Brooklyn Street Art

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Djalouz “Peace in the World” in Paris

Graffiti artist Djalouz’s wildstyle 3-D shards look like multi-tentacled sea monsters climbing up walls, wrapping around telephone booths, creeping down stairwells and spreading across floors. By themselves, these interlocking forms can be biomorphic and menacing. Coupled with expressive paint-splattered hands releasing a Dove of Peace the effect is quite something else entirely. Djalouz for Art […]

Spring Has Sprung : BonBon, UNO, and OX on the Street

It has been two days since the Sun was directly over the Equator and she is heading north to bring the Global North a lot of flowers and blossoms in the earliest spring since 1896. Today we have newly budded interventions from three cities in this warming hemisphere that may make you think of Spring […]

Skio and Théo Lopez at Square Henri-Karcher in Paris for Art Azoï

Paris, like many cosmopolitan cities around the world is mostly a pedestrian city – with about 60% of journeys are by foot rather than by car. With this in mind the city’s urban planners have been focusing on making the streets much friendlier to pedestrians by creating shared spaces, making the sidewalks free of clutter […]

Tilt Smashes With Multi-Hued Tags: “Magic & Destroy”

“When does an ultra-tagged trash can, which some consider simply vandalized, assume the status of a work of art?” asks Stephanie Pioda, the art historian and journalist in the introduction of this 3 year old collection of TILT, “Magic and Destroy”. Tilt Magic & Destroy Wallworks. Paris 2013 Indeed the artists posed a variant of […]

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