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Aryz in Copenhagen at Galore Urban Art Festival

Galore Urban Art Festival bills itself as “a gathering point for Copenhagen’s underground where artists can meet, exhibit and share art. We facilitate the raw, the unestablished and the alternative and take the role as an alternative to conventional art exhibitions”.  Street Artist Aryz has just completed this striking piece on the exposed brick side of a huge building here and we’re pleased that photographer Henrik Haven has joined us as a BSA collaborator to share some exclusive photos.

Can’t really tell what is happening in the scene though. Any ideas? Is she choking him, or comforting him?

The Galore festival took place this August from 16th to the 18th and please stay tuned for more images from the rest of the participating artists including: Above, Dems, Gary, GR170, KCIS, POS, Semor, Sobek, Sofles, The Nom Nom Collective, Sozy, Storm, Vizie and Zoer.

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

This is a great shot from inside the building next to Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Aryz  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Click here to learn more about Galore


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JB Rock Creates a Quiet Storm in Arcidosso, Italy.

Italian Street Artist JB Rock created a giant wave last week on a 32 feet high by 65 feet tall wall in the small and quiet Tuscan town of Arcidosso, Italy. Participating in Alterazioni 2012, the town’s Art and Music festival, the artist used 15 different stencils of clenched fists and other hand gestures, repeating them more than 200 times to create his “Quiet Storm”. He says that part of his inspiration comes from the Japanese printmaking aesthetic, and this one in particular is in the style of the 19th Ccentury Master-Printer Hokusai.

JB Rock (photo © Alessandro Baldoni)

JB Rock (photo © Alice Ghinolfi)


The Great Wave off Kanagawa“, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849)


Learn more about JB Rock HERE.



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“Marvelous Color” Show and Royce Bannon’s Interview

Comics and comic books have had a great influence on the artistic development of many graffiti and street artists and right now there is a cool show going on in Manhattan that explores some of the dopest.


Known for his devious and comical monsters in his own work, New York street artist Royce Bannon explores the monstrous paucity of African American Superheroes in comics in a new interview with a curator in Source Mag.

from the inteview by Royce Bannon;

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, curator of the Marvelous Color show, talks about the process of bringing the African-American super hero to the masses in NYC.

When did the idea to exhibit Marvels Black super heroes happen?

Somos Arte had the privilege of producing the first solo art show for Marvel’s Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada ( After the success of his exhibit, we took some time to develop our next show. We wanted to do a new show that gave us the opportunity to highlight the many amazing renditions of these six African/African-American superheroes that are so culturally impactful to audiences regardless of race. They are multidimensional characters who have been developed and portrayed over 40 years. Marvelous Color allowed us curate an exhibition that displayed how different artists rendered and interpreted these characters over the decades. See more images and read more at THE SOURCE

The show, runs through February 26 at African Diaspora Institute on 58th Street called The Marvelous Color, featuring 27 artists, among whom are The Black Panther, Storm, Luke Cage, The Falcon, Blade and War Machine.

You can check out info on the Marvelous Color show at For  info on Somosarte please go to

Pencils/Inks: Eric Battle Digital Paints (Classic): Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez Digital Paints (Modern): José A. Gutiérrez Rivera  TM & © 2009, Marvel Characters, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Pencils/Inks: Eric Battle Digital Paints (Classic): Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez Digital Paints (Modern): José A. Gutiérrez Rivera TM & © 2009, Marvel Characters, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Marvelous Color
At the Gallery of the
Caribbean Cultural Center
African Diaspora Institute
408 West 58th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
Closing: February 26, 2010

Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm
Suggested Donation: $5

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