Unit44 Presents: Nosego “The Marvelous Clash” (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

With this year already taking shape we’re extremely proud to announce our first solo show here at the Unit44 Gallery space. With this year largely revolving around projects we couldn’t resist this chap and his extremely endearing characters. Presenting NOSEGO all the way from Philadelphia for his first UK solo show.

Friday 10th May
RSVP to Danny@unit-44.com

Yis “Nosego” Goodwin
NoseGo is a Philadelphia-based artist with a passion for illustration and media arts. He mixes fine art with a contemporary style to deliver highly energetic work. His designs feature an assemblage of patterns, vibrant colors and characters derived from his imagination and his surrounding environment.

Unit44 Presents ‘The Marvelous Clash’ by NOSEGO