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BSA Images Of The Week: 11.15.15

We start this weeks “Images of the Week” with a new piece on the street in Paris and we end the collection with many more inspired by the same events. A large number of artists took to the streets Friday night and yesterday to express grief and solidarity for 129 people killed Friday in Paris […]

The Genius of C215 In One Storied Tome : La monographie

A rich and storied collection from one of the streets most loved modern stencillists is C215: La monographie. C215. La Monographie. Éditions Albin Michel. Paris 2015 (photo © Jaime Rojo) On the street and in the studio this guy has pretty much mastered the art of stencils over the last decade in a way that […]

She’s the Bomb: Ella & Pitr Launch “La Femme Canon” on Airstrip South of Paris

Ella & Pitr have sent a human cannonball across a massive runway in the south of Paris and we bring you exclusive new aerial photos today as you shoot into your week. “La Femme Canon” is a bit of wordplay that can mean a gorgeous woman and a person who has been shot from a […]

JACE Plays Enormous Game of Donkey Kong in Paris 13

JACE has been creating his small figure called Gouzou on walls on streets and roadsides since in 1992 and has a serious set of fans that love to see them in various situations. With the opportunity to go large in Paris he gave his cartoon-like figure a stage to run on multiple stories – one […]

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