Joereal Takes Painting to the Roof top and Beyond (Video)

Joereal in Los Angeles likes to paint up on his roof and think about yoga and the spiritual life. He sends this brief video for you to contemplate many such things as you travel through this Saturday.


Joerael. Rooftop piece in Los Angeles, CA. February 2014. (photo © Joerael)


“This ia a southwest inspired Earth spirit,” he tells us. ” The spirit is holding a burning sage , and in the place of smoke a rainbow is emerging. It is said when we burn sage, cedar, sweetgrass etcetra, it gives shape and color to our prayers and intentions. This is an Earth prayer made with vapors and raw energy under an intriguing Los Angeles sky.”

We’ve got the bundle of sagebrush smoking already and it is turning the whole building into once clerestory of peace.  Happy Saturday everybody.