Icy & Sot: “Giving Plant” Gives Plants to Refugees

Springtime makes you do spontaneous acts of nature – like running to the local plant store or corner deli to buy a plant for your mom, or your grandma, or that colorful guy who runs the laundromat on the corner.

There is something very gratifying in the act of giving a living thing to another person that makes you feel grounded to the earth, connected to the family of humanity.

For the next five days Street Art brothers Icy & Sot are giving us all an opportunity to give plants to people who live in refugee camps, while they wait for a better future.

Icy & Sot “Giving Plant” (photo courtesy of Icy & Sot)

With the goal of improving quality of life and fortifying the dignity of the refugee population in Greece, Icy & Sot will be in Lesvos in person next month to hand out plants to the people there together with the foundation Movement On The Ground .

For the next five days, until April 22nd at midnight (EST) you can help by purchasing their new print, “Giving Plant”.

“The Idea is to give hope and joy to the people in the refugee camps while they are waiting for a better future,” says Sot.

Girl with flowers at the Olive Grove. (photo courtesy of Icy & Sot)

“Basically with buying a print you are buying plants for the refugees,” explains Icy.

Please Click on the link below to purchase the print:


Please forward this link to friends and family as well – It’s an excellent way to give and show support in a place where nature will be welcomed.

Family at the Olive Grove. (photo courtesy of Icy & Sot)

From Movement On The Ground Website: Movement On The Ground, is a group of independent business people responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women, and children forced from their homes by climate change, poverty, and war. Movement On The Ground sets a new blueprint for humanitarian help worldwide.

The organization aims to maintain a fixed presence on the island of Lesvos. They work as much as possible with the local community in the attempt to connect locals with refugees. Their projects are all based on the goal of improving dignity for the refugee population.