BSA Film Friday: 04.08.16




Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :

1. VHILS: Debris in Hong Kong . NOWNESS
2. “Shiny” from Daniel Cloud Campos
3. 108 + Eleuro
4. Pøbel and Donald Trump in Hollywood


BSA Special Feature:VHILS: Debris in Hong Kong . NOWNESS

Vhils has made a high quality short movie based in Hong Kong that asks many of the existential questions of workers in the developed world in 2016. Crisply told with an attenuated attention level, VHILS walks you through his creative endeavors while revealing the conflicting feeling that accompany the frequently soulless existence of a capitalist race. The tightly clapping soundtrack is also soulfully sexy, the layers are blasted away with punishing style, and there is plenty of debris.

“Shiny” from Daniel Cloud Campos

Eye candy for the animation set, you may never toss your clothes on the floor thoughtlessly again. There is a story line here, but you may lose it while marveling at the creativity flying around the room.

Written & Directed by – Daniel Cloud Campos & Spencer Susser
Edited by – Daniel Cloud Campos & Spencer Susser
Produced by – Daniel Cloud Campos & Spencer Susser
Production Company – Blue Tongue Films
Director of Photography – Spencer Susser
Lead Animation by – Daniel Cloud Campos
Additional Animation by – Spencer Susser
Composer – Michael Yezerski
Sound Design/Re-recording Mix by – Derek Vanderhorst
Sound Effects Editor – Marc Glassman
Sound Editor – Jacob Houchen
Color by – Trevor Durstchi
Original song “It’s So Shiny” Written & Performed by – Paul Musso
Visual Effects by – Spencer Susser & Daniel Cloud Campos
Voices by – Daniel Cloud Campos, Spencer Susser, Tamara Levinson-Campos & Stormi Henley
Special Thanks – Michael Gracey, Gavin Millette, Dineh Mohajer, Liinda Garisto, Aaron Downing

108 + Eleuro

A simple homemade video of 108 + Eleuro going out to the country to paint a wall in an abandoned factory space. The atonal soundtrack makes you think that something profound or frightening will happen, but its just a couple of friends painting.


Pøbel and Donald Trump in Hollywood

Pøbel took a walk down Hollywood Boulevard to make a political statement in Donald Trump’s star. The valley girls took one second to look up from their phones and like oh my god surreeusslaay they like so freaked out I am not even kidding.

Also, what is the criterion for getting a star exactly?