New Pieces from Ludo in Zurich for His First Solo Show

French Street Artist LUDO is back in Paris and fresh from his first solo show at the Starkat Gallery in Zurich, which was very well attended and as they say, well receeeeeeived.

brooklyn-street-art-ludo-Roman-starkart-5-webLUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)

The Zurichian streets received LUDO too. Roman from Starkat took these photos on the streets of this “spic-and- span” wealthiest city of Europe and shares a few with you here.  LUDO’s ongoing wild imaginary mutant plants look as futuristic and menacing as ever, and in a pristine mall-like environment like this Swiss centerpiece, you have to wonder how how far some of these contraptions can be from reality. There’s some chocolate for thought.


Nature’s Revenge is the name of the series LUDO has been working on for a couple of years; a commentary on a lust for high-tech weaponry and man’s unending ability to foul the earth. Looking at all those directional signs is apparently a sort of bureaucratic revenge from the Department of Transportation. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


Thematically disturbing and humorous, Ludo’s work is usually finished with a few splashes of minty green, like a toxic sorbet. LUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


LUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


LUDO. Zurich (photo © Roman @ Starkat Gallery)


LUDO in the gallery produced a mummified mini-car. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)


LUDO. Zurich. Starkat Gallery (photo © LUDO)