Brooklyn Street Art

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C215 Invites You to His Junk Store

What’s that noise over by the vinyl albums of Jackson 5 and Petula Clarke? Did you hear something? Who’s rummaging around by the board games… next to the one-eyed mannequin wearing the fox-collared poncho…. Oops! There he is, it’s C215 ! When you get to the Brooklyn Block Party at Ad Hoc Gallery this week, […]

Brother Can You Spare a Wheat-Paste Virtuoso?

Or Two? Okay, sorry to gush. Armsrock pounced into ThinkSpace a few days ago and immediately started flowing with the free hand and the human condition, deftly rendering an apprehended chap in handcuffs. Doing it from Memory (Armsrock) (photo ThinkSpace) After a dust-bowl migration in his old jalopy across the obamanation, Elbow-Toe has arrived with […]