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Exposition Art Urbain – Colletion Nicolas Laguero Laserne (Paris, France)

Exposition Art Urbain
Vernissage le mercredi 4 septembre 2013 de 18h à 21h
Exposition du 4 au 15 septembre 2013.

La collection d’art urbain sera accueillie dans les 200m2 de la Mairie du 1er arrondissement de Paris.

Environ 50 œuvres seront présentées à cette occasion. Des grandes figures de l’art urbain telles que Barry Mc Gee, Banksy, Blu, Boris Hoppek, Dem 189, Dran, Faile, Invader, Jacques Villeglé, Jef Aerosol, Jonone, JR, Lek, Ludo, Rero, Roa, Shepard Fairey, Sowat, Speedy Graphito, Swoon…
Mais aussi des nouveaux talents de la scène urbaine tels que Roti ou Studio 21 bis…


Exposition Art Urbain – Collection Nicolas Laugero Lasserre

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“Wall & Frames”, Today’s Street Artists, Tomorrow’s Masters

There is an uneasy reluctance among some artists in the graffiti and the Street Art community to let themselves be seen hanging with art collectors or even entering galleries sometimes because they might lose credibility among peers for not being ‘street’ enough. Seeing well manicured men in pinstripes and shrieking birdberry women with tinted/straightened/plumped everything looking at your shit hanging on a wall and asking vaguely patronizing questions about it like you are an exquisite curiosity could make you go out and slice their tires after downing a few white wines.  Not surprisingly, “keeping it real” sometimes translates to keeping it out of private collections.

Even as there is an every-growing recognition of art and artists who work sometimes illegally in the street, it’s a sort of high-wire act for anyone associating with art born in margins, mainly because it forces one to face the fact that we marginalize.

Sociological considerations aside, over the last decade there is a less traditional definition of Street Artist entering the fray. The graffiti scene originally boasted a sort of grassroots uprising by the voiceless and economically disempowered, with a couple of art school kids and the occasional high-minded conceptualist to mix things up. It’s all changed of course – for myriad reasons – and art in the streets takes every form, medium, and background. Now we see fully formed artists with dazzling gallery careers bombing right next to first time Krinks writers, graffiti writers changing gears and doing carefully rendered figurative work, corporations trying their hand at culture jamming (which isn’t a stretch), and all manner of Street Art referred to as an “installation”.

A new book by Maximiliano Ruiz called “Walls & Frames”, just released last month by Gestalten, presents a large collection of artists who have traversed the now permeable definitions of “street”, gallery, collector and museum. Admittedly, this may be a brief period of popularity for Street Art, if the 1980s romance with graffiti is any indication, but there is evidence that it will endure in some form.  This time one defining difference is that many artists have already developed skill, technique, and a fan base. Clearly the street has become a venue, a laboratory for testing and working out new ideas and techniques by fine artists, and even a valued platform for marketing oneself to a wider audience.

A spread of work by Conor Harrington in “Walls and Frames”.

The resulting work, whether hanging on a nail inside or painted on a street wall, challenges our previously defined boundaries. The current crop of street art stars and debutantes, many of the strongest whom are collected here by Ruiz, continue to stay connected with the energy of the street regardless of their trajectory elsewhere. Some are relatively new, while others have been evolving their practice since the 70s, with all the players sliding in and off the street over time. The rich and varied international collection is remarkable and leaves you wanting to see more work by many of the artists. All considered, “Wall and Frames” is a gorgeously produced book giving ample evidence that many of today’s artists in the streets are tomorrow’s masters, wherever they practice.

Augustine Kofie in “Walls and Frames”.


Sixe in “Walls and Frames”.

Remed in “Walls and Frames”.

Anthony Lister in “Walls and Frames”.

Judith Supine in “Walls and Frames”.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis in “Walls and Frames”.

D*Face in “Walls and Frames”.

Interesni Kazki in “Walls and Frames”.

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in “Walls and Frames”.

M-City in “Walls and Frames”.

 All images © of and courtesy of Gestalten and Maximiliano Ruiz.

Artists included are Aaron Noble, AJ Fosik, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Alëxone Dizac, Amose, Andrew McAttee, Anthony Lister, Antony Micallef, Axel Void, Basco-Vazko, Base 23, Ben Frost, Blek le Rat, Bom-K, Boris Hoppek, Boxi, C215, Cekis, Conor Harrington, D*Face, Dan Witz, Daniel Muñoz aka San, Dave Kinsey, Der, Dixon, Docteur Gecko, Doze Green, Dran, Duncan Jago aka Mr. Jago, Eine, Ekundayo, El Mac, Evan Roth, Evol, Faile, Faith 47, Fefe Talavera, Gaia, George Morton-Clark, Herakut, Herbert Baglione, Interesni Kazki, Jaybo, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Fish, Jesse Hazelip, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Joram Roukes, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, Josh Keyes, JR, Judith Supine, Katrin Fridriks, Kevin Cyr, Kofie, L’Atlas, Lightgraff, Logan Hicks, Ludo, M-City, Mark Jenkins, Mark Whalen aka Kill Pixie, Maya Hayuk, Medo & Demência, Meggs, Miss Bugs, Miss Van, Morten Andersen aka M2theA, Mr. Kern, Mudwig, Nicholas Di Genova, Okuda, Patrick Evoke, Paul Insect, Pedro Matos, Peter Owen, Pose, Pure Evil, Remed, Remi/Roughe, René Almanza, Retna, Ripo, Ródez, Sam3, Sat One, Shepard Fairey, Sixe, Smash 137, Sowat, Sten & Lex, Stephan Doitschinoff, Tec, Tilt, Troy Lovegates aka Other, Turf One, Vitché;, Wendell McShine, Will Barras, and Zosen.


The launch; “Walls & Frames” will be presented at Gestalten Space Berlin on December 15th.

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Mondo Pop Gallery Presents: “Street Parade” (Rome, Italy)

Mondo Pop

Summer special group show dal 7 al 31 Luglio


giovedì 7 luglio H 19.00

con aperitivo e DJset


Street Parade

La Street Art accessibile che entra in galleria

Dal 7 al 31 luglio 2011  MondoPOP International Gallery passa in rassegna alcuni dei migliori lavori di Street Art degli ultimi anni, a prezzi riveduti. Mentre la street art cresce a quotazioni inaccessibili MondoPOP presenta una mostra in cui le migliori firme italiane si possono comprare oltre che ammirare!

Una nuova tappa dello Urban Superstar Project, evento curatoriale e  mediatico consolidato nella realtà artistica nazionale iniziato al Museo MADRE di Napoli nel 2009, riconfermaro nel 2010 e ora itinerante.

Un viaggio nell’universo duro e puro dell’arte urbana per ritrovare le origini di una forma espressiva che rivendica origini semplici nonostante il trend mainstream.

Artisti italiani e internazionali che danno un contributo tangibile alla definizione di New Art, con opere in mostra a prezzi accessibili.

L’opportunità di comprare opere originali per tutti i fan della corrente.

Nuovi lavori di promettenti street artist per mantenere un filo conduttore con la strada.

La migliore chance dell’estate per toccare la Street Art con mano.

Come di rito a MondoPOP si festeggerà l’opening della mostra sabato 7 luglio dalle 19 con musica e aperitvo, dj set.


Allegra Corbo, Bigfoot, Becca, Buff Monster,  Diavù , Boris Hoppek, Camilla Falsini, Diamond, El Gato Chimney, Fupete, Giò Pistone, Ian Stevenson, Jeremy Fish,

Mr Klevra, Mr Wany, Nicola Alessandrini, Odö, Scarful, Sone, Sten&Lex, 100Taur, 999, #

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Addict Galerie Presents: L’Art Urbain 2″ A Group Show (Paris, France)

Addict Galerie
Avec AIKO, ALEX, Boris Hoppek, John “CRASH” Matos,
DOZE GREEN, Daniel Tagno, Mambo, Mist, Smash137, TOXIC.

Exposition du 4 décembre au 18 janvier 2011 / Exhibition from december 4th to january 18th 2011

Vernissage le samedi 4 décembre de 18 à 21 h / Opening on saturday the 4th, december 6 – 9 pm

Le succès rencontré par la première exposition consacrée à l’art urbain …du mur a l’atelier, avec des artistes tels Gérard Zlotykamien, Lady Pink, John Fekner et Don Leicht, Jean Faucheur… a encouragé Addict Galerie à poursuivre son panorama dédié à un mouvement de l’art contemporain. Si notre première proposition mettait en valeur le passage en atelier d’artistes qui proposaient une variété de techniques usant des matériaux les plus divers, il s’agit cette fois de laisser découvrir des peintres encore fortement ancrés dans le paysage urbain et pratiquant aussi le travail sur toile. Cette approche cherche à souligner la réussite éclatante de cet art.

Dans ce deuxième volet, l’influence du graffiti est plus forte comme le montrent les talents toujours aussi variés, qui partageront les murs de cette exposition.

Pour toute demande de visuels – Contacter la galerie : +33 (0)1 48 87 05 04 /

Images available upon request – Contact the gallery : +33(0)1 48 87 05 04 /

Laetitia Hecht
14/16 rue de Thorigny
75003 Paris – France.
T: +33(0)1 48 87 05 04

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Fun Friday 09.17.10


Fun Friday 09.17.10


Faile Introduces Book to Celebrate First 10 Years

Ducking flying branches from the sudden tornado that ripped through Brooklyn late yesterday afternoon, the Faile dudes made their way to a small brightly lit spot on the Lower East Side that featured a dazzling and rich assault on the senses. The colorful graphic overview of the first ten years working together is expressed in large prints that check off all the Faile vocabulary that has come into existence since their beginnings as students and then on the street – where the impact on their creativity was most heavily evident.

The book is similarly dense and a treat beyond belief. You can see it all, and buy one if you like, at 151 Orchard Street today and tomorrow.


Nick Walker Commemorates Pope’s Visit to the Queen

From The Londonist, this picture by Zara Shirwan of Mr. Walker in front of a brand new piece he’s done of the current head of the Catholic Church.

Only bit of confusion is the 2009 date next to the piece…but maybe that was intentional?

More here:


Wiiiillllllld Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Awaaayyyyyy – Minnesota Road Art!

From Brooklyn artist Luisa Caldwell comes this galloping roadside image for drivers along the intersection of US-8 & I-95 in Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.


Running Fence: Scenic Route is a 10ft x 44ft free-standing sculpture installation of a wood wall with four spliced together commercially manufactured wall murals by Luisa Caldwell.

B oris Hoppek Street Performance at the FAME Festival

You ever notice those people who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Poor Boris…

Wiiiillllllld Horses

Come on Mick, sing us a song

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Fun Friday 09.03.10


Fun Friday 09/03/10

C215 and Eelus are in Brooklyn This Weekend


Brooklynite Gallery, deep in Bedstuy, creates a certain lively tension with  two Street Art tricksters in this duo Euro show.

Parisian C215 continues to exceed expectations, which isn’t easy because he has already set them pretty high as a world class urban stencillist with  portraits that glow from within uncannily, summoning more empathy than a Jerry Lewis telethon.  The vastly more light-hearted Eelus guards the class impudent role – combining youthful humor, technologic fantasy, and a bit of antsy-lad sexual tension in his starkly popish compositions. A rewarding and rich show, “Paradise Lost” is another solid and smashing Street Art /gallery show that doesn’t compromise either one.

Kid Acne “Stabby Women” New Zine and Video

Word the heck up.The Stabby invasion is here…

Image Courtesy of the Artist

STABBY WOMEN – 52 Page Fanzine & Postcard Set, edition of 250

Stabby Women”  – a project of serendipity that started in São Paulo includes the female battalion of over five hundred Stabby Women now patrolling our streets amongst the hustle and bustle of New York, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and London – peering from the bottom of doorways, subtly patrolling their domain.

Learn more about this Kid Acne project directly from the artist here

Countdown to FAME

FAME Festival Begins This Month in Italy

A stunning array of street artists from around the world have been gathering over the summer to do large-scale and high quality installations leading up to the FAME Festival, starting September 25. Included in the lineup are JR , ERICA IL CANE , SAM3 , NUNCA , BLU , OS GEMEOS , BORIS HOPPEK , ESCIF , 108 , DALEK , NICOLA TOFFOLINI , LUCY MCLAUCHLAN , SWOON , SLINKACHU , CYOP E KAF ,DAVID ELLIS ,VHILS , BEN WOLF , WORD TO MOTHER , MOMO , and BASTARDILLA.

As told by our friends at, “The festival now is in it’s third year and is set to be bigger and better ” Read more at      (image of MOMO ©


Shepard Fairey in San Diego for Viva La Revolucion

“The thing with Street Art is you can’t be too precious about it.  It’s ephemeral.”

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To save their reputation and do a bit of DAMAGE:CONTROL the wise visionaries at Factory Fresh have flown in Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond from Hamburg sister gallery Helium Cowboy to stage an unforgettable show tonight in Bushwick.

Tonight at Factory Fresh

Tonight at Factory Fresh

This is what they have to say about it:

“The exhibition is called DAMAGE:CONTROL – each of the artists supplied one of the words when finding a joint theme for the show. Who does the damage and who’s controlling it is hard to tell, all we can leak is that we know who contributed which word

Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond Image DA Stover
Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond (Image ©DA Stover)

Although being close friends for a long time, Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond have never collaborated this closely in the past. Everyone involved in the show is really happy with the result: it seems like the perfect match; the works correspond nicely, and the whole set up of the room couldn’t be more harmonic.

One of the collaborations of
One of the collaborations of Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond (Image ©DA Stover)

While Boris will be showing photos and watercolors, Alex brought along brand new china ink brush drawings as well as a series of collages. Most of the work has never been exhibited before and was specifically created for the Factory Fresh show.

Alex Diamond incognito at Factory Fresh
Alex Diamond incognito doing the installation at Factory Fresh (Image ©DA Stover)

On location, Boris installed a new upskirt installation (this time you have to slip underneath a beautiful, vintage wedding dress), as well as painting one of the walls with markers. Alex has been busy creating a new piece of collage work (assembled and painted on the gallery floor).

No need to shine your shoes to look up a skirt anymore! (Image ©DA Stover)
No need to shine your shoes to look up a skirt anymore! (Image ©DA Stover)

It seems to be heavily influenced by this trip, and sports quite an unusual motive compared to others. It comes on 4 wood panels, that are attached to each others, and is integrated into a wall painting, jointly with the six new collages he brought along on this journey. The work is called “Demon skull”.”


Another collaboration of Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond (Image ©DA Stover)

The Art of Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond
Show opens Friday, March 5th at Factory Fresh from 8pm-11pm

Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop


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Factory Fresh and Heliumcowboy Artspace Present: “DAMAGE CONTROL” Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond



Factory Fresh and Heliumcowboy Artspace present:
The Art of Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond
Show opens Friday, March 5th from 8pm-11pm

This March, Factory Fresh welcomes heliumcowboy artspace of Hamburg, Germany as we
partner to presents the art of Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond. Our two galleries will bring
together German Artist Boris Hoppek & transient Alex Diamond’s work as they have received
increasing international popularity in recent years. These artists have exhibited in solo and
group shows in museums, galleries, festivals and art fairs in Europe as well as in the US. In a
joint effort the artist will show new works on paper and Boris has promised an up the skirt

Boris Hoppek, has been an acclaimed name in the Graffiti-world since the late eighties, more
recently he has become an outstanding talent within the contemporary art scene. By
thematizing sexuality, violence, racism and oppression in a very clean and accurate style, the
artist isolates provocative themes for contemplation. Since 2004, the heliumcowboy artspace
has exhibited his works in three solo shows and on diverse art fairs. In Basel and Miami 2007,
Hoppek set up huge interactive cardboard installations at SCOPE, and today he is one of the
most prominent European artists coming from a background in Street Art/Graffiti. For SCOPE
Basel 2008, Hoppek was invited to convert the water taxis commuting across the Rhine into
floating artworks, bringing his narrative potential away from the constrictions of a traditional
booth scenario onto the water.

Alex Diamond
is unseizable as a person and difficult to categorize as an artist, he is more
fantasy than reality. His main issue always centres around his work and its presentation, but
never around the personality of an individual. Alex Diamond appears always as a new and
different creation of a role or character with every one of his shows. Not limited by a CV, a
formative education or even a dedicated technique or style, Alex Diamond constantly
develops a new specific presence for the “Artist behind the work“. Alex Diamond is an artist
who apparently lives solely through the art he creates – and vice versa. He plays mind tricks
with visual aids, pleasing at one moment, disturbing in the next. Independent from styles and
techniques, he mirrors life and our constant fight for possession, superiority, survival and love
in an almost nonchalant way. Having focused on his project Being Alex Diamond for the last
year and a half (and of which also a catalogue has been published lately), the artist will now
present a whole new body of drawings at Factory Fresh.

Runs till April 11, 2010

Whilst the exhibition at Factory Fresh, heliumcowboy artspace will also feature Boris Hoppek with a solo booth at
VOLTA Art Fair NY, showing a boxing gym installation by the artist, that is an extension to his well known punch bag
installation which has been presented lastly at Volta 5 in Basel. For further information in this respect, please
contact (attn: isabel)
Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop
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