Street Artists that are defining the scene today, and some important local talents.

Daze. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

As a group they represent a solid lineup and are a reflection of the inclusive approach that WALL\THERAPY is taking, while skewing toward high quality. The list includes Bile, Binho, Case, Cern, Change, DalEast, Daze, Ever, Faith47, Adam Francey, Freedom, Freddy Sam, Jessie & Katey, Labrona, Lady Pink and Smith, Lea Rizzo, LNY, Mike Ming, Mr. Prvrt, Faring Purth, Pose2 and Range, ROA, Sarah C. Rutherford, and St Monci among others.

All week we will bring you exclusive new images of the creative progress and some insights into the personal stories of some of the artists as they create their works in this unique combining of art, science, and community inspiration.

Thanks today to photographers Jason Wilder, Alex Stuart, and Mark Deff for sharing these images with BSA readers.

Mr. Prvrt. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Alex Stuart)

Mr. Prvrt. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Alex Stuart)

Freddy Sam. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Bile. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Alex Stuart)

Bile. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Alex Stuart)

Lady Pink. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Adam Francey. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Alex Stuart)

Adam Francey. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Alex Stuart)

Connor Harrington. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Mark Deff)

Smith. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Smith. Work in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Wise Two,  Lady Pink, Smith . Works in progress. WALL\THERAPY. Rochester, NY. July 2013. (photo © Jason Wilder)

Here’s a video from a previous edition of WALL\THERAPY that lays out the inspiration that lead to and the community feeling that comes about from the event.

To learn more please visit:


Brooklyn Street Art is proud to be the Media Partner of Wall Therapy 2013


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Colab Gallery Presents: “Public Provocations” A Group Exhibition (Weil am Rhein, Germany)

Public Provocations

The Colab Gallery presents the fifth edition of PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS. It combines various styles, disciplines and techniques of Urban Art. Nine artists from all over the world will be providing insight into their creative work. Every single artist is unique, and the exhibition will be as extraordinary as each exceptional piece of work is. PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS – a cross section of current works of the urban art scene.

PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS is opening on Saturday, June 8th at 8 pm and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Alice Paquini, Robert Proch, Amose, Michael Grudziecki, Wolfgang Krell, Chris Stain, Case, Gris1, Orticanoodles.

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Space 27 Gallery Presents: “Permanence” A Group Exhibition. (Montreal, Canada)


C215 (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Space 27 Gallery and Pure Living present Permanence, an exhibition contrasting the ephemeral nature of street art with the permanence of collectible art.

Including a variety of artwork created by Montreal-based as well as Canadian and international street artists shaping our urban landscape, Permanence aims to show the transition of street art from its underground beginnings to mainstream.

The works presented are directly influenced by the artist’s involvement with the street art movement; one that uses the city as a medium of expression, combining a vast range of techniques and artistic influences. In Permanence, they are brought out of the urban landscape and into the fine art world.

Army of One – US
Banksy – UK
Bast – US
Brett Amory – US
C215 – FR
Charming Baker – UK
Faile – US
Guy Denning – UK
Holly Thoburn – UK
Hush – UK
Jef Aerosol – France
Judith Supine – US
Luc Bouchard – US
Mario Wagner – Germany
Quik – US
Shepard Fairey – US


Alan Ganev
Earth Crusher
Fred Caron
Jason Botkin
Mathieu Connery
Philippe Chabot
Rage 5
Stikki peaches
Xavier Landry


Date: September 15th, 2012
Time: 18:00h – 23:30h
Location: Space 27, 101 rue Louvain W. Montreal


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Wall Therapy: A Public Community-Level Intervention with Mural Art in Rochester, NY.

Wall Therapy
WALL THERAPY July 20-28, 2012 in Rochester, NY.

Faith 47 mural from 2012. (photo © City Newspaper/Lauren Petracca)

WALL\THERAPY is a public community-level intervention using mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration. // July 20-28, 2012 in Rochester, NY.

A weeklong event featuring the following art therapists:
Faith47 // DALeast // Ben Eine // Liqen // Case // ROA // Cern // St. Monci // Mr. Prvrt // Thievin’ Stephen // HowNosm // Siloette

There will be a few specific events during the week:

(Prior to the event featuring local artists)
Roc Brewing Co.
56 S. Union St.

1975 Gallery
89 Charlotte St.

Rochester Public Market
280 N. Union St.

School of the Arts
45 Prince St.

Mural Location Map.
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Fun Friday 07.06.12


1. Hot Chip Live “Night and Day” (VIDEO)
2. “Letters From America” (London)
3. LUSH “You Become What You Hate” (U.K.)
4. Jim Avignon at Museo Urbano Di Roma (Rome)
5. “Mischief Over” a show by CASE (Toronto)
6. Tinsel & Twinkle in London

But before we begin, let’s boogie! It’s Friday!

It’s gonna be hot enough to fry some Jerk Chicken on the sidewalk today. Here’s a taste of nerdily chilly and funkaliciously electronic Hot Chip doing a song called “Night and Day”.

Let’s Sweat!

“Letters From America” (London)

A handful of Americans were in London this 4th of July for the opening of a new show at Black Rat Projects Gallery in conjunction with LA’s Corey Helford Gallery. “Letters From America” includes new works from RISK, Ron English, SABER, and TrustoCorpand is now open to the public.

Risk (photo by Butterfly courtesy of the gallery)

Risk (photo by Butterfly courtesy of the gallery)

For further information regarding this show click here.

LUSH “You Become What You Hate” (U.K.)

Also some people have called to tell us of some sightings in London of the bad boy Australian Street Artist LUSH. The axiom that entitles the show, so be careful, haters. The LUSH location is a warehouse someplace near the Hackneywick Station. Good lush!

LUSH at the Museum of Sex in NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Jim Avignon at Museo Urbano Di Roma

In Italy the illustrator/cartoon/doodle stylings of Jim Avignon are teamed up with the Museo Urbano Di Roma. Jim will be performing and painting live this Sunday at Grandma Bistrot.

Jim Avignon in Brooklyn. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this event click here.

Also happening this weekend:

The Twist Gallery in Toronto, Canada invites you to “Mischief Over” a show by CASE. This show is now open to the general public. Click here for more details.

At the A – Side B – Side Gallery in London, Tinsel & Twinkle will show you how to kidnap a banker at their “Mini Retrospective”. This show is now open to the general public.  Click here for more details.



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Twist Gallery Presents: CASE “Mischief Over” (Toronoto, Canada)



July 5 – July 28, 2012
Opening: Thursday, July 5, 7-12 p.m.
1100 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON M6J 1H9
T: 416 – 588 – 2222
Hours: Tues–Sat 11–6 p.m.

Twist Gallery presents a solo exhibition of all new work by one of Canada’s most notable graffiti artist CASE.

His 20 years of urban beautification have spread his notoriety across the globe; showing overseas and throughout the United States including The Armoury in New York City; Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art in Hollywood, CA ; The Graffiti World exhibit at GO Gallery in Amsterdam; and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Merging his graffiti experiences and his studio study into a style that weaves classical and street art together, while continuing to explore the industrial medium of spray paint without traditional boundaries. CASE has also directed/animated music videos for a number of recording artists including Eminem, Neil Diamond and  The Arcade Fire.

There will be drinks, standard gallery opening snacks with DJ’s Fathom and Dougie Boom spinning

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Me Collectors Room Berlin Presents: “At Home I’m A Tourist” The Collection of Selim Varol (Berlin, Germany)

Selim Varol

“my collection, that’s me –
my childhood, my friends, my heroes, my role models, what i enjoy, what moves me. pictures from my journey: ‘at home i’m a tourist’” (Selim Varol)

From 26 May to 16 September 2012, me Collectors Room Berlin will be presenting the collection of Selim Varol. The exhibition will thus mark a return to an essential leitmotif of the foundation: the theme of collecting and the passion of the collector. The 39-year-old collector from Düsseldorf with Turkish roots has been collecting toys since his childhood and owns one of the largest collections of figurines in Europe, numbering some 15,000 pieces. A further focus of his collection lies in works by artists who trace their origins back to street art and ‘Pop Surrealism’. One characteristic shared by all the works in this collection is the close link between art and the everyday, as well as their often playful and humorous or subversive character.

The world of toys, most of which are produced in Asia, is a world full of plastic and vinyl. The figurines are detailed miniature sculptures that have variously emerged from the imaginations of contemporary urban artists and designers, or from politics and current events (Andy Warhol, Fidel Castro, Hitler), the dream factory of the film industry (Batman, Superman, Rambo and many others) or comics and manga. Many works in this collection are well-known due to their presence in public spaces. Shepard Fairey helped create a groundswell for Barack Obama with his iconic ‘HOPE’ poster during the United States presidential race in 2008. And JR, the current TED Prize winner, attracted international attention in 2008 with his film ‘28 millimètres: Women Are Heroes’ in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where he mounted giant images of female residents on the façades of houses in order to raise awareness about their life stories and give these women a voice. The New York artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly) is another artist who has exerted a major influence on Selim Varol’s collection, with Varol’s first acquisition of his work in 1999. KAWS first made a name for himself in 1998 with his alienated images on bus stops, phone boxes and billboards (for instance the ‘Christy Turlington Calvin Klein Ad Disruption’). He is represented in this

exhibition with more than 160 works. The exhibition includes a total of 3,000 works by more than 200 artists & designers from over 20 countries.

Plans are under way to enable artists involved in the exhibition to paint or paste designated facades in the area around the venue.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive catalogue of the collection that will include a text by Jeffrey Deitch.


Saturdays, 3 p.m.: Public guided tour

01.06.2012, 6.30 p.m.: Expert talk with Selim Varol

September: Reading with Autonama & Participation in “Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin”

Children’s Programme: For schools and kindergartens (upon agreement); scavenger hunt (anytime)

Pop-Up Shop: In collaboration with Toykio, a selection of designer toys and exclusive editions will also be on offer in our shop.

Prior registration is required for all events. Programme details are available on our website:

List of artists:

123Klan, Rita Ackermann, Adam5100, Chiho Aoshima, Giorgio Armani, Suki Bamboo, Banksy, Garry Baseman, Bäst, Beast Brothers, Beejoir, Andrew Bell, Biff, Bigfoot one, Tim Biskup, Blek le Rat, Blu, Bob Dob, Bountyhunter, Randy Bowen, Brin Berliner, Bshit, Buffmonster, Milton Burkhart, Thomas Campbell, Case, James Cauty, Mori Chack, Henry Chalfant, Chip Kidd, David Choe, Luke Chueh, Coarse, Martha Cooper, Harmony Corine, Matias Corral, Robert Crumb, Dalek, Date Farmers, Dehara, Delta, Devilrobots, Dface, DJ Shadow, Dolce & Gabbana, Dolk, Doma Dr.Romanelli, Dran, Dust, Tristan Eaton, Eelus, Ben Eine, El Mac, Ron English, F.C .Ware, Fafi, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Ferg, Jeremy Fish, Florian Flatau, Sam Flores, Flying Fortress, Pete Fowler, Glen E. Friedman, Friends with you, Phil Frost, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Futura, Rene Gagnon, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Huck Gee, Os Gemeos, Doze Green, Sadi Güran, Eric Haze, Evan Hecox, Herakut, Jean-Louis Dumas Hermes, Jamie Hewlett, Damien Hirst, David Horvath, David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim, Marc Jacobs, Todd James, Jamungo, James Jarvis, Oliver Jeffers, JR, Nathan Jurevicius, Alex Katz, Rei Kawakubo, Audrey Kawasaki, KAWS, Peter Kennard, Josh Keyes, K-Guy, Margaret Kilgallen, Dave Kinsey, Jeff Koons, Frank Kozik, Charles Kraft, Curtis Kulig, Kurt Vonneggut & Joe Petro III, Christian Lacroix, Lady Aiko, Karl Lagerfeld, Helmut Lang, Michael Lau, Joe Ledbetter, Karin Lehmann, Matt Leines, Michael Leon, Paul Leung, Anthony Lister, Livingroom Johnston, London Police, Robert Longo, Lunartik, MAD*L, Herman Makkink, Mantis, Martin Margiela, Marok, Mars 1, Ben Mathis, Barry Mcgee, Lucy McLauchlan, Bill Mcmullen, Dennis Mcnett, Tara McPherson, Alexander McQueen, Eugenio Merino, Mexxer, Anthony Micallef, Donny Miller, Miss Bugs, Miss Van, Mist, Brendan Monroe, Polly Morgan, Mr. Clement, Takashi Murakami, Scott Musgrowe, Muttpop, Yositomo Nara, Caleb Neelon, Nigo, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Steve Olsen, Katsushiro Otomo, Tony Oursler, Jose Parla, Paul Insect, Marion Peck, Perks & Mini, Stefano Pilati, Ricky Powell, Miuccia Prada, Rob Pruit, Pure Evil, Pushead, Oliver Räke, Jamie Reid, Retna, Terry Richardson, Rocketworld, Jermaine Rogers, Rolitoboy, Ryca, Mark Ryden, Saber, Erick Scarecrow, Todd Schorr, Semper Fi, Since, Jason Siu, Sket-one, Skewville, Skullphone, Hedi Slimane, PaulSmith, Hajime Sorayama, Jeff Soto, Space Invader, Spanky, SPQR, SSUR, Jeff Staple, Stash, Static, Tyler Stout, Stefan Strumbel, Suckadelic, Superdeux, Judith Supine, Swoon, Tado, Gary Taxali, Osamu Tezuka, Tilt, Tokidoki, Touma, Tim Tsui, Nasan Tur, Unkl, Urban Medium, Usugrow, Valentino, Gee Vaucher, Mark Dean Veca, Donatella Versace, Viktor & Rolf, Amanda Visell, Nick Walker, Vivienne Westwood, Dondi White, Kehinde Wiley, WK interact, Jim Woodring, Word to Mother, Bubi Au Yeung, Zevs

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BSA Supports “STYLE WARS … the Outtakes” – You Can Too

A New Project to Preserve the Additional Footage – Please Support the Kickstarter Fundraiser

Directed by Tony Silver and produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant, STYLE WARS is an indispensable documentary that captured NYC Street culture in the beginning of the 1980s. Anyone who values the contribution of this examination of a moment near the birth of hip hop and graffiti culture will be familiar with the players that Chalfant and Silver profiled and the electricity that fueled a cultural movement that eventually went global.


“There is a lot of amazing and historically significant material there which never made it into the finished film”, says Chalfant today as he describes his new project to recover and restore the hours of remaining recordings and to create an outtakes reel from that 1981-82 project.

New footage of Case (above right) and Seen is expected to be preserved and presented in STYLE WARS Outtakes.

Spread the word! BSA would like to encourage you to donate to this Kickstarter campaign to make this project happen and to post this on Facebook and Tweet it. Write to your friends to ask them to throw a buck at this project that promises to deliver  many new shots of trains not seen since ’81 and some surprising masterpieces rescued from oblivion.

New trainyard images and adventures like this still for STYLE WARS Outtakes.

They have cool stuff for various pledges – we’re hoping to score the “Art is Not a Crime” poster designed by Mare139.

But even if your stocks of green are low right now, you can forward this to one of your buddies. Style Wars is for everybody, and this history is yours.

Rock Steady Crew and friends at Shafrazi Gallery in Soho – a still from the new footage to be restored.

STYLE WARS … the Outtakes

HERE’s the KICKSTARTER for you to contribute to




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The Goethe Institut Of Los Angeles In Collaboration With LA Art Machine Presents: MA’Claim (AKUT, TASSO, and CASE), RETNA and Tom Kummer. “Vox Humana” (Los Angeles, CA)

The GOETHE INSTITUT LOS ANGELES, in collaboration with LA ART MACHINE and supported by the GERMAN FOREIGN OFFICE, is proud to present VOX HUMANA featuring German graffiti legends MA’Claim (AKUT, TASSO, and CASE).
This historic art happening is two-fold. Arriving on Sept. 20, MA’Claim will begin a large-scale mural installation on the side of Boombang, a cutting edge, boutique design firm on the corner of Motor and Palms Ave,in Los Angeles. They will continue the mural through September 24. map it!

Then, on Sept. 25, a live art installation will take place at the Goethe Institut followed by a panel discussion with, MA’Claim, L.A. street artist RETNA, and infamous Swiss journalist and rabble-rouser, Tom Kummer.

September 20 through 24
3459 Motor Ave.
L.A., CA 90034
Wall Commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles and sponsored by the German Foreign Office, Montana Paints, and Boombang.
Live Art Happening and Panel Discussion
September 25
5750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100
L.A., CA 90036

2:00 – 6:30 p.m. Live Painting
7:00 p.m. Conversation with Ma’Claim,
Retna and Tom Kummer

Tel. +1 323 5253388
Fax +1 323 9343597

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A Visit to Stroke02

A Danish Street Artist Reports from Munich About Last Week’s Stroke02 Urban Art Fair

by Don John

A piece by Morten Anderson and Sainer (© Don John)
A piece by Morten Anderson and Sainer (© Don John)

Last week I attended Stroke02,  a 4-day art fair for Urban Art that takes place in Munich, Germany. It is held in a former Federal Bank office building that is about 4 stories completely full of exhibitors.

Herakut and Case at work at Stroke02  (© Don John)
Herakut and Case at work at Stroke02 (© Don John)

Herakut and Case  (© Don John)
Herakut and Case (© Don John)

I was with the gallery/store called Rocket, where I exhibited together with Lake from Berlin and Johannes König from Munich.  Last year the Stroke festival had 7000 visitors and my guess is that this year was about the same.

Don John and Kid Acne  (© Don John)
Don John and Kid Acne (© Don John)

The visitors did not only consist of young people, but also a fair amount of middle-aged visitors. I thought it was great that Stroke had succeeded in reaching out to this segment as well.

A Sainer piece on display  (© Don John)
A Sainer piece on display (© Don John)

The fair also featured live paintings from: Case, Herakut, Ma’Claim, Claudio Ethos and Morten Andersen among others.

EVOL creates building facades in his pieces  (© Don John)
EVOL creates fascinating building facades in his pieces (© Don John)

ROA created one of his rabbits  (© Don John)
ROA created one of his multi-panelled rabbits (© Don John)

All in all I think it was great to participate as an artist, and I think that the visitors got a lot of great art for their 12 euro entrance fee.

This dude in what looks like a dunce cap looks really similar to someone in my nightmares.  (© Don John)
This dude in what looks like a dunce cap looks really similar to someone. (ECB, Henbdrik Beikirch) (© Don John)

For all the toy fans here is a sculpture by Biserama (Alexander Becherer) at Stroke02 (© Don John)
For all the toy fans here is a sculpture by Biserama (Alexander Becherer) at Stroke02 (© Don John)

I also grabbed the opportunity to do two paste ups while in Munich; one on Blumenstrasse and the other on Fraunhoferstr.

An outside piece by Don John  (© Don John)
An outside piece called “Buzzard Kid” by Don John (© Don John)
Pics from Stroke02:

STROKE02 Website

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