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Images of Week 02.28.10


For the most part winter can be a bit barren of street art in New York. But these days the street art explosion continues no matter what the weather! Despite the crushing snow and black ice, BSA’s Images of Week keeps finding new stuff. This week’s crop includes a new-for-us REVS and a bunch of El Sol 25 with HAND PAINTED surrealist paper collages. Enjoy! Our Weekly Interview with the streets, this week featuring: REVS, El Sol 25,Luchador, RWK, Robots Will Kill, Faile, Deeker, Keely, Celso, Blip, Jaime Rojo, Christian LaCroix, Anne Bancroft, Tony Blair

Old Footage of Basquiat in a Drawer = New Film “The Radiant Child”

Just released on the 21st, a new film and interview with Jean-Michel Basquiat at the age of 25 – by his close friend Tamra Davis. Salted Peanuts anybody? Dizzy Gillespie ,”Salt Peanuts” on TV in 1947 Dizzy Gillespie ,”Salt Peanuts” great quality audio

Fun Friday 02.26.10

SNOW DAY!!! No School In New York City Today! YAY!!! We got hit by a big snow storm, which means everybody gets to stay home and play Guitar Hero! Or, you can make a SICK art project in the kitchen with MILK, FOOD COLORING, and DISH SOAP You’ll never guess what happens when you mix [...]

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