Eyes On The Walls Presents: Lora Zombie “Blue Bird Lobotomy” (Manhattan, NYC)

Lora Zombie

Eyes On Walls Presents:



A night of Grunge Art by Lora Zombie – drinks, music and exclusive releases.

SOHO NYC // 11.8.2012 // 7-10pm



PRESS CONTACT: Marit Weitnauer // 323-333-9614 //


Lora Zombie is a young self-taught painter from Russia and a top seller on the urban art scene. Her first New York solo show will feature over 50 brand new pieces, a limited edition art book release, exclusive print offerings and more.

Since making a name for herself with her trademark “grunge art” painting style, Lora Zombie has exhibited in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia – bringing in the interest of notable collectors and fans worldwide. Her raw, trademark style is already unmistakable in the urban art scene. A unique commentary on pop culture and keen eye for beauty, along with her young and eclectic mind, prove that Lora sees things differently than the rest of us. Take a glimpse into the world of Lora Zombie – her private world of color, character and signature dripping, drooling, masterful grunge. Soft and tender, elegant and daring, her multi-disciplinary talents are evident in this recent collection of her work.


“Crazy 4 Cult: New York”, Gallery 1988, New York, NY (2012)

“The Breaking Bad Art Project” Group Show – Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA (2012)

“Whales.Love.Procrastination”, Phonebooth Gallery, Long Beach, CA (2012)
“Drugs and Unicorns” – Art Show at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, Canada (2011)

“Grunge Art by Lora Zombie” – Art Show at MART Gallery, St. Petersburg Russia (2011)

“BROKEN DOLL LA LA LA” Phonebooth Gallery, Long Beach, CA (2011)

ABOUT EYES ON WALLS                 

Eyes On Walls is an art publishing company that works with an elite group of artists from around the world. We publish and promote these artists, selling work in open and limited edition formats, as well as offering original art, apparel and more. Since pairing up with Lora Zombie in 2010 Eyes On Walls has sold over 30,000 pieces of her work, produced two North American shows, and released a Limited Edition Book. We’re proud to present Blue Bird Lobotomy, her first solo show in New York.

MORE INFO AT         

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Opera Gallery Presents: Ron English “Crucial Fiction” (Manhattan, NYC)

Ron English

Ron English “Star Skull Lady Lips” (image © courtesy of the gallery)

Ron English

“Crucial Fiction”

Opera Gallery NY is thrilled to present Ron English’s “Crucial Fiction”

from November 2nd till November 23rd 2012

Monday to Saturday 10:30AM to 7PM

Sunday 11:00AM to 7PM

115 Spring St. NY, NY 10012

+1 212 966 6675

“I want to tell my inner child, help me remember what you saw, and I will make it for you…”

Inspired by Andy Warhol, Ron English created his own movement and was baptized “The Father of Street Art.” One of the most important and respectable artists of our time, Shepard Fairey, referred to English as “an artist who can paint an advertising satire with the skill of a Renaissance Master (one who’s been to the future and witnessed surrealism and 1984!).”

While participating in illegal public art campaigns from the early 1980s, English developed the skills of a master painter to become one of the pioneers of Pop-Surrealism.

He is one of the very few contemporary artists who still uses his oil dipped paintbrush to create masterpieces like a Picasso on acid would do.

English’s Guernica is one of his most popular pieces. It is a piece which demonstrates that he does not see as the rest of us. The intensity of the Pop Surrealists’ explosion, including his brilliant use of color and his nightmarish creatures, surely leads the viewers eye and mind towards a feeling of tripping while standing in front of his works.

In “Crucial Fiction,” a series of paintings revealing an inspired collaboration with his former self, English seems to have made an important decision to prove that a true artist is able to use his imagination and transform it into reality. His vision is willing to offer us a unique experience with the excitement and vitality of a child, a child who cultivated a bountiful career that has been spread across streets, museums, movies, music, books and television.

“…Give me your imagination, and I’ll give you my skills.” -Ron English

English lives and works in New York. His art is in the collections of the Whitney Museum in New York, Museum of Contemporary art in Paris, Today Art Museum in Beijing, Wynwood Walls in Miami (Art Basel), MOMA: screening of his documentary “The Art and Crimes of Ron English.” His collaborations include Puma, Absolut Vodka and the album covers of artists Chris Brown and Slash to name a few.

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Galerie Swanström Presents: Gilf! A Solo Exhibition. (Manhattan, NYC)


Gilf! (photo © Jaime Rojo)

“Motivated by the idea of inspiring people I perhaps will never meet, I hope
to breathe hope into many of the issues we face as a global society.  My goal is to
create art that provokes thoughtfulness and motivates a change of the zeitgeist.” gilf!

Featured in this year’s SCOPE Art Show at Art Basel Miami Beach and New York Comedy Festival — produced by Carolines on Broadway — in association with Comedy Central. ArtScout® at

Galerie Swanström is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by (GILF!) on October 24th at the gallery from 5 to 8 PM. The private reception will include a brief Q&A with this Brooklyn-based, female street artist to discuss her inspiration, technique and new work addressing “Citizens United, and our disintegrating constitution”… explains the artist.

The artist depicts herself as The Statue of Liberty in the painting titled Oh Yeah? which discusses Americans ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ (so to speak) as our government, corporations, and police forces may take advantage of a complacent society. The hand written text quoted in the background is taken from a speech given by Aldous Huxley in 1962.

GILF!’s paintings boldly confront challenges facing contemporary societies.
In the poignant painting titled Who’s in Control?, the letters around the dial of the birth control package — usually indicating the days of the week for each pill — have been replaced to spell: “WHY ARE CROTCHETY OLD MEN DECIDING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR WOMEN’S BODIES?” The artist uses the birth control package as a visual metaphor to call attention to the bias apparent at a Capitol Hill hearing on women’s health; an all-male panel led the hearing and no women were called to testify.

GILF!’s paintings are accessible to the new collector and directly benefit the causes she calls attention to; the artist donates a portion of each sale to not-for- profit organizations relevant to each painting’s social commentary. In doing this GILF! includes her collectors in taking actions that will facilitate change.

Galerie Swanström is located at 136 Sullivan Street, 3rd Floor.


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KRAUSE GALLERY Presents: Hanksy “Young Puns 2 – Now With More Pun” (Manhattan, NYC)


HANKSY: Young Puns 2 – Now With More Pun

Exhibition Dates: November 1st – November 28th, 2012
Hours: Wednesday – Friday, 11:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday – Sunday, noon – 6:00pm, Monday -Tuesday by
Address: Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
Reception: Thursday, November 1st, 2012, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

KRAUSE GALLERY is proud to present Young Puns 2 – Now With
More Pun, HANKSY’s second solo exhibition at Krause Gallery in New York. After the success of his
debut gallery exhibition in January of 2012, Hanksy has emerged on the art scene as one of the most wellknown
and beloved street artists in America. To celebrate his new wordplay series, the first 35 people in
attendance will receive a complimentary limited edition signed t-shirt. In addition to original pieces, limited
edition prints will also be available for purchase. Young Puns 2 – Now With More Pun will run concurrently
with the NYC Comedy Festival where Hanksy will be adorning several New York building facades with
puns featuring the performing comedians. With three solo shows coming in 2013 (LA, Melbourne, and
Chicago), be sure to attend the New York kickoff to see what it all really memes.

New York City based artist HANKSY uses the streets as his canvas, employing clever puns and turns of
phrases to delight fans and observant passersby.
Shortly after moving to New York in 2010, HANKSY began noticing the city’s vibrant street art scene, in
which hand painted works of art, elaborate stencils, and detailed screen prints enrich blighted spots and
capture the attention of urban dwellers. Wanting to contribute to the ever-growing movement, but
determined to maintain a light-hearted approach, HANKSY began satirizing British street art legend
Banksy by mashing up his most famous works with references from Tom Hanks films. His clever remixes
delighted New Yorkers, turning HANKSY into a social media phenomenon and quickly earning him a
place in the competitive New York street art world.
HANKSY’s new work broadens his satirical scope, lampooning pop culture icons like Bruce Willis and
Ryan Gosling, while staying true to his punny origins. With HANKSY on the streets, no celebrity is safe.


What: Hanksy – Young Puns 2 – Now With More Pun
Where: Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
When: November 1st – November 28th, 2012

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Michael Mutt Gallery Presents: Blu Dog 10003 “Re Tail Blu’s” (Manhattan, NYC)

Blue Dog 10003

NYs favorite four legged vandal is serving boutique realness 

w his pop up store in the East Village at Michael Mut Gallery 97 Ave C 

from OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 17, 2012

The high end pop up store features recycled and reclaimed items
rebranded with his unique BluDog charm. Known for his colorful
and provocative street sticker campaigns mixing pop art, culture
jamming and social awareness,  BluDog10003 has evolved into a
staple of the New York scenery as well as making his mark on
cityscapes across the globe.
NYC’s BluDog10003 is a furry, four legged adhesive artist that
believes sticker bombing is a much more hygienic form of marking
his territory than what his instinct dictates.
He chooses the street as his gallery because it remains democratic.
“You put up and if people like it they take pics or poach it. If it sucks they slap over it.”
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Newman Popiashvili Gallery Presents: Jaye Moon “Breaking The Code” (Manhattan, NYC)

Jaye Moon

Jaye Moon, 2012

Exhibition dates: October 11-November 10, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11th, 6-8pm

Newman Popiashvili Gallery is pleased to present the third solo exhibition of Jaye Moon entitled “Breaking the Code.” In this show Jaye Moon explores the meaning of time, privacy and visual notions in her own decoded interpretation. Moon expresses her vision by referencing the works of artists such as On Kawara, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

Moon’s interest in patterns and numbers as a means of conveying a message can be seen in her adaptation of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings. She takes the concept of Braille, intended for the tactile sense, and asks us to experience it visually, creating a pattern. She uses Braille dots to manipulate Hirst’s spot paintings. By removing certain dots in his work, she composed a Braille sentence which reads, “Damien Hirst Spot Paintings Suck”, while at the same time keeping the original colors, maintaining the recognizable quality of the image.

From learning Braille herself, Moon discovered that it is confusing to remember the exact position of the dots. As a result she goes on to develop a more universal and exact method of communication. She explores the use of numbers and number functions as a form of writing. Her fascination with numbers lies in their universal quality and how prevalent and useful they are in our contemporary society.

This experimentation with numbers can be seen clearly in her piece where she sets two identical battery-powered clocks next to each other, referencing Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ piece“Untitled (Perfect Lovers).” Moon transforms his traditional representation of time into an abstract form by removing the actual hours of the clock and replacing them with the words “Perfect Lovers” written in English Braille number codes. Although the numbers on the clock now represent “Perfect Lovers” instead of actual time the clocks still operate as functional clocks correctly synchronized with each other.

Still exploring the concept of time, Jaye Moon references On Kawara’s date paintings. Here she connects herself with On Kawara by using the same sizes, colors and compositions of his paintings. However she replaces the numbers in his paintings that represent dates with English Braille number codes that translate into dirty words that people refrain from using in public. Again here she is removing the idea of traditional time and date and using the number system to deliver a message. She uses a universal system of communication but makes it indistinguishable by putting it in code.

Moon goes further to explore her interest in public and private notions by referencing Tracey Emin’s neon text sign piece “People Like You Need To Fuck People Like Me”. Moon recreates the Emin piece, but translates Emin’s confessional text into her English Braille number code. By doing this Moon makes Emin’s message once again private and undecipherable while keeping the statement in the form of a public neon sign.

In addition to the number coded pieces Moon also installs texts made out of lego blocks as street art. One of the texts, “I AM STILL ALIVE” by On Kawara will be shared with passerby.

In this show Jaye Moon is exploring the two sided nature of expressing ourselves with numbers. Using numbers to represent ourselves and to communicate can be practical but as a result our emotions become less personal. The use of numbers in Moon’s work break all the rules of her own interpretation but still maintain true meaning encoded underneath the surface. The numbers become abstract, minimal and emotional and at the same time all expressing a clear sense of humor.

Jaye Moon is a Brooklyn based artist. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute. She has previously exhibited at the DUMBO Arts Center, White Columns, Artists Space, Galeria Max Estrella in Madrid, Spain and Gallery Momo in Tokyo, Japan. In 2006 she won the Pollack Krasner Foundation Grant.
This fall she will participate in the CJ Art Studio Residency program in Korea.

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Pop International Galleries Present: “The Art of Basketball” Curated by Billi Kid. (Manhattan, NYC)

The Art of Basketball”

POP International Galleries


Art of Basketball
Curated by Billi Kid

The Art of Basketball is a collection of original artworks
under license from the NBA. The collection currently
features unique works on official NBA backboards and
sections of the 2011 NBA All-Star Game floor boards.
This collection taps a select group of leading graffiti
and street artists to re-imagine the most iconic symbols
of this beloved game.

October 16 – October 28, 2012
Opening reception: October 16, 7-9pm
RSVP Required:

Featuring Mr. Brainwash, URNY, The Dude Company, Skewville, Shiro, Rene Gagnon, Joe Iurato, Ewok One 5MH, Jack Aguire, David Cooper, Cope2, Chris Stain, Cern and Billi Kid

POP International Galleries
473 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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One Art Space Gallery Presents: El Hase “Luchadores” (Manhattan, NYC)

El Hase

The Struggle” explores popular aesthetics featuring emblematic figures of boxing icons
and characters from classic horror movies.  Incorporating a diverse collection of found
objects and various mixed media, El Hase, a pioneer of Venezuelan graffiti and urban art,
presents a series of pieces and installations in which he displays his figures with distressing
expressions and threatening postures, relating them to images from B-movies and horror films
and referencing the constant struggle of graffiti artists and skateboarders to legitimize their art.
In this series of work I want to express what’s going through my head when I walk 
at night on the dark streets of Caracas, my hometown, and to portray that 
feeling I rescue street objects at night  from the dark streets of Brooklyn”.
Venezuelan aesthetics abound in his work – handmade signs, street color palettes, posters,
local transportation and street graffiti, all are combined with local and international icons, horror
and B movies, Venezuelan and international Pop figures, and the skateboard art which El Hase
assembles into the personal style that he call B-Art.
With this exhibition, One Art Space continues the work started by other private galleries in New York City
during the 70’s and 80’s, promoting and legitimizing emblematic pieces of street art and graffiti.


“Luchadores” By Sergio Barrios (El Hase) will be on view from Thursday,  
September 20 through Saturday, September 29 Viewing hours are from 7 – 9 PM.


One Art Space 23 Warren Street   – TriBeCa – New York City 646.559.0535
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Quick Shots of The Grassy Lot: Edition 2012

We’re keeping it local today with an empty patch of real estate on Manhattan’s Lower East Side called “The Grassy Lot” that’s been semi-curated for about a year with an eclectic mix of American and Australian ex-pats. It’s a nice little patch of grass that is sometimes rented out for events and receptions – also it is used occasionally for rumored topless sunbathing, water balloon fights, or the periodic impromptu late night assignation after stumbling out of a nearby watering hole.

Queen Andrea on the wall where Nanook and GAIA painted last year. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Like all fun things, Summer is drawing to a close, at least officially. For those of you who walk the streets of this city either with your eyes closed or fixed on your belly button we inform you that it was the Summer of Love ’12 for The Yok and Sheryro, who stayed at the top of the aerosol charts due to their sheer industry. This little lot has some examples of their stuff, but really they seemed to get up all over.  Here also is Queen Andrea, who has also been making a strong showing of late, along with stuff from Cake, Cern, Daek1, Gaia, Nanook, Never, and Sean Morris.

Brooklyn impresario Joe Franquinha of Crest Art Show fame was the procurer of art at “The Grassy Lot” again this year and we extend our gratitude to him for letting us give a peak to BSA readers.

Queen Andrea. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Queen Andrea. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

A Queen Andrea detail with a duet with Cern’s birds on the right. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Cern (photo © Jaime Rojo)

The Yok from last year illuminates the way for Cern. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sheryo (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Never (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Daek 1 (photo © Jaime Rojo)

“Oh, and one more thing…”, Cake (photo © Jaime Rojo)

Sean Morris ate too many Sheryo hot dogs this summer, evidently, and is still in a food coma. (photo © Jaime Rojo)



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Opera Gallery Presents: Bäst “Germs Tropicana” Solo Exhibition. (Manhattan, NYC)



Brooklyn-based artist Bast has been an important part of the street art scene for the past 10 years both in New York and Europe, where his wheat-pasted images feature prominently across the urban landscape. An elusive character that has rarely been seen in public, and whose very existence has been debated, little is known about Bast’s work outside of what the public sees throughout New York’s urban environment. Fortunately, more has become known about the artists as his images have evolved to gallery-exhibition status in recent years.

Bast is held in high regard by his fellow contemporaries such as Banksy, Faile, and Paul Insect. In 2010, Bast collaborated with the artist collective Faile on a conceptual video arcade project called Deluxx Fluxx. This project allowed the audience to interact with both of these artist’s work in an arcade game form. While not reviewed heavily in art publications, Deluxx Fluxx received favorable reviews by noted journalists such as Stephen Heyman of the New York Times who argued “art can be diverting, but people sometimes need winners and losers to get in the game.”

For Bast’s first solo show in New York City in 2004 at Transplant Gallery, fellow elusive artist Bansky wrote the introduction to the exhibition’s catalogue. His words give a glimpse into the personality of the artist: “Bast is an artist who represents for Brooklyn. He does this by writing ‘BAST-BROOKLYN’ on other people’s property (and in one case when visiting London the side of a moving red double-decker bus). He does this by speaking with a deep Williamsburg drawl that makes Al Pacino sound like a girl, but mainly he does it by making art that actually feels like Brooklyn. The borough is said to contain every culture and race that exists on the planet earth but that doesn’t necessarily make it interesting- so does the United Nations building but who wants to look at that? The key to Bast’s appeal is not being very responsible. The work isn’t so much a ‘melting pot’ of culture as a food blender, set on max and left until the motor burns out…”

Banksy adds, “His art is fast and loose and cheap, which is strangely why it endures, it’s punchy and it has value. As the great disgraced film producer Robert Evans once said “it’s irreverence that makes things sizzle, its irreverence that gives you a chance of truly touching magic…”

Bast’s work is also appreciated by many in the fashion industry. He has collaborated with Agnes b. on several occasions, who was an influential figure in the art world in the 1980’s during the peak careers of Haring, Warhol, and Basquiat and continues to cultivate artist’s careers today. Bast also teamed up with renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs to create a clothing collection for one season that eventually lead to creating a 5 season long collaboration. This was a career highlight for Bast as Marc Jacobs had only worked with Takashi Murakami and Kaws previously on his collection label.

Bast’s current show at Opera Gallery New York, “Germs Tropicana,” displays a new direction for the artist, one where Abstract Expressionism meets Pop-Art. In addition to this new style, this group of work continues to explore his already know collage style of faces. The imagery in these pieces appear similar to giant petri dishes, where his text and pop iconography, aka germs, take over the canvas. This body of work is the evolution of Bast, and ties together many of the different styles which he has created over the years.

Fellow contemporary artist Paul Insect describes Bast and his work as, “Coney Island’s original warrior, copied by many, stolen by all…New York’s modern day Basquiat, Bast’s eccentric style delivers a punch to where most people dream of hitting.”

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Klughaus Gallery Presents: Reyes & Steel “All Write You Scumbags” (Manhattan, NYC)

Reyes & Steel

Klughaus Gallery & LRG present…
“All Write You Scumbags”

Opening Reception: Friday, September 14 from 6-10pm
Location: 47 Monroe Street New York, NY 10002

There will be (limited) complimentary gourmet Pat LaFrieda cheeseburgers by STEEL aka Sleazy McCheesy at the opening! Klughaus Gallery and LRG are proud to present, “All Write You Scumbags,” a dual artist show featuring recent works by Bay Area artists Victor Reyes and Steel. “All Write You Scumbags” marks the New York debut for both artists and showcases a distinct chemistry cultivated over years working together as friends, creative partners and members of MSK, one of the highest regarded graffiti artist collectives in the world.

Victor Reyes has been painting since the early 1990s and his work has been exhibited in galleries all around the world. As an artist preoccupied with what he once described as the “natural rhythms” of penmanship, Reyes’ self-instructed evolution from graffiti writer to fine artist has included a fascinating exploration of spelling and typography.

“These new works are painted and illustrated as a reveal to the contemporary ideas surrounding graffiti and its application within the conversation of fine art,” says Reyes of the duo’s Klughaus show.

Steel is an artist from San Francisco who paints cheeseburgers. He has a great appreciation for classic print design and sign painting. Among other things, he is known for his versatility and ability to create artwork in a gallery setting that is very distinct from his work in the streets. His vibrant, colorful paintings and illustrations are detailed, tongue-in-cheek, and often explored using untraditional canvases ranging from ammunition boxes to vintage silver cans. His inspirations include his friends, Richard Pryor, and good food.

There is going to be a limited edition Reyes/Steel zine released at the opening. The limited zine is 10 pages, hand bound saddle stitch and hand painted with gouache and serigraph on watercolor paper.

For a catalog, please contact:

The exhibit will be on display through October 7, 2012

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Joshua Liner Gallery Presents: “A Love Letter for You” A Film by Stephen Powers AKA ESPO (Manhattan, NYC)

A Love Letter for You

In conjunction with our current solo exhibition, A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures, Joshua Liner Gallery and Stephen Powers will be hosting a screening of Powers’ feature film A Love Letter For You followed by Q&A with Stephen Powers and director Joey Garfield.

The screening will be held this Saturday 9/15, at the Tribeca Grand Hotel at 8pm. Tickets are limited, so get them while you can!

Click here to buy tickets. Click here (or click on the image below) to watch the trailer.

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