Factory Fresh and Heliumcowboy Artspace Present: “DAMAGE CONTROL” Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond



Factory Fresh and Heliumcowboy Artspace present:
The Art of Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond
Show opens Friday, March 5th from 8pm-11pm

This March, Factory Fresh welcomes heliumcowboy artspace of Hamburg, Germany as we
partner to presents the art of Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond. Our two galleries will bring
together German Artist Boris Hoppek & transient Alex Diamond’s work as they have received
increasing international popularity in recent years. These artists have exhibited in solo and
group shows in museums, galleries, festivals and art fairs in Europe as well as in the US. In a
joint effort the artist will show new works on paper and Boris has promised an up the skirt

Boris Hoppek, has been an acclaimed name in the Graffiti-world since the late eighties, more
recently he has become an outstanding talent within the contemporary art scene. By
thematizing sexuality, violence, racism and oppression in a very clean and accurate style, the
artist isolates provocative themes for contemplation. Since 2004, the heliumcowboy artspace
has exhibited his works in three solo shows and on diverse art fairs. In Basel and Miami 2007,
Hoppek set up huge interactive cardboard installations at SCOPE, and today he is one of the
most prominent European artists coming from a background in Street Art/Graffiti. For SCOPE
Basel 2008, Hoppek was invited to convert the water taxis commuting across the Rhine into
floating artworks, bringing his narrative potential away from the constrictions of a traditional
booth scenario onto the water.

Alex Diamond
is unseizable as a person and difficult to categorize as an artist, he is more
fantasy than reality. His main issue always centres around his work and its presentation, but
never around the personality of an individual. Alex Diamond appears always as a new and
different creation of a role or character with every one of his shows. Not limited by a CV, a
formative education or even a dedicated technique or style, Alex Diamond constantly
develops a new specific presence for the “Artist behind the work“. Alex Diamond is an artist
who apparently lives solely through the art he creates – and vice versa. He plays mind tricks
with visual aids, pleasing at one moment, disturbing in the next. Independent from styles and
techniques, he mirrors life and our constant fight for possession, superiority, survival and love
in an almost nonchalant way. Having focused on his project Being Alex Diamond for the last
year and a half (and of which also a catalogue has been published lately), the artist will now
present a whole new body of drawings at Factory Fresh.

Runs till April 11, 2010

Whilst the exhibition at Factory Fresh, heliumcowboy artspace will also feature Boris Hoppek with a solo booth at
VOLTA Art Fair NY, showing a boxing gym installation by the artist, that is an extension to his well known punch bag
installation which has been presented lastly at Volta 5 in Basel. For further information in this respect, please
contact i@heliumcowoby.com (attn: isabel)
Factory Fresh is located at 1053 Flushing Avenue between Morgan and Knickerbocker, off the L train Morgan Stop