Recap of Galore Urban Art Festival in Copenhagen

This summer festivals around the globe like Galore in Copenhagen have given many a Street Artist and graffiti artist a new shot at an audience in the last decade or so. While the old skool graff heads and Street Artists may deride these affairs as illegitimate bastards of a legitimately illegit scene, more artists seem to just care about getting up and are happy to not look over their shoulder doing it. But let’s admit that it’s a fine line many are treadin to not let the event fall into a “community craft fair” feeling or into a logo-filled “lifestyle” brand jam of products and to still keep it fresh. No matter what, haters gonna hate and you just gotta do your thang, and for us, it’s all about the creative spirit.

So the Galore Urban Art Festival just ended and photographer Henrik Haven has just sent us some of his images of the happenings on the ground as many of the artists were busy completing their pieces. You may have seen the huge mural from Gr170 on Images of the Week yesterday and a couple of weeks ago we featured a full description of Aryz big mural for Galore. Special thanks to Henrik for all the exclusive images just for BSA readers.

Nelio (photo © Henrik Haven)

Zoer (photo © Henrik Haven)

Zoer (photo © Henrik Haven)

Gary (photo © Henrik Haven)

Blank (photo © Henrik Haven)

Blank (photo © Henrik Haven)

Mr. Wany working on his piece and on the right Semor and Dais at work on their piece. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Vizie on the left with Mr. Wany completed piece on the right.  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Sobek and Kcis at work on one of their pieces. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Sobek and Kcis (photo © Henrik Haven)

Sobek and Kcis (photo © Henrik Haven)

Galore Urban Art Festival, Copen (photo © Henrik Haven)


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Trailerpark Festival 2012 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Trailerpark Festival

Soten (image courtesy of Trailerpark Festival)

Trailerpark Festival is  next week once again ready to take Copenhagen by storm. Trailerpark Festival focus on music and art from many subcultures. ArtRebels and Montana ( are proud to announce this year’s street artists and graffiti crews, who will be playing a big part in the design and decoration of this year’s festival area. We have invited local as well as international world-class artists, who will be creating their works live within the festival area on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are repeating last year’s success by putting up a 50 meter graffiti wall that will be available for our chosen artists during all three festival days. We want to give the audience a unique insight into how the very best graffiti artists work. The audience have a chance to follow the creation of a piece of work from start to finish, from sketch to the last outline.

This year, it is with great honour that we are able to present Letterbenders, Furious Styles, Big City Brains, Soten, Chifumi and Ogre.

August 31 – September 2, 2012  @ CPH SKATEPARK, Enghavevej 80-82, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark

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Aryz in Copenhagen at Galore Urban Art Festival

Galore Urban Art Festival bills itself as “a gathering point for Copenhagen’s underground where artists can meet, exhibit and share art. We facilitate the raw, the unestablished and the alternative and take the role as an alternative to conventional art exhibitions”.  Street Artist Aryz has just completed this striking piece on the exposed brick side of a huge building here and we’re pleased that photographer Henrik Haven has joined us as a BSA collaborator to share some exclusive photos.

Can’t really tell what is happening in the scene though. Any ideas? Is she choking him, or comforting him?

The Galore festival took place this August from 16th to the 18th and please stay tuned for more images from the rest of the participating artists including: Above, Dems, Gary, GR170, KCIS, POS, Semor, Sobek, Sofles, The Nom Nom Collective, Sozy, Storm, Vizie and Zoer.

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

This is a great shot from inside the building next to Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Click here to learn more about Galore


Please note: All content including images and text are ©, unless otherwise noted. We like sharing BSA content for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit the photographer(s) and BSA, include a link to the original article URL and do not remove the photographer’s name from the .jpg file. Otherwise, please refrain from re-posting. Thanks!




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Copenhagen Street Art on Lock Down : Tejn

Danish Street Artist Tejn does some paste-ups periodically but the thing he is most known for is his welding.  Also his “Lock On”, a practice of chaining his welded sculptures to the street with a bicycle lock. In much the same way New York Street Artist REVS has been leaving his welded tags around Brooklyn during the last decade, these Lock On’s and welded fake signs are much less ephemeral than what you may typically associate the term “street art” with.

Tejn (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Photographer and BSA contributor Sandra Hoj reports today of her newest findings on the streets of Copenhagen, where Tejn has been installing new work.

Here Ms. Hoj describes the new works;

“The scrap iron sculpture Lock On’s by Danish street artist Tejn are scattered all over Copenhagen at the moment. Whenever I stop to take a picture of one, someone comes up to me to alert me to another piece. These welded sculptures are made from salvaged iron collected from places like our cultural battlefields Christiania and the empty lot of Jagtvej 69, former location of the Youth House. Tejn welds the iron together and returns it to the streets chained and locked with found bike-locks”

Tejn (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Tejn (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Tejn (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Tejn (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Tejn (photo © Sandra Hoj)


To see more great photos and observations on Sandra Hoj’s site please click here

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MOSH Gallery Presents: Asbjørn Skou (Armsrock) & Sif Iton a Westerberg “Stedfortrædere” (Copenhagen, Denmark)



MOHS Exhibit.

16.03.12 – 21.04.12

Opening march 16th. 16 – 21

Sønder boulevard 98
1720 Copenhagen V

The exhibition investigates how social realities are mediated though things. How objects turn into vessels for ideas and meanings. Through installations, drawings and photographs, we investigate how our collections and use of objects, serve as the foundation of social and historical constructions of power, and how these can be negotiated.

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Shepard Fairey in Copenhagen for “Your Ad Here” and 5 New Murals

Shepard Fairey has been in Copenhagen for a number of days for his new show Your Ad Here, which opens to the public today at V1 Gallery. Aside from the gallery installation, naturally, he and his team undertook the job of creating 5 gigantic murals on some of the remarkable vertical walls in this capital city of 2 million.

brooklyn-street-art-shepard-fairey-sandra-hoj-conpenhagen-6-webShepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Photographer Sandra Hoj was on hand to witness the installation of one of them and she tells BSA about this piece:

“This piece is the second of five, located on Osterbro. We have an old tradition for murals here, but we rarely see street art of this magnitude. On the second day word had gotten around, and people were camping out in front, following the progress. It was a time consuming piece pasting, tearing and tinting, not even six guys working non stop were able to finish it in just one day. When I returned the next day, it was all done and the sun made it appear almost on fire, crazy beautiful” ~ Sandra Hoj


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj) “More transition, use more clear. You can always make it darker, but you can’t make it lighter”  – SF


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj) “You can bring it down a little… perfect! SF


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Shepard Fairey. Copenhagen (photo © Sandra Hoj)

>>> < > <> <<<< >> > >< <

To see images of Shepard’s other murals in Copenhagen visit Sandra Hoj’s site here

To read more about Shepard’s show at the V1 Gallery click here

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Fun Friday 08.05.11


Check out the Flaming Cacti in Astor Place (NYC)

A bunch of light posts around the periphery of Astor Place have been tied with eye popping colors as part of a project by Animus Art. “Cable ties (or “zip ties”) are linked together in order to go around the circumference of the lampposts.  This done thousands of times creates a brightly colored lamppost with thousands of little “hairs” (the ends of the cable ties), just like a cactus.”

This is a quick cell phone photo shot during this mornings wandering rush.


“Mind Control” at Peep Show Tonight (LA)

The Site Unscene curates “Mind Control” at the Peep Show Gallery with a hypnotizing theme! Featured Street Artists are Eddie Colla, Bughouse, Destroy All Design, Insurgency Inc, and DDS

brooklyn-street-art-mind-control-the-site-unsceneFor more information on this show please click on the link below:

VHILS New Wall in Venice, CA (VIDEO)

Carlos Gonzalez shot this great video of Street Artist Vhils as he removed parts of a building to reveal the portrait inside. The Portuguese urban naturalist was in town in conjunction with the “European Bailout Show”, a print show at the Post No Bills showspace, across the street from the BSA/ThinkSpace show at CAVE next Friday “Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories“.

Carlos Gonzalez also shot photos of the show for Arrested Motion here>>>>

LUSH Hangs with the GAYS in San Francisco Tonight

That other Australian Bad Boy LUSH “Sells His Soul” at the Fifty24SF Gallery


For more information about this show and for NSFW juicy, literally, images click on the link below:

Shepard Fairey Posts “Your Ad Here” at V1 Gallery (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Street Artist Shepard Fairey has been in Copenhagen all week putting up gigantic murals while hanging his new  show “Your Ad Here” at the V1 Gallery.

Stay tuned for more action images of Mr. Fairey and crew going big on this wall with photos from Sandra Hoj tomorrow on BSA.


Shepard Fairey installing a big mural in Copenhagen photo © Sandra Hoj.

For more information about this show click on  the link below:

“Electric Projected” in Beacon, New York Saturday Night

Dan and Kalene run the gallery Open Space in Beacon, NY. They also love to bring the art outside in the summer and for the past few years they have been inviting many artists to come and paint on the abandoned buildings in this former industrial town along the Hudson River a little north of NYC. This year they are showing films and projections on the buildings and they invite you to come and watch and dance to live music from some local talents. Sounds like a great way enjoy natural and artistic beauty.

brooklyn-street-art-open-spFor more information about this event click on the link below:

Septerhead “Subversive Holiday” at Hold Up Saturday (LA)

“Subversive Holiday” features a closer examination of three of Septerhed’s most recognizable characters (The GEO-HEDs, Toxins and Wolves), explaining the existence and nuances of each style as a specific mode of design.


For more information about this show click on the link below:

DJ MAYONNAISE NEW VIDEO ART – Interviews at Miss Bugs Show at Brooklynite – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or QUEASY STOMACHS

DJ Mayonnaise explores the existential question of the goodness of VIDEO.  Insect Alert! Tooth Pulling Alert! Fun Alert!



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V1 Gallery Copenhagen Presents: Shepard Fairey “Your AD Here” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Your AD Here

Shepard Fairey (photo © Jaime Rojo)





RECEPTION: FRIDAY AUGUST 5. 2011. TIME: 17.00-22.00


“Your Ad Here”, recent works by Shepard Fairey, comprises a broad array of mixed media works on canvas and paper, as well as screen prints, retired stencils, and Rubylith cuts. Building upon Fairey’s history of questioning the control of public space and public discourse, much of the art in “Your Ad Here” examines advertising and salesmanship as tools of propaganda and influence. One series in “Your Ad Here” portrays politicians like Reagan and Nixon as insincere salesmen wielding simple slogans that represent their true agendas when stripped of verbose demagoguery. Another series of works are paintings of Fairey’s Obey “Icon Face” in various urban settings usually reserved for advertising as the primary visual. These works showcase the power of images in the public space, and encourage the viewer to think of public space as more than a one-way dialogue with advertising, but as a venue for creative response. “Your Ad Here” means exactly that‚ ¨¶ not just THEIR ad here, but you can put YOUR ad here. Additionally, these cityscape paintings contextualize Fairey’s street art as an element integrated in an intentional composition. Some of the works in “Your Ad Here”, such as a group of retired spray-paint stencils demonstrate the simple and direct methods of art application that Fairey has used both in the street, and in his studio practice. All of the works in “Your Ad Here” whether they relate to advertising, politics, or music culture, celebrate art as a powerful tool of direct engagement and empowerment.

V1 Gallery

Flæsketorvet 69 – 71

1711 Copenhagen V


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Street Artist Don John’s Experience in Tokyo

As we listen to, watch, and read the cautiously optimistic developments at the nuclear power plant in Japan and consider the ever-growing estimates of the number of people lost during the last week and a half, we send our condolences and support and reflect on our fragility and survival. In ancient times populations fell victim to natural disasters as we do today. While we are better prepared in many ways, that preparation is tempered now as we watch our outstanding technological advances turn into our nightmare, compounding the severity of damage rendered by the natural world. As leaders in Japan talk about using this crisis to learn, we reflect on nuclear facilities, deep water oil rigs, and technologically lethal implications of our own creation.

(Please see 5 ways to help at the end of this posting)


Tokyo at Night (photo © Don John)

Street Artist Don John lives in Copenhagen but happened to be on vacation in Tokyo when the calamitous earthquake and ensuing tsunami struck the coast of Japan. Nearing the end of holiday there with his girlfriend, some of his recent wheat pasted portraits had just appeared on streets in the Shibuya area of Tokyo.

brooklyn-street-art-don-john-tokyo-03-11-4-web Don John (photo © Don John)

The imagery for these pieces, developed far before the earthquake, in some ways mirror the shocked and saddened visages of the citizenry. Nonetheless, Don John reports that most people in Tokyo took the unfolding events in stride and reached out to one another and strangers to assist in a time of uncertainty and need. See some of his observations further down the page.


Don John (photo © Don John)


Don John (photo © Don John)


Don John (photo © Don John)

“We were amazed about how friendly and helpful Japanese people are, even in a situation like this. All trains stopped in Tokyo after the earthquake and we had 5 kilometers to walk back to our hotel. This super friendly guy offered to walk with us all the way to make sure that we found it. Having been around the people that are affected by this disaster makes it even more terrible to follow the developments in the news.” ~ Don John


Don John (photo © Don John)


Don John (photo © Don John)

From Sarah Milner Barry at New York University News, here are 5 ways you can help our brothers and sisters in Japan:

Text REDCROSS to 90999 or JAPAN to 80888

Each text to REDCROSS will provide $10 for the Red Cross, and each JAPAN text will send $10 to the Salvation Army. If texting JAPAN, make sure you respond YES when you receive a “thank you” message. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Visit the Google crisis response site

The site provides an aggregate of different websites accepting online donations, including the International Medical Corps, UNICEF and the Japanese Red Cross Society. The website is also continuously updated to provide the latest information about the crisis.

Donate via iTunes

Apple has created a simple donation page on the iTunes homepage where you can send money to the Red Cross in just a few clicks.

Spread awareness on Twitter

Here are some key hashtags to remember:
#Jishin: focuses on general earthquake information
#Anpi: confirms the safety of individuals or places
#Hinan: lists evacuation information
#311care: provides medical information for the victims
#PrayforJapan: shows general support and best wishes for victims of the crisis

Attend NYU’s vigil for Japan on Tuesday, March 22 at 7 p.m. at Gould Plaza, on 4th Street between Greene Street and Washington Square East.

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Images of the Week 02.20.11


Our weekly interview with the street; this week featuring Aarhus, Clown Soldier, Don John, El Sol 25, Gaia, Michael DeFeo, CB23, Tats Cru, and Voina.


CB23. Recession Era Cartoons. Photo © Jaime Rojo


If you love something, set it free. Gaia (photo © Jaime Rojo)


El Sol 25 (photo © Jaime Rojo)


El Sol 25 (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Berlin, Germany (photo © Er1cBI41r)


Berlin, Germany (photo © Er1cBI41r)


Don John Stencil in Aarahus, Denmark (photo © Don John)


Clown Soldier (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Photo © Jaime Rojo


Michael DeFeo (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Blue Swan (photo © Jaime Rojo)


Tats Cru (photo © Jaime Rojo)

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Black Pop Gallery Presents: Martin Whatson “What Have I Done?” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Dead Warhol
Martin Whatson is a young Norwegian based stencil artist. Originally studying Art and Graphic design he discovered stencils and the urban art scene, which has led into an interest in decay, both on buildings and of people and to find beauty in what is commonly dismissed as ugly. Creating something pretty out of what most people don’t even notice in daily life. This interest has helped develop his style, motives and composition.

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