November 2012

Fun Friday 11.30.12


It’s Friday yo! Tomorrow starts December but the tree is already up at Rockefeller Center and the city is flushed with wide-eyed tourists bumping into each other and we are busy touring graffiti covered abandoned buildings smashed with paint balls. It’s all good.  Here’s some ideas for dope stuff to check out this weekend.

1. “Out of Chaos” Paul Insect (NYC)
2. “Organized Chaos” CYRCLE (LA)
3. The RAMMELLZEE Galaxseum (NYC)
4. VINZ “Batalla” (Chelsea)
5. DALeast “Powder of Light”
6. ROA by Makhulu (VIDEO)
7. “Dominant Species” by ROA (VIDEO)
8. IBUg Festival of Urban Art and Culture (VIDEO)
9. “Eyez Open” with Peat Wollaeger (VIDEO)

Paul Insect “Out of Chaos” (NYC)

London based Paul Insect has his “Out of Chaos” solo show at Opera Gallery in Manhattan.

Paul Insect. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

While Paul Insect is advancing the idea of  a world out of chaos …

CYRCLE is all about “Organized Chaos” (LA)

Street art collective CYRCLE opens their solo show tonight in Los Angeles, CA.

“Order and Chaos is a huge cornerstone concept we work with, and it’s one of our favorite examples of duality in life. It’s also a huge part of the way we work together.”

CYRCLE (photo © theonepointeight)

For further information regarding this show click here.

To read our piece on a CYRCLE studio visit click here.

The RAMMELLZEE Galaxseum (NYC)

The Childrens Museum of the Arts is a good place to go to see the innerworkings of the visionary graffiti writer who turned his imagination into a galaxy. This kind of art-making gives inspiration to adults and  kids because he fashioned toys and warships and costumes from everyday objects that were not expensive, and his output of mythic Gothic Futurism gods, heros, villains and storylines over three decades lays bare your excuse for not being creative.

It’s about the same price as a movie but the comprehensive collection of the artists work and the self-esteem mission of the museum is priceless. The Rammellzee Galaxseum is a great place to visit for an afternoon with the kids in your tribe and explore free expression – inside where it’s warm and your imagination can fly.

VINZ “Batalla” (Chelsea)

The VINZ solo show “Batalla” opens Saturday night at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Manhattan. This Spanish Street Artist plays with the realities of humans, using his own photographs of nude models and animals to construct hybrids by playfully merging their bodies with striking results.

VINZ (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

DALeast “Powder of Light”

Chinese Street Artist DALeast is also at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery tomorrow with his own solo show titled “Powder of Light”.

DALeast (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

ROA by Makhulu (VIDEO)

“Dominant Species” by ROA (VIDEO)

From Art in The Streets – MOCAtv

IBUg Festival of Urban Art and Culture (VIDEO)

From 2012 in Glauchau, Germany.

“Eyez Open” with Peat Wollaeger (VIDEO)

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David and Goliath : Fintan Switzer Paints Arab Spring

As Arab Spring enters a new chapter this week with Egypt’s Islamist president making decrees granting him near-absolute powers, it looks like this piece by Fintan Switzer is perfectly timely.  This is where the artist and the activist intersect, on a wall and in the street, and it has for centuries; a place to seek redress, to plead your case, speak your mind, demonstrate your power in the most public way. This piece from this summer will likely retain its relevance until it fades from the sun and the rain and snow.


Fintan Switzer “Waltz with the Philistine”. Killarney, Ireland. (photo © Fintan Switzer)

This realistic and lyrical depiction on a metal door in Killarney, Ireland is called “Waltz with the Philistine”, an old testament story symbolizing fear and bravery and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. For Fitzer, it’s an age-old analogy that is repeating in the streets everywhere today. “David and Goliath is a story which I think runs parallel with the Arab Spring.  Similar to David, the people of these heavily oppressed countries somehow manage to overthrow giant tyrants (with varying results) using mostly primitive weapons in comparison to the arsenal used against them,” says the artist.

Fintan Switzer “Waltz with the Philistine”. Killarney, Ireland. (photo © Fintan Switzer)

Fintan Switzer “Waltz with the Philistine”. Killarney, Ireland. (photo © Fintan Switzer)



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Montana Gallery Presents: C215 “Orgullecida” (Barcelona, Spain)


C215 (Francia)

Inauguración Miércoles 12 de Diciembre del 2012.
Exposición del 13 de Diciembre al 02 de Febrero del 2013.

“Trato de interactuar con lo que me rodea, motivo por el cual intervengo la calle aportando elementos y personajes que tienen una estrecha relación con las calles. Me gusta enseñar ciertos aspectos y personas que la sociedad trata de mantener ocultas, como la gente sin techo, los fumadores, los granujas buscavidas, o la peña del barrio en los parques, por ejemplo.”

Christian Guémy, también conocido como C215, es un artista callejero parisino cuyo trabajo gira entorno al stencil graffiti. Nació en 1973, empezó a pintar en 2005 y se podría decir que, a día de hoy, es uno de los stencil artists más productivos dentro de la escena del street art .

Cada una de sus plantillas, con las que te has podido cruzar en las calles de ciudades tan diversas como Nueva Delhi, Londres, Estambul, Roma, Barcelona o Paris, tienen un significado especial por el sitio en el que han sido realizadas. Un singular estilo que nos ofrece impactantes retratos de gente corriente, representados con un aire digno y orgulloso, cargados de expresividad y que inciden por este motivo en el particular hecho de que se trata de individuos a los que la sociedad ha dado la espalda.

Montana Gallery presenta ahora la primera exposición en solitario de C215 en la ciudad de Barcelona, y en la que nos muestra una serie de instalaciones con objetos reciclados y pintados, en un intento de explorar el amor a través de la feminidad.

Montana Gallery

Carrer Comerç, 6
08003 Barcelona
T/F: (+34) 932 680 191

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Munch Gallery and Just Seeds Present: ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’ A Group Exhibition (Manhattan, NYC)

Just Seeds

Justseeds Sowing the Seeds of Love
Opening Reception: Friday December 7th, 7-9 pm
Exhibition runs December 7-23, 2012
 ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’ by collective group, Justseeds, is the newest exhibition in conjunction with Munch Gallery. Each artist has created a unique piece specifically for the gallery, and all original work will be accompanied by limited edition work. The exhibition will also include a site-specific collaborative mural. We are excited to present the first Justseeds group exhibition in New York City.
Artists include:
Jesus Barraza, Kevin Caplicki, Melanie Cervantes, Santiago Doesntsitstill, Alec Dunn, Molly J Fair, Thea Gahr, Nicolas Lampert, Josh MacPhee, Fernando Marti, Colin Matthes, Dylan Miner, Roger Peet, Jesse Purcell, Pete Railand, Favianna Rodriguez, Shaun Slifer, Chris Stain, Meredith Stern, Mary Tremonte, Bec Young.
Justseeds is a union of 24 artists, who bring together their individualistic opinions to collectively establish a certain perspective on their worldly views. Justseeds continues to collaborate with artists and other collectives from around the world, and the artwork is a forward attempt in discovering the issues and compliances of the human spirit in this world.
Founded in 1998, and originally the graphics distribution project of Josh MacPhee, Justseeds made the transformation into a worker-owned cooperative in 2007 – the original network being largely in place through past collaborations and friendships. In May 2010, Justseeds moved their distribution center from Portland to a new and larger base in Pittsburgh. Justseeds is a conglomerate of creative minds, whose artwork offers viewpoints on different social, environmental and political stances.
Munch Gallery
245 Broome Street (between Orchard and Ludlow Streets)
New York, NY 10002
Wednesday through saturday 12-7 pm
Sunday 1-6 pm
And by appointment
Subway: F or M to Delancey/Essex Street or D to Grand Street
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Fundación María Forcada Presents: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerarda “Memoria Profunda” (Tudela de Navarra, Spain)

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerarda

On Friday, November 30th at 7:30 p.m, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada will present his exhibition “Memoria Profunda” at the Fundación María Forcada in Tudela de Navarra, Spain. Rodríguez-Gerada gives importance to weathered and worn urban wall surfaces and rescued building material for the intangible memory that they possess and the passage of time that they portray. He will be exhibiting his most recent work from the Urban Analogy Series (charcoal drawings created on transfered wall surfaces that are over 250 years old) and his Memorylithic series (sculptures created using rescued architectural materials up to 500 years old). There will also be numerous Giclee prints of his Identity Series murals and his Terrestrial Series projects.


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The Couch Sessions Presents: “Nuance” A Hotel Room Designed by Icy and Sot. (Brooklyn, NYC)

Icy & Sot

NUANCE…The Nu Hotel’s Launch of “The Couch Sessions Room” 
Designed by Iranian Streetartists Icy & Sot 

The Couch Sessions and the Nu Hotel present NUANCE, a creative series of ongoing hotel room installations highlighting the country’s most sought out artists and designers. NUANCE transforms four hotel room walls into blank canvases, allowing a hand selected series of artists the ability to create breathtaking mural designs. Each room project will also be matched with a custom music playlist curated by The Couch Sessions.

Iranian street-art brothers and stencil artists ICY AND SOT kick off the series with an exclusive event on December 7th, 2012 from 6 – 10PM. The event, sponsored by vodka brand Nuvo, will allow the media and the general public access to view the hotel room and meet with the artists.

Hailing from the city of Tabriz in North West Iran, brothers ICY AND SOT continue on their creative crusade to traverse pre-conceived perceptions of traditional Iranian art’s brevity through their highly intricate yet striking stencil artworks. Despite Iran’s cultural flourishing since the 2009 uprisings in Tehran, the challenges faced by creative free expression in the country are a constant struggle for its artists and society today. It is an oppressive force that provokes the Iranian art scene to fluctuate between an inhibited elegance and raw underground energy. This ambiguity is reflected in the vulnerable yet hopeful deep-set imagery of ICY AND SOT’s street art.

Date: Friday, December 7

Venue: Nu Hotel

Address: 85 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Opening: 6:00 – 10:00pm

Free Entry

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Jonathan LeVine Gallery Presents: VINZ “Batalla” Solo Exhibition. (Manhattan, NYC)


Solo Exhibition

December 1—29, 2012
Book Release: Friday, November 30, 7—9pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 1, 7—9pm

Jonathan LeVine Gallery in association with Sara & Marc Schiller of Wooster Collective are pleased to present Batalla, a series of new works by Valencia-based artist Vinz, in what will be his debut solo exhibition in the United States. In conjunction with the exhibition, Vinz Feel Free, a new book published by Wooster Collectivewill be released at the gallery on Friday, November 30 from 7—9pm, followed by an opening reception on Saturday, December 1 from 7—9pm.

Batalla features a series of mixed media collage works, paintings and sculptures. The central theme is a rebellion against governmental, corporate or religious impositions placed upon society to establish social order at the expense of personal freedom.

Vinz uses a multi-step process to create his unique imagery. He first photographs nude models, either isolated or orchestrated in small groups. He then paints animal heads onto large-scale prints of the human figures, creating hybrid subjects with a system of symbols attached to various species—birds signify freedom and fish represent consumerism while frogs and lizards convey authority.

In 2011, the artist began applying this series of work—the Feel Free project—to the walls of his native Valencia and other European cities using wheatpaste. Taking a more delicate approach to his studio work, Vinz collages paper ephemera into a background texture, as a base to print the figures onto, before painting details in enamel or gouache.

“Tapping into the question ‘What is Freedom?’ with arresting images in mixed media, Vinz is one of the most important emerging artists from Europe today.” — Sara & Marc Schiller of Wooster Collective 

ABOUT THE ARTIST Vinz was born in 1979 in Valencia, Spain, where he is currently based. He received a BFA in 2003 from Universidad Politécnica in Valencia. In January of 2012, his work was included in Hybrid Thinking, a group exhibition curated by Sara & Marc Schiller of Wooster Collective at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Vinz was recently invited by esteemed fashion photographer Mario Testino to collaborate on two images which were published as spreads in the December 2012 issue of VOGUE Spain, for which he was guest curator.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is located at 529 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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Jonathan LeVine Gallery Presents: Daleast “Powder of Light” Solo Exhibition. (Manhattan, NY)


Powder of Light
Solo Exhibition

December 1—29, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 1, 7—9pm

Jonathan LeVine Gallery in association with Sara & Marc Schiller of Wooster Collective are pleased to present Powder of Light, a series of new works on canvas by Chinese-born, South Africa-based artist DALeast, in what will be his first solo exhibition in the United States.

Works in Powder of Lightcombine acrylic, ink and spray paint on a background texture of tea-stained canvas. DALeast paints animal figures in his signature style using a swirling vortex of organic black lines with white highlights. He creates a ribbon-like effect to form sinuous creatures that vibrate with kinetic energy. Horses, eagles, camels and rams leap off the picture plane, their shadows trailing behind them. Some appear to unravel while others merge together or attack one other. The artist draws inspiration from dichotomies such as the material and spiritual world, human emotion and animal nature.The existential concept behind the show title Powder of Light relates to both science and spirituality. Powder refers to the way every particle of physical matter in the universe is connected and related on a sub-atomic, molecular level. Light refers to the energy from which everything is created and the life force of all living beings. The constant movement and development of matter into infinite forms of life ensures unique perception and identity as individuals within the greater shared collective experience.

“Combining the sensibilities of two diverse cultures, DALeast represents the future of contemporary art: a mixture of brutality and grace: harsh lines of spray paint creating beautiful beasts in motion.” — Sara & Marc Schiller of Wooster Collective

ABOUT THE ARTIST DALeast was born in 1984 in China and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began making art in public spaces in 2004. His murals can be found in cities around the world. In January of 2012, DALeast’s work was included in Hybrid Thinking, a group exhibition curated by Sara & Marc Schiller of Wooster Collective at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

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Ambush Gallery Present; “Rinse & Repeat” A Group Exhibition. (Sydney, Australia)

Rinse & Repeat

For centuries, art has marched alongside history, and history alongside art. Each movement, from the painstakingly detailed oils of the Renaissance to the tongue-in-cheek boldness of 1960s Pop Art, has marked and been marked by the great heights and most regrettable lows of its cultural and temporal context.
Having bubbled below the surface, in tunnels, on train lines and under the ominous cloak of midnight hours, the persistent and controversial street art and graffiti subculture has burst into the foreground of popular attention and established itself, however unexpectedly, as the defining art movement of our time.
Characterised by conflict, enigma and the burgeoning curiosity of growing audiences, it is undeniable that this movement belongs in the same echelon as other controversial, yet ultimately significant and culturally reflective art movements of centuries past.
Rinse and Repeat seeks to articulate this sentiment by showcasing the work of twelve Australian established and emerging street and graffiti artists as they find inspiration in history’s master works and reinterpret them from the perspective of today’s most prevalent and exciting art form.
Comprising the work of Adnate (AWOL Crew), Bridge Stehli, Cam Wall, Carl Steffan, Deams (AWOL Crew), Fintan Magee, Guido van Helten, Phibs, Shannon Crees,  Slicer (AWOL Crew) , Team and Teazer, Rinse and Repeat articulates the evolution of a movement that, in its irrepressibility, has rendered it the defining art form of contemporary culture.
Proudly supported by aMBUSH, ABSOLUT, The Apple Thief, Doss Blockos and premium paint brand Molotow, Rinse and Repeat launches at aMBUSH Gallery on Thursday 6 December from 6-10pm. The exhibition continues until Sunday 9 December 12-14pm.
What: Rinse & Repeat
Where: aMBUSH Gallery, 4a James Street, Waterloo (Sydney)
When: Thursday 6 December
Time: 6pm-10pm
Cost: Free Public Event
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Stolen Space Gallery Presents: “Deck The Walls” A Group Exhibition (London, UK)

Stolen Space Gallery

This Winter, StolenSpace presents ‘Deck The Walls’, a Christmas Group Show celebrating the art of the Greetings Card. The show will be unveiled for the first time on Thursday 6th December, and will open with an exclusive evening of festive folly. Featuring brand-new originals from the likes of D*Face, David Bray, Will Barras, Word to Mother, and many, many more, this is a must-see showcase from some of the most exciting artists on the scene.

‘Deck The Walls’ is a celebration of the Greetings Card in all its splendour. From the time they arrived in London in 1843, Greetings Cards have been an overlooked artform, and have changed drastically in nature. The early Egyptians used papyrus scrolls; we use Moonpig and horrific family photos.

The show’s original pieces will include reworked vintage designs, religious and holy depictions, and newly imagined traditional scenes. Using a range of different media, our artists share their unique Christmas vision with canvas, wood, paper, and collage.

StolenSpace Gallery invites you to join them in Greeting the Season with festive beverages and snacks provided by The Bread Street Kitchen. Warm your hands, sample some festive treats, and feast your eyes on a delicious collection of Christmas artworks.

The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London. E1 6QL
T:020 7247 2684 Open Tuesday to Sunday 11.00am – 7.00pm

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Peek Inside Organized Chaos of CYRCLE

Peek Inside Organized Chaos of CYRCLE

Beauty is something wonderful and strange that the artist fashions out of the chaos of the world in the torment of his soul. – William Somerset Maugham.

Street Art collective CYRCLE couldn’t agree more, and they invite you to take chaos as a hands-on personal challenge.

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

Organizing multiple mediums to convey a sense of coherence is an additional talent for the creative and the porous among us in this time of social, political, science and information tidal waves. While largely conceptual in process, the physical manifestation of CYRCLE’s work in these last few years is evidence of how pulling techniques and mediums together can create a sense of order, while divining a greater message.

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

Even their own existence as a collective has been recently rocked – Following a handful of years as a three-member collective, CYRCLE is now a duo; Rabī and Davey. After their third member, Devin, departed a couple of months ago in what is described as an entirely amicable way, this internal earthquake may be the immediate one that the two remaining members are addressing at the moment. As they buzz around the studio in preparation for their new show, Rabī is reassuring, “Order and Chaos is a huge cornerstone concept we work with, and it’s one of our favorite examples of duality in life. It’s also a huge part of the way we work together.”

Emblematic of the omnivorian approach that many of today’s new crop of Street Artists are taking to mixed media in public spaces, CYRCLE isn’t being too precious, limiting the show to one medium or plane. Looking at the pieces and installation plans as they come together, one can see that the guys are creating interactive, participatory experiences for visitors. For those who routinely put work on the streets, the concept of an ongoing conversation between viewer and artwork is a given. Coupled with the discomfort of mounting your work inside a typical gallery show environment, CYRCLE wants to keep this conversation alive.

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

Rabī says that collaboration is one way he and other artists find clarity in the chaos that can arise during the creative process. Describing the process of coming up with new work with Davey, he says the end product is something larger than the sum of its participants, “We have different points of view on everything from design to relationships… to food.  Once we reach a point where the aesthetic marries the concept, the execution reveals a work that neither of us would have been able to create without the other.  We rejoice, then Davey tells me to grow up, and I tell him to grow down,” he laughs, “which is just one example of our differing approaches to life.”

Using the metaphor of the beehive and the flower and the resulting nectar for “Organized Chaos”, their Los Angeles show that opens this week, CYRCLE clearly relies on interconnectivity. Additionally, the image of a puzzle reappears in many of the works and we see that the implied solution to chaos may be more orderly than you originally imagined.

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

“Puzzles generally have one correct solution,” Rabī intones, “the CUBIX pieces in our show are both completed and unresolved all of the time depending on how the viewer feels. You can rearrange the pieces into millions of different solutions. There are images that come together as a whole, but the main idea is that the look of the piece is constantly changing, in the same way that life is constantly evolving. The mystery is in the process of putting it together.”

Ultimately for CYRCLE, the process may be paramount in the creative act and chaos is merely a challenge. “Once the puzzle is completed,” says Rabī, “all you want is another puzzle.”

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)

CYRCLE “Organized Chaos” (photo © theonepointeight)


Special thanks to photographer and BSA Collaborator Carlos Gonzalez for sharing these images in exclusive to BSA. To see more of Carlos’ work click on the link below:



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Specter Under a Bridge in Chicago

Street Artist Specter stuffed himself with Turkey and hit up a wall under a bridge in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago last week to help Pawn Works with their ongoing project. You would think these guys would take a break for the holiday, but at least the weather was cold and bleak and depressing, so that was a plus. Truth is, Specter is an imaginative twister of perception; a thinking artist who likes to experiment with pre-definitions of art and messaging, so it can be rewarding to spend a day watching him work.



Specter. Pilsen, Chicago. November 2012 (photo © Pawn Works Gallery)

“The weather during a Chicago winter is not ideal outdoor working weather,” reports Seth, but says they were thrilled to work with Specter on the Thanksgiving Day holiday anyway. “Layered up, with gloves gripping brushes and scarf over his face Specter was hard at work this past weekend as people buzzed by and even a little snow began to come down lightly,” he says of the new piece done in conjunction with Art in Public Places.

And we send a shout out to Alderman Danny Solis, who is the main force behind the project, helping many of the artists procure space to create their work.

Specter. Pilsen, Chicago. November 2012 (photo © Pawn Works Gallery)

Specter. Pilsen, Chicago. November 2012 (photo © Pawn Works Gallery)

Specter. Pilsen, Chicago. November 2012 (photo © Pawn Works Gallery)


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