Flowers Growing Out of Your Eyes: Skount Finds Fertile Soil in Ruins

A lot of people like to go hiking and exploring this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather is cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and because of our proximity to Halloween, many abandoned houses and factories seem haunted with their former inhabitants.

It’s also the end of the growing season, the harvest –  and even in urban areas you have a sense of your connection to the earth.


Skount. Almagro, Spain. (photo © Skount)

In his hometown of Almagro in Spain, Street Artist Skount went urban exploring and found a wall recently upon which he painted a piece about our relationship to nature, if through metaphorical device.

“This mural depicts a surreal connection between humans and the natural environment that surrounds us, creating a relationship between environment and entity,” he says of the piece called “Inner Flowering”.


Skount. Almagro, Spain. (photo © Skount)

The philosophical and spiritual Skount also draws the connection between nature, nurture, and how each individual is developed. “The area around us nourishes us and gives form, comforting who we are and in turn fuses our inner selves with the space and the development of the environment around us,” he says.

“So in my opinion, it is very important to carefully select where to develop as an individual, because this is extremely linked to the environment around us.”


Skount. Almagro, Spain. (photo © Skount)


Skount. Almagro, Spain. (photo © Skount)