Paris: A Mid-Summer Mural Art Dispatch

A quick look at three new murals from Paris today as the summer of ’13 has been one full of mural art around the northern hemisphere it would appear. Today we check the very active Street Art scene in Paris, which occasionally boasts large-scale murals as well.


Alexis Diaz. Detail. Belleville, Paris. (photo © Sandra Hoj)

Illustrator Alexis Diaz, or La Pandilla, has been travelling around Europe this summer (London, Turin) and we look at his most recent fantasy in Belleville to start us off. You may see similarities to Phlegm and even Gaia here in his work as he combines human limbs and animals to create heretofore non-existent hybrids and hand rendered illusion.

The scale here is also pretty impressive as Tunisia’s eL Seed carries his calligraffiti to ever larger installations since knocking out that minaret in Gabes last year and the series of underpass walls on Salwa Road in Doha. Finally we get a peek at Paris-based artist Pole Ka as she offers a new piece in her series of anatomies on the street.
Our special thanks to Sandra Hoj for sharing her images with BSA readers.


Alexis Diaz. Belleville, Paris. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


eL Seed painted this huge mural on a building set for demolition. View from the Metro near “Quai de la Gare” Station. Paris. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


eL Seed. Street View. Paris. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


Pole Ka. Detail. Paris. (photo © Sandra Hoj)


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