JB Snyder Does His Stained Glass in the Desert

Phoenix muralist JB Snyder is known locally for his color-rich abstract grids on sides or facades, as well as canvasses, often compared to stained glass. So it was a holy moment when he stopped by to see Jetsonorama with a few cans of aerosol to participate in his “Painted Desert” project.

JB Snyder (photo © Emily Caldwell)

“JB was stoked to learn about the project and asked to come up to leave some love on the rez,” says Jetsonorama. He liked it so much he’s planning to do two more. Coming up this fall will be New Yorker Chris Stain stopping by to do some work as the project winds down. In the next week or two, there may be another big name BSA readers are familiar with. Guess who? We’ll be the first to let you know if it happens, damn straight!

Special thanks to photographer Emily Caldwell for these shots of JB Snyder at work.

JB Snyder (photo © Emily Caldwell)

JB Snyder (photo © Emily Caldwell)

JB Snyder (photo © Emily Caldwell)

JB Snyder (photo © Emily Caldwell)

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Jetsonorama & Yote Start “The Painted Desert Project” In The Navajo

The Painted Desert, Part II with Gaia, Labrona, OverUnder, Doodles, Jetsonorama



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Black Book Gallery Presents: Fairey / Hecox / Houser A Group Exhibition (Denver, CO)

Black Book Gallery


Anchoring this year’s exhibition schedule, Black Book Gallery in Denver will be welcoming powerhouses, Shepard Fairey, Even Hecox and Jim Houser together in a group show during the month of August. Denver is a common place to meet for the three artists, who all have held significant exhibitions in 2012. Houser’s artwork appeared at LeBasse Projects in Culver City back in April, Hecox was at Joshua Liner Gallery in June and was also featured in Juxtapoz last month and Fairey showed work at Pace Prints in the spring.

One of Shepard’s most noteworthy visits to Denver was for Manifest Hope during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Fairey, of course, is known for his repetitious images. Two of his most prominent images include, “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” and Obama “Hope” he created during the 2008 election, which became a national icon of an era. The Manifest Hope art show marked a turning point in Denver art appreciation, which continues to expand today.

Siting Marshall McLuhan, a well-known media and communications theorist, Fairey uses the slogan, “the medium is the message,” which can be found throughout his work. Fascinated by philosophy in general, Fairey also draws influence from the notion of consciously structuring the subjective experience, known as phenomenology. In this way, Fairey’s work can be seen as a study of using media and artwork to create personal realities.

Hecox, who is based in Denver, records the detail of his surroundings in snapshots and moments in time. These frozen frames depict layers of the urban environments that Hecox is so curious to know. Cities radiate their own unique energy, when even a walk down the street can present a feast for the senses. By precisely and diligently placing the details of day-to-day urban life, Hecox recreates the beauty of simply existing in this space. Working from his own photographs of cities around the world, Hecox maps these scenes in a multimedia fashion. Gouache and acrylics, pencil drawings and ink washes are consistent medium choices for the artist. Having shown internationally, Hecox’s work resonates across a wide audience base, perhaps because of their diversity in nature.

This will be Houser’s second show at Black Book Gallery. Houser brings his familiar lines, colors and mix of props. Emphasizing the arrangement of his mixed media work, including installation, to create a unique exhibit each time, Houser tells stories and stacks hidden meaning throughout. Each individual piece Houser creates is carefully made and can stand alone, but it is the sum of these parts that make up Houser’s larger statement.

The opening for the Black Book Gallery exhibit, titled, “Fairey | Hecox | Houser,” is August 3rd. This will be a great way to begin the descent into the fall gallery season. If you’re in the area, be sure to swing through for a glimpse at the combined efforts of these three prime artists who have not only grown up along with, but also have significantly contributed to the contemporary canon of street-influenced art today.

Friday, August 3rd 6pm-11pm
Artists will be in attendance
Open and free to the public

555 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204

Shepard Fairey and Evan Hecox will be installing murals on the Metropolitan State College of Denver CVA (Center for Visual Arts) We will have more information soon.

On Friday, August 3rd there will be an invite only panel discussion with all 3 artists at the Metropolitan State College of Denver CVA (Center for Visual Arts) – More information coming soon.

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Eelus “Curious” A Solo Exhibition (Denver, CO)



Eelus “Curious”

Curious – A new exhibit by Eelus.
Eelus lives in a very different world to most people; a world that is crawling with hidden magic and strange creatures. There are dinosaurs and strange beasts within the center of the Earth, Bigfoot is alive and well within the forests of many lands and the skies are full of beings from other worlds. There are gnomes in the mountains, secret bunkers in the desert, and always, ALWAYS monsters under the bed.

From within this world Eelus has carved a name for himself over the last ten years as one of the UK’s top graphic artists. He’s painted and exhibited around the world alongside some of the best contemporary and urban masters such as Banksy, D*Face, Eine, Tim Biskup and Shepard Fairey as well as having a number of highly successful solo shows in the U.K and U.S.

The curiosity cabinets of the 16th century onward were the starting point for Eelus’s inspiration for ‘Curious’. Within these strange collections you would find fantastic specimens from the natural world, fascinating studies on the human body, paintings and pictures from around the globe and even objects of great mystery and wonder that can’t be explained by science at all. For the first time in his artistic career, Eelus has moved away from his trademark medium of stencils to create a brand new body of work made entirely from hand cut paper, all of which fall within the categories usually found inside the cabinets of wonder.

Through ‘Curious’, Eelus is introducing us to the start of not only a new medium for him, but a new visual style. The fun he’s had making the work is obvious, he just hopes you enjoy it as much as he does.

Join us on June 1st starting at 6pm for the unveiling of Curious .

Free and open to the public
Artist will be in attendance

June marks our 2nd Anniversary!

Black Book Gallery | 555 Santa Fe Drive | Denver, CO 80204

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Rene Gagnon “Between Here And All Knowing” (Denver, CO)

Rene Gagnon

Friday, May 4th 2012

Rene Gagnon “Between Here and All Knowing”

Rene Gagnon will be holding his second solo art exhibit “Between Here and All Knowing” at Black Book Gallery during the month of May 2012. Rene brings a fresh body of work that moves into greater abstraction than his previous exhibit “Urban Flowers”. Many of the same techniques were used to create the new pieces but the concept behind “Between Here and All Knowing” is much more personal:

“Many artists draw inspiration from their dreams. When I speak to someone who can’t recall their dreams, I feel sorry that they never experienced the sense of flying, or feeling your body dissipate into pixels while traveling through a worm hole, or sitting on the moon with a good friend and hearing the dull roar of the earth spinning.

It is said that when we die we enter into a state of ‘All Knowing’. In many of my dreams I have experienced what I can only refer to as this ‘All Knowing’ state of being. I’ve experienced being encompassed by energy in the form of written words, equations, particles whizzing and bouncing about, and form, shape, and color that I have no words to describe.

This body of work represents the transition from the compartmentalized nature of our ‘real’ world and the collision of knowledge, beauty and chaos that define my ‘All Knowing’ state of being.

Rene Gagnon
Between Here and All Knowing
Opening Reception:
This Friday, May 4th from 6pm – 1130pm
Artist will be in attendance

Black Book Gallery | 555 Santa Fe Drive | Denver, CO 80204

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Guerrilla Garden “Blacklisted” (Denver, CO)

Guerrilla Garden


This November Black Book Gallery will host an exhibition featuring a handful of Denver artists who all congregate in an influential and very active collaborative space, Guerilla Garden.

Jolt is the mastermind behind Guerilla Garden and his newest project can be found at 10th and Osage, a 5,000 square-foot architecturally integrated fine art mural. Quentin Rice stands with the elite in the graffiti art world and has recently taken his mad painting skills to the canvas. JJ Rivera is a modern day renaissance man with a background in design and fabrication and works with a variety of clientele, including the Children’s Museum. Diego Rodriguez is a talented young print maker with a background in drawing and is currently pursuing his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design. Barth Quenzer is a fine art painter and teaches Visual Art in Denver Public Schools and Art Education at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. All of these artists have very unique styles and creative methods that blend to form a cohesive yet eclectic visual experience. Be sure to stop by Black Book Gallery on First Friday, November 4th for a night of great art.

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Skewville “Anti-Social Networking” (Denver, CO)


The work of twin artist duo and collective, Skewville from Queens, NY will be appearing at Black Book Gallery during the month of October. Skewville is at once a place and a term to denote a specific style of street art, originating from the pair and their early beginnings occupying a building given the same name.

Anti-Social Networking will be a commentary on social networking and how street art and art in general is not about who you know or who knows you, but who knows your work. The exhibit will be arranged so the artwork is connected to represent social networking. Part of the exhibit will also feature a very large and gritty piece from BAST.

Skewville in attendance
Free and open to the public

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Jetsonorama Re: Coal and The Navajo Nation; “It’s Complicated”

Street Artist Jetsonorama has a new campaign in Flagstaff, Arizona and on the Navajo Nation reservation using his photographic wheat pastes to highlight the relationship of coal to health, economy, and people. As a health care professional, he sees the impact of burning coal vividly, and with a fresh faced model named JC, he makes the simple and powerful connection to the cloud of history that is fossil fuel metaphorically hanging over our heads.

brooklyn-street-art-jetsonorama-350-org-jc at-home-web

Jetsonorama “JC at Home” (photo © Jetsonorama)

Beginning September 24th, an organization called will launch an international campaign to raise awareness on carbon emissions and climate change and Jetsonorama joined with a number of other artists to illustrate the relationship we have with fossil fuels.


Jetsonorama explains, “My model for this project was JC.  I got together with her mom (Josey) and dad (Jameson) and JC this evening to photograph her by the installation of the image near her home.”  (photo © Jetsonorama)

Here is how Jetsonorama describes the project;

“If the Navajo Nation and coal were to declare their relationship status on Facebook, they’d chose the ‘it’s complicated’ option.  I live and work on the Navajo Nation where coal is mined and burned. That’s why I chose to work with this imagery and to use coal as a metaphor for a black cloud over the head of future generations.

I informally interviewed 16 Navajo co-workers and asked them to share with me the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘coal.’  Everyone identified respiratory problems associated with burning coal in the home.

The Navajo Nation is home to 170,000 people who live in an area that is 27,500 square miles in size, or approximately the size of Ireland.  Despite having land that is rich in coal, natural gas, uranium, water and timber, the Nation has an unemployment rate of 40% and over half of the Navajo population lives below the USA defined poverty line.  A small segment of the population is able to provide a middle class lifestyle for their families by working in mining operations.  The cost to the families who burn coal in their homes and to the environment is great, as indicated in my interviews. Interestingly, only 1 of those 16 identified CO2 emissions associated with coal burning as being a contributing factor to climate change.

Again, it’s a complicated relationship and hopefully the campaign will heighten awareness of coal’s dark side and strengthen support for more environmentally friendly alternatives such as solar power and wind turbines. We have plenty of sun and wind in Arizona after all.”

brooklyn-street-art-jetsonorama-350-org-jc- at-home-with-josey-deaf dog-web

Jetsonorama. JC with Josey and their deaf dog (photo © Jetsonorama)


Jetsonorama talks about this piece on a coal train abutment, “This installation is on an abutment that the coal train uses to transfer coal from the mine some 70 miles away to the coal burning plant in Page, Arizona.  I’d wanted to include an image of the coal train going over the abutment but missed the timing.  Of note, when the first images of the earth were beamed back from space in the 60s, the coal burning power plant on the Navajo Nation near Farmington, NM was one of the few man made things clearly identifiable by the large amount of pollution being emitted from it.  This is the Four Corners power plant which is on the Navajo Nation.” (photo © Jetsonorama)


Jetsonorama and Birch Tattoo. Here is a Flagstaff collaboration with Rey Cantil who included text by U2 around the lump of coal. (photo © Jetsonorama)

brooklyn-street-art-jetsonorama-350-org-jc- at-red-lake-web

Jetsonorama poses JC at Red Lake with the moon. (photo © Jetsonorama)

brooklyn-street-art-jetsonorama-350-org-jc- at-cow-springs-web

Jetsonorama uses repetition on the reservation with JC at Cow Springs. (photo © Jetsonorama)


Jetsonorama. JC at Flagstaff. (photo © Jetsonorama)


Jetsonorama. JC at Flagstaff. (photo © Jetsonorama)

brooklyn-street-art-jetsonorama-350-org-jc- at-gray-mountain-web

Jetsonorama says, “I had an opportunity to share with a young Navajo graphic design student the Brazilian lettering style Pichacao which he used on the 4th tank. This was done by Ryan Allison.” (photo © Jetsonorama)

<<>><><><<<<>>>>><><><><><<> will launch an international campaign on 09.24.11 to raise awareness on carbon emissions and climate change. To learn more about this project and become involved please visit the organization site:

To learn more about Jetsonorama click on the link below:

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Unseen Denver Presents: An Art Fundrasier for Arts Street ( Denver, CO)

Unseen Denver

brooklyn-street-art-bunny-m-jaime-rojo-03-11-webBunny M (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Friday, October 7th 2011
Uncubed Warehouse
2762 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205

This fundraiser event will be happening in Denver, CO on Friday October 7th.   There will be individual large scale mural installations by 3 different artists in a beautiful 6,000sq ft warehouse space in Denver’s River North Art District (inside the building Street Artist Square will be painting a mural live and Street Artist Theo will be doing a large stencil. Bunny M is currently working on an extremely large poster to install live that night on an outdoor wall measuring 48’x14′).  They are all contributing this effort to do something that is new here (a poster this size has never been put up in this town in my lifetime) and to provide funds gathered this evening to a local children’s charity that encourages at risk youth to experiment with art.

Money raised from sale of donated sketches that evening will benefit this charity:
Info about the artist Theo:
Info about the artist Square:
Info about bunny M:
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Black Book Gallery Presents: ASVP “Down to Earth” (Denver, CO)


Opening reception September 2nd @ 7pm – Open to the public
Artists in attendance

Denver, CO (August 24, 2011) – ASVP is a New York based artistic team of two that began working together over 8 years ago and has more than 20 years of combined creative experience. The team has created paintings, murals and poster art that has been displayed in major cities across the world including London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Zürich, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Varanasi India as well as New York City.

“The clean look and feel of the work comes from our commercial training in graphic design and advertising, but for us, many of the actual images are reflective of “a break-out” from a certain type of creative jail that we both found ourselves in. We felt like we were in the Creative Matrix—and we finally figured out how to unplug.”

ASVP’s work collages eastern and western images from multiple influences including; retro advertising, pop and comic book culture, mixed with bold typographic elements. The team uses dramatic multi-layered compositions with bright tones of pop-inspired color.

“The more aggressive imagery in the show comes from a defensive, almost resentful place, and more strongly shows the idea of us “breaking free” from our past to create things that are more honest. Other images in the show exhibit more restraint. When viewed together, the diversity of the work shows an honest depiction of our voice as a work in progress.”

ASVP’s first solo exhibit comes on the heels of two recent group shows including “Bushwick Open Studios” and most recently, “Can’t Hear the Revolution” at Kunsthalle Galapagos.

“Down to Earth” is comprised of nearly 40 silk screened pieces on paper and canvas with hand and spray painted elements in many of the works. Exhibit opens at Black Book Gallery on September 2nd and runs through September 30th.


General Info:


Black Book Gallery is located on the West side of Santa Fe Dr. Santa Fe is a North bound one-way street. Meter free parking is available on both sides of street.

Gallery Address:
555 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, Colorado 80204


Tuesday – Saturday*
2pm – 6pm

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Phil Lumbang and Ernesto Yerena: “Dead Relatives” (Denver, CO)

Dead Relatives
brooklyn-street-art-Phil-Lumbang- Ernesto-Yerena-DEAD-RELATIVES-balck-book-gallery

Dead Relatives

Second Saturday at Black Book Gallery in July will entail a visit by two artists from Southern California, Phil Lumbang and Ernesto Yerena Montejano.

Animals are our relatives. Dead Relatives is a special look at death, as a satire. Usually a taboo subject in many cultures, Mexican traditions revere death. Death is celebrated, it is humorous. The Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) patterns embodied by the endearing silhouettes of chosen animals set a cunning tone to the show. The styles of Ernesto Yerena and Philip Lumbang contrast and compliment. Whether the animal is mythological or culturally relevant, each animal carries a message that the artists would like for the audience to ponder. The dynamics of the artists collaboration result in striking imagery with two different styles working in perfect balance.

555 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204

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Black Book Gallery Presents: The London Police & Handiedan “Amsterydynasty” (Denver, CO)


Black Book Gallery presents
The London Police & Handiedan

Opening reception May 14th at 7pm – Open to the public
Artists in attendance

May 14, 2011 through May 31, 2011

Denver, CO (April 20, 2011) – Black Book Gallery is at it again for the month of May, delivering some of the most accomplished and established international street artists in the world to Denver. It’s pretty incredible, actually, to think of the shows Black Book Gallery has already produced this year… and 2011 isn’t even half over. We’re talking repeatedly on beat with the likes of gallery exhibitions found in major art hubs: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and the UK. Only these shows require no major travel at all. Pay attention Denver, contemporary and urban art-loving fans; history is happening NOW and it’s all for you, so tuck away any excuses not to attend Black Book Gallery this month, mark your calendars for May 14th and treat yourself to a seriously special collaboration with The London Police and Handiedan! Artists will be in attendance.

Chaz and Bob Gibson make up The London Police, a widely-known and well-respected duo from England who combine styles on every piece they produce, often mixing in a tall portion of antics and mock-seriousness along the way. In fact, their work is largely created from the dynamics of their friendship, which is a result of two small-town artists who continue to share an insatiable desire to work big and leave their mark. Since the beginning, which was back in 1998, Chaz and Gibson have clicked not only with each other, but with the international, contemporary and urban art world. Unknowingly and out of pure satisfaction to create and collaborate, the two began by traveling into London from their nearby homes tapping into the big city energy and laying down what at the time was not so common large ink drawings on the street surfaces of London and later, Amsterdam. In a well-timed series of events, Chaz and Gibson soon found themselves propelled into a lifestyle of global travel, art-making and art-showing, where The London Police emerged as major icons in the street and graffiti art movement over the past decade, their influence still potent to this day.

On their upcoming Denver show, Chaz says, “In the collaboration work between Bob and myself we have tried as ever to mix images and impressions of Denver and USA with the world of the LADS (TLP characters). As always its a pure pleasure to be exhibiting our work in another great American city. Denver has always been in my heart ever since Heather Locklear joined the cast of Dynasty and I asked my mum and dad if I could have a lock on my bedroom door.” Bob responds with this, “I was more into ‘Dex Dexter’ in Dynasty to be honest. A dark, manly, well-dressed smooth operator who taught me the value of strong business etiquette and oily seduction.”

The name of the show is called “Amsterdynasty.” Chaz explains by saying, “Working life for an Amsterdam artist is a potent mix of love, obsession, sweat and tears. An everyday soap opera in the windmill-strewn, wooden-shoe-wearing canals and alleyways of Holland’s capital, not too dissimilar from the popular Denver-based soap extravaganza that was ‘Dynasty’.”

In addition, The London Police are working with Handiedan on an all black and white show. This is a departure from Handiedan’s normal work that is usually full of color. Although, she reports excitement that the black and white challenge is taking her back to her roots in photography.

Handiedan’s feminine and sensual content will be an interesting, uniquely bizarre, counterbalance to The LADS characters. The boudoir aesthetic Handiedan chooses, also mixing in bits from classic tattoo culture and fantastical collage, arouses a certain tenderness that accompanies the subject matter. Handiedan pays big respect to women and sexual expression in general by using pin-up shapes, reframing the notion of a modern goddess. Not only are the female forms attractive to view, Handiedan’s collage work is a highly enjoyable experience in-and-of-itself. It is delicate and ornate, incorporating vintage details and tactile pieces of history. Handiedan is from the Netherlands and sites cultural periods, especially in Europe, as a major influence in her work.

Truly, do whatever you need to do not to miss this show; it will be a mash-up of high creativity and well-developed style from far off and exotic places!

Amsterdynasty will feature original artwork and prints:

Handiedan Giclee Print – Details coming soon
The London Police Screen Print – Featuring the image above – Details coming soon
Handiedan X The London Police “Dog Days” Collaboration Screen Print – Information HERE

Handiedan Originals
The London Police Originals
Handiedan X The London Police Collaboration Originals
If you would like to receive an online preview of available artwork please use the contact page to notify us.

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Galo, 2501 and Ottograph “666 Dollar Show” (Denver, Colorado)

666 Dollar Show
Opening Reception March 4th at 7pm
Artists will be in attendance
Open to the public

The March exhibition at Black Book Gallery is going to be a powerhouse display of three well-established, international street artists: OTTOGRAPH, GALO and 2501, all accomplished in their craft and all bringing their big style and influence to Denver.

Big style is not just a metaphor. Ottograph, Galo and 2501 all work large. 2501, for example, reads spacious surfaces like animate objects and then gives them the dignity of character they deserve with paint. Born in Milan as Jacopo Ceccarelli, the name 2501 marks a deliberate style shift and focus on blending wall painting, paint on canvas, sculpture and video. Circulating between Milan, Sao Paulo and Berlin, 2501’s work is best recognized in massive, highly detailed mural paintings. They are pretty amazing and give new meaning to the term, ‘urban renewal.’

Ottograph, also a large-scale muralist, has been slinging paint since the age of ten. Starting out in Amsterdam, where he is from, and then moving on to become an internationally sought after artist, Ottograph has established himself squarely in the middle of the global street and graffiti art movement. Simultaneously though, Ottograph has bridged the fine art gap with his work, an advantage that comes with age and time dedicated to painting. The Modern Art Museum of Antwerpen (Belgium) is home to a giant Ottograph mural. Ottograph’s contribution to street art extends beyond his own work, as he is also a community leader, having organized several cooperative painting commissions and operating the website “I Paint Everyday” to encourage the tedious, yet necessary practice of serious painting.

Hailing from the same underground culture in Amsterdam, street artist Galo, will be the third of the group showing at Black Book Gallery in March. Originally from Italy, Galo moved to Amsterdam in 1998 to start his career and fell into opportunity after opportunity to paint. This is where Galo developed the bulk of his artistic abilities and a network that would take him on a world-class tour of painting, spanning ten years and four continents. Galo now resides in Italy and has recently opened the first official street gallery in Turin, The Galo Art Gallery (Ottograph was commissioned to deck the interior out). Galo’s signature characters are recognizable by their bulbous eyes, long jaws and open-teeth smiles, most of the time intertwined into a tessallation-like graphic, spanning whatever surface it is that catches Galo’s attention. In part, he is known for his willingness to tag anything in sight.


General Info:


Black Book Gallery is located on the West side of Santa Fe Dr. Santa Fe is a North bound one-way street. Meter free parking is available on both sides of street.

Gallery Address:
555 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, Colorado 80204


Tuesday – Friday
2pm – 6pm

12pm – 6pm

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