BSA Film Friday 10.28.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Louis Masai: The Art Of Beeing. New York City
2. “BILLS” from InDecline
3. The All-Seeing Trump in an NYC Park from The Dusty Rebel
4. Erik Vestman & Nils Petter: Up On The Roofs




BSA Special Feature: Louis Masai: The Art Of Beeing. New York City

He’s doing it! The cross country trip/tour of painting murals that draws attention to the entire species that we are killing off. Louis Masai calls it “The Art of Beeing,” and here’s the first city of the tour, NYC.


“BILLS” from InDecline

Modern anti-hero artists named InDecline have produced this new rage-filled art film full of action, violence, politics, and even comedy.

The All-Seeing Trump in an NYC Park from The Dusty Rebel

A new video this week features Trump as a fortune teller – until the city evicts him.

Here’s how The Dusty Rebel describes it:

“A mysterious Donald Trump fortune-telling machine has been popping up all over New York City. In Tribeca Park, dozens gathered around to hear the automatic Trump list off his various visions for America’s future. One of the dozens of misfortunes was: ‘Not every woman is a dog – only the fat, disgusting ones. And don’t worry: in the future, when I am president, I’ll do something about it. We are gonna make America SEXY again!’ After the Zoltar-like Trump finished, the machine dispenses a paper fortune, which states things like, ‘The future is not to be feared, unless you are Black, Mexican, or Muslim.’

The Tribeca Park installation lasted a short time before a man, who never identifies himself, demanded the All-Seeing Trump machine be removed. Quickly the press ask him who he is and what authority he has to ask for the machine to be removed. While he never answers, the people with him are from the NYC Park Department. At one point, things getting a bit tense between the press and the Parks Department workers.”

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Erik Vestman & Nils Petter: Up On The Roofs

“Sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
– Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Swedish duo Erik and Nils want to be higher than the birds, up on the rooftops. It is a simple spark for your imagination, delivering you back to storybooks and children’s stories with a silhouette on the roof against the sky. With the right  inspiration, you can add your own story.