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Unit44 Presents: Nosego “The Marvelous Clash” (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

With this year already taking shape we’re extremely proud to announce our first solo show here at the Unit44 Gallery space. With this year largely revolving around projects we couldn’t resist this chap and his extremely endearing characters. Presenting NOSEGO all the way from Philadelphia for his first UK solo show.

Friday 10th May

Yis “Nosego” Goodwin
NoseGo is a Philadelphia-based artist with a passion for illustration and media arts. He mixes fine art with a contemporary style to deliver highly energetic work. His designs feature an assemblage of patterns, vibrant colors and characters derived from his imagination and his surrounding environment.

Unit44 Presents ‘The Marvelous Clash’ by NOSEGO

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The Outsiders Gallery Presents: TrustoCorp “International Bank of TrustoCorp” (Newcastle, UK)


Artists: TrustoCorp
Location: The Outsiders – Newcastle
Dates: Friday 5th of October 2012 to Saturday 10th of November 2012

21st century iconoclasts Trustocorp make their debut outside of the USA at The Outsiders Newcastle gallery this autumn. International Bank of Trustocorp is a landmark interactive show will appeal to anyone interested in contemporary art and future politics.

A paradigm shift in protest art, Trustocorp use a visual language more commonly associated with mainstream media and big business to pursue an insurrectionary agenda. The collective has placed fake products in supermarkets, installed ersatz magazine covers on newsstands and placed subversive street signs across America.

Trustocorp eschew the hackneyed politics of the established left in favour of ‘post post-modern’ politics that preach self-reliance, self-worth. Their maniefesto especially rejects our fearful, material and hedonistic contemporary society perpetuated by a nanny state and alarmist media.

For ‘International Bank of Trustocorp’ the accomplished apostates will employ their high production values to transform the gallery into a counterfeit counting house that examines the power of currency.

“We’re exploring the power of money in our lives on a local and international level,” a Trustocorp spokesperson explains. “From the high power gambling of Wall Street to the broken dreams of ‘Main Street USA,’ money is simultaneously the root of all evil and the solution to all problems. This show is our take on the global effect of greed and the need for money.”

PRIVATE VIEW DETAILS – Thursday 4th October from 6pm ‘til 9pm at The Outsiders Newcastle.

‘The International Bank Of TrustoCorp’ will be open to the public from 5th October – 10th November 2012, Tuesday to Saturday 12 – 6pm, admission is, as always, free.

The Outsiders Newcastle, 77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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The Outsiders Presents: Borf “Walls Are Two Sided” (Newcastle, UK)


The Outsiders Newcastle invite you to join us on the evening of Thursday 23rd August at the opening party for ‘Walls Are Two-Sided‘, the new solo exhibition by young American artist BORF. The event takes place from 6 ’til 9pm in the gallery at 77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne.

The most critically lauded young talent in urban art, BORF (AKA John Tsombikos) returns to The Outsiders Newcastle gallery. An exhibition exploring conflict, serenity and contradiction, Walls are Two-Sided features ten large canvases. All feature the artist’s charm, sensitivity and humour underlaid with yearning idealism and quiet but passionate anger. Five of the paintings are detailed close-ups of derelict houses in the artist’s resident town of Detroit, and a further five feature “old school” graffiti overlaid with colour fields in the style of late abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko.

“Rothko talked about wrestling with opposing and competing elements to eventually discover an equilibrium, what he called a pocket of silence” says BORF. “For this show I was fighting through layers of ambivalence and opposites: graffiti as youth expression and Rothko as adult expression; the art market and property rights; education and improvisation, youth and adulthood.”

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The Outsiders Gallery Presents: Morley “I Don’t Make Sense Without You” (Newcastle, UK)


Artists: Morley
Location: The Outsiders – Newcastle
Dates: Friday 13th of July 2012 to Saturday 18th of August 2012

This July The Outsiders Newcastle will host the first ever solo exhibition by distinctive Los Angeles street artist Morley, ‘I Don’t Make Sense Without You’.

Morley’s touching, inspirational and sometimes romantic slogan art has cheered up LA’s notoriously jaded population for almost two years now. His first major gallery exhibition will feature canvases, mixed media and sculptural works inspired by his most popular slogans, three-dimensional pieces in the form of elaborate ‘keepsake boxes’ made from found materials, and affordable, low-edition prints.

A “dreamer” originally from the quiet US state of Iowa, Morley began vandalising while at college in New York. “It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I got my first taste of street art,” he says. “While I was familiar with traditional graffiti, deep down I think I felt like a middle class white kid from the Iowa wouldn’t be able to muster the street cred needed to appreciate it. Street art seemed a bit more inclusive, had fewer established rules and aimed its messages at a more mainstream audience. Finding myself surrounded daily by a sea of anonymous strangers, each seeming to carry their own unique burden, left me with a desire to communicate some sort of message of hope. I started silk screening what I would later identify as ‘slogans’ onto Contact paper and sticking them around subway stations.

“Moving to Los Angeles made my mission a little more personal. Like most college graduates, I found myself confronted by the harsh reality that perhaps the future I had planned for myself wouldn’t stick to the blueprints.

“Los Angeles has an interesting populace. Dreamers, waiting patiently for their big break mingle with struggling immigrants, directionless children of privilege, and those too burnt out to remember why they moved out here in the first place. For me, the difference between LA and New York was that now I was truly one of them, not just observing from behind the protective shield of higher education.

“I also began including drawings of me because I wanted my audience to know who it was that was writing to them. Rather than a disembodied voice, I wanted them to see the words as coming from a kindred spirit and a comrade in arms. It took a while for me to convince myself that my words might have value as street art. Later I discovered that it was precisely what I was insecure about that set me apart from other artists. At first, black and white words on a page seemed too simple to be of any real value to anyone. What I had forgotten was that from a car driving 30 miles-an-hour down a city street, it’s difficult to retain much else.”

Post-postmodernism for the people, Morley’s work is touching, empowering and very refreshing. ‘I Don’t Make Sense Without You’ is the feel good show of the Summer.

The event takes place from 6 ’til 9pm in the gallery at 77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, and the artist will be in attendance.

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Fun Friday 06.22.12

1. Happy GLBT Pride Weekend New York
2. Remi Rough at Unit 44 Gallery (UK)
3. Moody at Pandemic (BKLYN)
4. VHILS at Galerie Magda Danysz (Paris)
5. BLADE Cuts Through Zurich
6. Shepard Fairey OBEY in Paris by Zeller (VIDEO)
7. Wall Writers by R. Rock Enterprises (VIDEO)
8. Taggin One Liner by GoodandShiddy (VIDEO)

Happy GLBT Pride Weekend New York

Celebrating the first anniversary of legalized marriage equality in the State of New York AND the 6 months since the repeal of the US military’s ban on GLBT officers serving openly, this weekends’ parties, celebrations will be punctuated by a march attended by 1.7 million people in the street. Keith Haring would have been proud.

A work by Street Artist Keith Haring this spring at the Brooklyn Museum courtesy the Keith Haring Foundation (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Remi Rough at Unit 44 Gallery (UK)

Remi Rough has had a big year exploring on the street and with commercial projects they say, but they may just be trying to manipulate you. Check him out for yourself tonight at Unit 44Gallery in Newcastle.

Remi Rough at the Moniker Art Fair in London 2011. (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Moody at Pandemic (BKLYN)

Winner of Best Title for a Show Award, which we have right here on an engraved brass panel glued to a handsome wood block! Moody has been a New York graffiti artist under another name for many years, and as a street artist as Moody for more than a decade. Saturday Pandemic mounts “America Runs on Graff”, and you’ll get to see what his newest gig is.

Moody (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

VHILS at Galerie Magda Danysz (Paris)

Portuguese Street Artist VHILS has a a new solo show opening on Saturday at the Galerie Magda Danysz in Paris, France. Go see for yourself why this artist has quickly become one of the most followed and admired Street Artists. His portraits hold their own, revealing themselves as he selectively destroys parts of the wall he’s on.

Vhils for Open Walls Baltimore 2012 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

BLADE Cuts Through Zurich

The ArTicks Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland brings New York City Graffiti royalty BLADE for his solo exhibition aptly tiled “Blade: The KIng of Graffiti” opening on Saturday. The artist will be present so bring your black book you might get lucky to score a tag.

BLADE at MoCA, Los Angeles in 2011 for the exhibition “Arts in the Streets” (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Shepard Fairey OBEY in Paris by Zeller (VIDEO)

Wall Writers by R. Rock Enterprises (VIDEO)

Taggin One Liner by GoodandShiddy (VIDEO)



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Unit 44 Gallery Presents: Remi Rough “How To Use Colour And Manipulate People” (Newcastle, UK)

Remi Rough

How To Use Colour And Manipulate People
New paintings and sculptures by Remi Rough

Almost a year after we first showed with London based Remi Rough we invite him back to unveil his only UK solo show of 2012 at Newcastle’s Unit 44. It’s been an incredibly busy twelve months for the London based artist and it’s been a pleasure to witness new objectives and ideas formulate for his upcoming show How to Use Colour and Manipulate People opening June 22. We also receive Remi on the back of possibly the most visually significant project in our nations capital transforming a Boutique, London hotel into a stunning canvas with four of his fellow Agents of Change.

There are few artists whose recent works could be described as “painting visual haikus” without the reader needing to roll their eyes, but Remi Rough is one of them. South London born and bred, Remi has been breaking boundaries for over 27 years. Transcending the traditional and somewhat idealised vision of a graffiti writer, he is passionate and unforgiving in his creative progression.

He moved from the streets to the galleries with his debut art show in 1989 and has since gone on to exhibit in London, Paris, Perth, Tokyo, Santander, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Berlin, Ibiza and more cities dotted around the globe. He also took part in New York’s Underbelly Project in 2010. As Arrested Motion wroteRemi is that rare breed of artist whose work you can equally enjoy in an outdoor setting and also in a gallery/home without it feeling awkward and out of context.

His work has also appeared in countless books and was featured in the award winning ‘Ghost Village Project’. Remi was invited to speak in front of a sell- out auditorium at the Tate Modern, as part of its Street Art exhibition in 2008 and in 2009 he published his first book “Lost Colours and Alibis.”

His most recent works are a big departure from his earlier paintings. The sculptural work is reminiscent of Serra, his lines and forced shapes brought to life as 3D objects in both wood and clay. ascending to a third dimension seems almost obvious with Remi’s work. Whilst Remi’s new paintings are more referential to his earlier work from 5 years ago but using bitumen and matt emulsions and still maintaining a tight narrative of tension which is constant in his work. These are abstract works, yet they are firmly rooted in reality. These new works made perfect sense to me… The idea of taking something into a third dimension is so obvious, yet so hard to achieve. The movements and lines within graffiti have blurred so much in the past decade I felt I needed to change the way I paint to adapt to change, I still feel that way everyday,” says Remi Rough.

The Private View will take place June 22 at 6:30pm at Unit 44 in Hoults Yard.

Hoults Yard, Unit 44, Walker Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 2HL.

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Unit 44 Presents: A Night With The London Police (Newcastle, UK)


Unit 44 Presents
A Night with The London Police
Canvas – Pens – Prints – Tequila – Easy Beers

Big Wall, Big Canvas and Print Release
Exclusively at Unit44 Location: Hoults Yard Newcastle
11th May, 2012

In the early weeks of 2012 three Newcastle boys headed out to Amsterdam in search of a very special collective hailing from the UK. After a brief meet in their vast studio we concluded the deal, and cemented the agreement in stone over easy beer & Tequila. Something that has long been on our agenda is now coming to fruition. We are proud to announce, as a gallery, & huge fans The London Police.

On the top of the schedule is a huge wall – getting quite a reputation for these of late. This will be followed by an ‘Evening With The London Police’ consisting of a very special original workings and print release here at Unit44. On the menu we’re thinking Margaritas, Brooklyn Lager, and Patron.

The London Police started in 1998 when big English geezers headed to Amsterdam to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world.
The motive was to combine traveling and making art to create an amazing way of life not seen since the days of King Solomon. From 2002 onward TLP started sending missionaries into all corners of the globe. Known for their iconic ‘LADS’ characters and precision marking TLP have recently celebrated 10 strong years in the art world and their work has graced streets and galleries in 35 countries during this time.

London policemen have come and gone but founding members are still known to walk the streets of every city in the world spreading love with pens and stickers.

The current duo have managed to form a partnership more cohesive than Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars and are continuing to produce slick artwork that is tighter than a butlers cuff.

Never be scared, don’t be a hero and let the good times roll.

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Fun Friday 02.24.12

1. QRST  “Dreaming Without Sleeping” (Bushwick, Brooklyn)
2. Anthony Lister at New Image Art (Los Angeles)
3. Invisible Cities with Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Swoon at Black Rat (London)
4. Royce Bannon Curates “While You Were Sleeping” (Brooklyn)
5. Whisper Gallery Group Show (London)
6. Show Teaser for Anthony Lister at New Image Art (VIDEO)
7. David Shillinglaw “People Get Drunk” (VIDEO)
8. Italian Street Artist TELLAS  in Sardinia. (VIDEO)

QRST  “Dreaming Without Sleeping” (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Street Artist QRST has his first solo show today at The Active Space. See our interview with him yesterday QRST Studio Visit and Interview .

QRST working on this mural under the watchful gaze of his two grandmothers. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Anthony Lister at New Image Art (Los Angeles)

Anthony Lister new solo show at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles opens today to the general public. Lister used live ballerina models for this new paintings.

Anthony Lister prepping for his show. (photo © Carlos Gonzalez)

For further information regarding this show click here

Invisible Cities with Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Swoon at Black Rat (London)

London’s Black Rat Projects Gallery first show of the year, “Invisible Cities” featuring secondary market works by Banksy and Shepard Fairey alongside works by Swoon. This diverse group of artists are eponymous with the current Street Art movement in their retrospective cities.  This show opens today to the general public.

Swoon on the streets of Brooklyn. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Also happening this weekend:

Royce Bannon Curates “While You Were Sleeping” A Group Show. Click here for more information about this show.

Whisper Gallery in London offers a Group Show for February. Click here for more information about this show.

“$prayed in Full” featuring INCH at the OneThirty3 Gallery in Newcastle, UK. Click here for more information about this show.

Show Teaser for Anthony Lister at New Image Art (VIDEO)

Carlos Gonzalez created this video for the show.

David Shillinglaw “People Get Drunk” (VIDEO)

Italian Street Artist TELLAS  in Sardinia. (VIDEO)

Tellas did this in collaboration with Roberto Ciredz.

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Unit 44 Presents: “New Arrival” by Philp Lumbang (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

Philip Lumbang

Friday February 03 Advance Preview. RSVP to

Unit 44’s latest exhibit New Arrival by Philip Lumbang opening 6 February 2012 to the general public. The illustrator and street artist will be presenting a brand new body of work at the Newcastle space for his first UK solo show. Incorporating his childhood fascination with cartoons, pop art and logo designs, Lumbang will showcase an array mediums including found objects, tiled pieces, haind painted characters and limited edition screenprints. Formerly infamous street artist Shepard Fairey’s assistant, Lumbang has forged a name for himself with his involvement in LA’s premiere collective The Hundreds creating work and streetwear that has become a cult favourite among fans.

Hoults Yard, Unit 44, Walker Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 2HL.

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OneThirty3 Presents: Gaia “Streets in the Sky” (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)


onethirty3 – Artists Installation Space will host six innovative and exciting installations a year. The invited artists will create site-specific art installations which will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience large scale examples of the best in underground art from around the world.

Brooklyn-street-art-gaia-onethirty3-Newcastle-upon-tyne-UKGAIA. Installation shot. (photo © courtesy of the artist)

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Onethirty3 Presents: TitiFreak One Night Only (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

onethirty3 \ \ \ \ \\

Artists Installation space
Thursday, 24th Feb. 2011
The Artist will be present /////// // // / Open to the public for one night only


THE PLACES WILL BE LIMITED – email us with your name to get on the list. –


6.30pm-9.30pm on Thursday, 24th Feb. 2011
Venue: Onethirty3, Unit 22, Hoults Yard, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

‘One thirty 3 – ‘Artists project space’ will host six innovative and exciting wall based painting installations a year.
The invited artists will create site-specific art installations which will provide a unique opportunity for visitors to experience large scale examples of the best in contemporary street & urban art from around the world.

2011 Roster: April/May: Sickboy/Word to Mother – June: Herakut – August: Retna – October: Gaia – December: Special Guest

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