Fun Friday 09.17.10


Fun Friday 09.17.10


Faile Introduces Book to Celebrate First 10 Years

Ducking flying branches from the sudden tornado that ripped through Brooklyn late yesterday afternoon, the Faile dudes made their way to a small brightly lit spot on the Lower East Side that featured a dazzling and rich assault on the senses. The colorful graphic overview of the first ten years working together is expressed in large prints that check off all the Faile vocabulary that has come into existence since their beginnings as students and then on the street – where the impact on their creativity was most heavily evident.

The book is similarly dense and a treat beyond belief. You can see it all, and buy one if you like, at 151 Orchard Street today and tomorrow.


Nick Walker Commemorates Pope’s Visit to the Queen

From The Londonist, this picture by Zara Shirwan of Mr. Walker in front of a brand new piece he’s done of the current head of the Catholic Church.

Only bit of confusion is the 2009 date next to the piece…but maybe that was intentional?

More here:


Wiiiillllllld Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Awaaayyyyyy – Minnesota Road Art!

From Brooklyn artist Luisa Caldwell comes this galloping roadside image for drivers along the intersection of US-8 & I-95 in Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.


Running Fence: Scenic Route is a 10ft x 44ft free-standing sculpture installation of a wood wall with four spliced together commercially manufactured wall murals by Luisa Caldwell.

B oris Hoppek Street Performance at the FAME Festival

You ever notice those people who seem to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Poor Boris…

Wiiiillllllld Horses

Come on Mick, sing us a song